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How To Stage A House

I hope you enjoyed my last article about staging a home to sell. Today I will share how to stage a house and do it all for $500 or less! I have always been one to try to keep things neat and orderly, but it amazed me how many people think differently. There some true slobs out there in the world! And at times, it feels like they are the ones selling their homes…all at the same time! Well anyway I recently had the opportunity to stage a vacant house. The home had great features to play with like beautiful mosaics stone backsplash and hardwood floors and freshly painted walls. The bones were good, just needed a little pizzazz!

If you do not have much money here is a very valueable tip for you… go to the most expensive high end neighborhoods in your area and scout out a garage or moving sale. It is amazing the things you will find for so cheap!

What to look for at garage sales: Coffee tables, dining room sets, barstools, and knick knacks like plates, glass wear and decorative things.  In a later article I will share with you a neat thing to do with knick knacks you find to turn them from grandmas junk to real treasures!

What you want to do is pick and choose the hotspots you will focus on.

Hotspots are areas of the home that buyers get an emotional attraction to. Places like a Kitchen, nurseries, office space and he living room are hot!

The pictures I will share with you are examples of what I was able to do with the home.

Kitchens can be as simple as buying a few decorative fruit bowls, plates and maybe a super cute toaster. Place it around the kitchen.











Pick up an inexpensive, but nice looking dining room set. I suggest a dark modern cherry wood style. It is easier to bring into the house and you don’t have to worry about any chips or someone possibly breaking it.

Many times people opt to stage the master bedroom, but if your master bedroom is already large and a buyer can see that they can easily fit a queen size bed, then opt to stage a smaller room where they may otherwise see as “useless”.

Turn small rooms into a nursery or an office and wah-lah!

Here is another view of the living room area:

A few simple lights, plants and there ya have it!

So I did all of the above and more for under $500! If you have a home you are looking to sell or need some advice on how to do it please comment below or contact me to share more.

Will Staging Really Affect The Sale??

Staging your home will give you an edge for securing your asking price and insure you do not sell below fair market value. More importantly what I have learned is that staged homes sell faster than those not staged.

What stops most homeowners is the fear of “spending” money to stage it. If you take into consideration the time on the market your home can sit unsold vs. spending a little money to stage your home and selling it faster, you will realize that the cost is minimal and it actually becomes more of an investment.


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