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The Difference Between a Cold Press Juicer and a Centrifugal Juicer

Ever wonder what the difference between a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer is? Or maybe you didn’t even know there were different type of juicers out there, well there is! Not all juicers are created equal. If you are new to the world of juicing I hope to shed some light and let you know that in the world of juicers, the first thing that you need to know is that juicers fall into two main categories: centrifugal juicers and cold press or also known as masticating juicers. Juicing has become a fashionable and “In” thing to do and with great reason…it is great for you!

Whichever type of juicer you chose to buy the important thing is to use it and juice. Some juicing is better than no juicing, so what is the difference between a cold press juicer and centrifugal juicer?

Centrifugal juicers are more common, and in general, more affordable. They typically have an upright design in which food is pushed into a rapidly spinning mesh chamber with sharp teeth. The teeth shred the food into a pulp, and pulls the juice out of the pulp and through the mesh filter, where it is funneled out of the juicer.  Centrifugal juicers work best with soft and hard fruits and vegetables, but not quite as well with leafy greens like kale or spinach two vegetables I love to juice and are very healthy for you.


Centrifugal juicers are a great starter juicer as they require very little investment with most good-quality models ranging in price from $100 to $199.

Popular centrifugal juicers include Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer which was the first juicer I bought and wrote a review on it here.  This one from Breville,  is in my opinion the best centrifugal juicer on the market.





Cold Press/Masticating juicers typically have a horizontal design in which a spiral tube called an auger that lays horizontally.

cold press juicer

The pieces of fruits and vegetables are pushed into the top of the auger, and they are crushed and squeezed by the spiral tube.

Juice drains out of the underside of the tube, while the pulp is squeezed out at the end of the tube.  I like to give my dogs the left over pulp as a treat, they love it!








Because of the slower crushing and squeezing action, cold press juicers can process leafy greens like spinach and kale. The most important thing in my opinion is that the juice that they produce will last much longer than juice made in a centrifugal juicer, which should be consumed right away as it starts losing nutrients nearly immediately. When I made my fist juice using a cold press juicer I immediately noticed the difference. These juicers produce the type of juice quality in those cold pressed juices selling for like $8 a serving with minimal foam and separation. The difference is very noticeable. Since the juice you can make using a cold press machine is ‘Living Juice’, retaining its nutritional integrity 48-72 hours after extraction, I usually make a juice to use for the next 2 mornings. Cold pressed juicers are tested and proven to extract the highest yield of nutrients and enzymes than any centrifugal juicer in the market.



The quality remains the same and you will notice there is no juice separation. Cold press juicers are pricier than centrifugal models; starting at around $230 for most models. Some of the brands to look for are Champion, Omega, and Green Star. I personally have tried 3 different juicers; the Jack Lalanne, a Breville and now I own this one: An Omega 8006. ( thanks future hubby for the birthday gift! 😉 )

So Which Is Better?

With both juicing machines you are going to be able to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

When purchasing a juicer it is important to pick one which caters to your lifestyle and needs.

Cold press juicers do have some design elements which require you to be more thorough when preparing to juice. Cold press juicers have a smaller feeding chute than a centrifugal juicer which means you need to be more patient when making the juice as it will take longer. So if you are on the run every morning this may not be the best for you and you may be better off with a centrifugal.

As an estimate in time, if all fruits and vegetables were prepared and ready for juicing:

Cold Press Juicer – Approximately 9-10 minutes

Centrifugal –  5 minutes

Clean Up Time

Cold Press Juicer – 2 minutes

Centrifugal – 7 minutes

Juicing is for the serious. The ones who want to make a difference in their health. Opt for buying fruits and vegetables that are organic unless you will be removing the peel. It really takes discipline to continue to juice and make it a habit. I promise you if you do you will notice a difference in your energy levels, skin clarity and your digestion. I gave up coffee nearly 2 years ago and now only drink it on occassion. My skin used to have many breakouts, but I can say it is pretty clear now. My digestion has improved and  do not have an poo problems! 🙂 And my dogs even enjoy the juice!  Just Juice It!

centrifugal vs cold press juicer

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Should I Detox

Should I detox? Is a question many of us ask. I have asked that same question myself “Should I detox?” and although I do not claim to be a medical or health expert to claim it is good or not good for you. I will simply tell you I do it and I have been detoxing for the past 6 years. I like to do it at least two times a year. If I could I would do it quarterly. Some people are pretty hardcore and detox every other week! That is too much for me and I can’t handle that. But 2-4 times a year is something I can handle and like to do. So I am currently undergoing my annual cleansing. Many of you asked what I was doing. So here is not only what I am doing, because more important than that is the WHY and WHAT works for YOU.

Undergoing a Detox or a cleansing is not something for the weak minded or if you are considering it but if you are someone who is easily exhausted and have low blood pressure or may have a syndrome not recognized yet by a doctor, then I highly urge you to contact your doctor first before beginning any type of detox.

Secondly, you have to know WHY you would want to do a detox to know why detoxing is good for you.
Are you looking for a quick way to loose weight?
Do you feel yucky? Feel bloated and have been constipated?
Are you curious what all the hoopla is?

Well I do not claim to be an expert. I like many of you hit the internet to learn about this and also through my own experimentation and knowledge I have picked up by actual medical professionals that through the years have taught me more about this subject.

Why I am doing a cleanse?
Because I understand the importance of regular bowl movements. (a.k.a pooping, dropping kids off at the pond, taking the browns to the superbowl, etc) and mentally training your body to eat when you need the food, to break my “habits” of needing certain foods, and just because I figure if it doesn’t kill me and many people say it is healthy to do, then do Just Do It.

I often hear people, especially girls, be “proud” to announce “Oh, I do not poop very much, only once a day…” as if it makes them more girly or pretty to say you do not poop. Well I have news for ya sister, it is actually terrible! And a big sign that you are messed up!

As I learned through some naturalistic medical experts a healthy person should be pooping at least 2-3 times a day. Getting rid of stools and urine is your body’s main method of getting rid of toxic substances. Regular bowel movements are needed to prevent toxins that are released from the bloodstream into the intestines from being reabsorbed into the body. Getting fiber from food is important. Just think, if there is a subway at 72nd and another one tries to come in…. there is major backup. One has to go so it makes space for the other. Your digestion is kind of like that.

And I also learned about the different types of dookies….. such as…
1. The Shooting Bullets
2. The Submarine
3. The Little Snakes
4. The Messy All Over
5. The One That Makes You Hurt, Scratch and Tear

None of those are good. “your poop should come out smooth like a soft serve smoothie”. Which is why detoxing is good for you.

Why does are digestion start messing up? All the processed crap we eat! America is infamous for food that is “man-made” and filled with all kinds of hormones & pesticides all which end up finding a home in your little body.

How To Get Rid Of It?
I will share on my next blog. In the meantime ask questions and connect with me on FACEBOOK.

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Just Like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl Recipe

I remember the first time I stepped inside a Chipotle I nearly walked in with my head down dragging my feet in shame. How can a California girl who grew up on home made Mexican food, who is surrounded by numerous taco shops & delicious Mexican food come to such an establishment…and actually enjoy it!?? Well I had to eventually love it since I moved from San Diego and called the NYC my home. No authentic Mexican around here, so I settled for Chipotle. It isn’t as bad as you may think in fact I really do truly enjoy it. I like it so much that I have created a Chipotle burrito bowl night at my home for dinner. In this post I will share with you my Just Like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl Recipe…(minus the bacon in the beans and minus the extra 500 calories your butt will thank you for)

Brown or White Rice (Brown is healthier) IMG_20130516_185506
Black Beans
Chicken Breast
Yellow Onions
Purple Onions

Step One

Clean black beans and let them soak in water for 30minutes.
For every cup of black beans you make, add 2 cups of water fill pot with water
Add 1 tablespoon of salt (not a mountain full just a little)
Bring to boil and then cover with lid and turn heat to low. let it cook for 2 hours.
** I usually make these ahead of time or on a day you have errands to do at home just let them cook.

Step Two
Make yourself some rice or use leftover rice.

Step Three
Make the Pico de Gallo
Click HERE to check out my step-by-step recipe on how to make Pico de Gallo

Step Four
Make the famous Corn Salsa from Chipotle. Click Here for a step by step guide.

Step Five
Dice your chicken breast and add a little salt and pepper and place in a non stick pan to grill. Check chicken and make sure it is cooked thoroughly.

Step Six
The fun begins! Start with add rice ( I serve myself very little since I kinda like my fit body right now…no need for extra carbs for me ) and add black beans on top. These beans are very healthy and are packed with fiber & iron.

Add your grilled chicken.

Add your Corn Salsa
Add Pico de Gallo
Dice up some lettuce just like at Chipotle and wah-lah! Done!

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Fast and Health Weekday Dinner

Weekday dinners can be quite a challenge. With all of us pulling in full work days and coming home to either kids, a dog, or a significant other that requires your attention sometimes you may wish you had Rosie from the Jetsons at your house to just press a button and pop out a healthy and delicious meal. Since that isn’t the case I can’t say I am a world renowned chef or even will go on the limb to say ” I love to cook”. I will say that I do love to eat well and detest pre made, sodium & chemically filled foods. Fast and Health Weekday Dinner is what I have to learn to be a master at cooking.

So I will begin to share with you some of my recipes and tips and would enjoy receiving yours. Most of what I share will take 10mins or less to prepare and max 30mins to cook. So in 40mins total you can say no to the Microwave dinner and eat well.

4 Tilapia filets
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
A handful of cilantro
2 tablespoons of minced garlic
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Cayenne pepper

First cut your peppers into strips ( Sometimes my dog Bella helps me cook…JK)

Add olive oil to your pan and heat it to high

Add talaria filet. Dust cayenne pepper on it and minced garlic

Cilantro and red peppers
Fast and Health Weekday Dinner
Cover and lower the heat to low. Let it simmer for 18 minutes and wallah! Done!

Cover and lower the heat to low.

Let it simmer for 18 minutes and wallah! Done!
Fast and Health Weekday Dinner

I would serve it as is no rice needed! You have enough veggies and protein in the fish.

Did you make it? Liked it? Leave a comment or suggest a new alternative recipe 🙂

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Juice Cleanse Recipes

If you are staring a juice cleanse, then you need some juice cleanse recipes! There are a lot of helpful books, websites information galore on the juice recipes you should try. My favorite thing to do? Is get recommendations and trust friends who have already tried some!

For my juice recipes and what to buy preparation I went to friends and the good ol’fashion NYC fruit cart guy! With there recommendations and recipes I had more than enough to work with to get my grocery shopping done for a weeks worth of juicing!
Juice Cleanse Recipes

Here were the recipes my friend Amanda tried out and loved:

Mean Green
6 kale leaves
1 cucumber
4 celery stalks
2 green apples
1 lemon
1 piece of ginger

Green Goddess
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 handful watercress
4 broccoli spears
1/2 pineapple

2 beets
2 apples
3 celery sticks

2 beets
3 carrots
2 apples
2 oranges
1 celery stick
a piece of ginger

And some I would add:

2 Oranges
4-5 Carrots
1/4 of Papaya



So to prepare myself I went out first looking for the recipes I would be using and then buying the necessary ingredients. You want to make sure not to buy too many too far in advance since fruits and vegetables are best when they are fresh.

Many times people think that doing this or eating in a healthier way is expensive or that cannot afford it, but it is NOT! I think it is just a sorry excuse for people who are too lazy to show their body some love 🙂
I went to a local farmers market and came out with a cart full of stuff enough to last me one who week! for 2 people drinking juices I spent a total of $52, the cost of 3 cocktail drinks at a hip NYC club.

Have a favorite juice recipe you would like to share?

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Cheap Low Calorie Snacks

Whether you are currently dieting, thinking about it or eating everything in sight, this cheap low calorie snack is for you! It is fast, quick, and easy to make and oh yeah D-Lish-ous! It is one of my favorite cheap and low calorie snacks out there.

If you are watching your weight looking to “get it tight, get it right” for the summer this snack is perfect for you! The key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat about 5 “mini meals” of 200-400 calories each a day and not the old fashion what your momma taught you of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your metabolism is like a computer; if you do not feed it for several hours it goes on “screen saver” so it is resting and NOT burning calories. Many of you might say “oh but I have no time to make food” or ” I have no money” then lucky you because I will share with you my top full proof $2 meals.

For the “Apple Pie A la Mode” you will need the following:

1 Apple of Your Choice ( I prefer to buy organic because apples have the highest amount of pesticide residue on their skin) — .50-.75cents

2 Tablespoon Scoops of Greek Yogurt – I buy the 17-20oz for about $6 about .30 cents an ounce…. 3oz used — .90cents

2 Tablespoon Scoops of Raw Oats – Oatmeal is the best and cheapest thing to buy — a few cents used here…

Dust With Cinnamon – Cinnamon has NO calories and high in antioxidants. Use as much as you want! – The $1 you bought last year is still in your kitchen.

Totally qualifies as one of my most made cheap low calorie snacks!
Chop the apples in bite size pieces and place in a bowl. Then take a table spoon and scoop two nicely rounded and full scoops on top of the apples. Scoop two table spoons of raw oats and then dust with as much cinnamon as you would like.

Thats it. Under 200 calories. No more than $2 for this serving and did I mention Delicious???

Did you try it? Did you like it? Share and connect with me on FACEBOOK.

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Detox Diets That Work

Decided you may need to detox? Been eating too much crap? Way to many things that come in fancy wrappers, color bubbly stuff and things you cannot pronounce? Alright you sick, mean, unappreciative B*&^$#@(d I will help ya out. A detox can be very beneficial. IN this post I talk about a few Detox Diets That Work!

Although there are many types of detox diets, most eliminate foods that contain potentially harmful substances and allow foods that support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins, such as dark, leafy green vegetables. Overall food intake is usually reduced, ranging from small meals to full-fledge juice fast.

Here are a few of the most popular detox diets that work.
The Master Cleanse – Also called the lemonade diet, a fast that involves drinking only lemonade, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

To me this is the most challenging one and also not very convenient if you have to continue with day to day activity. Lugging around your “juice” that looks like pee may not be too fun.

Juice fasting – A type of fast that calls for consuming only fresh vegetable and fruit juices, such as beet juice and wheatgrass juice, and water.

Smoothie and Shake fasting – Involves drinking pureed or blended vegetable and fruit smoothies, especially green smoothies.
Commercial cleanse programs – Specially designed protein powders, vitamins, nutrients for detoxification. You buy these at local health markets of vitamin shops.

Raw Food Detox Diet – Based on the raw food diet. Involves only eating food that is raw or hasn’t been heated above 118 degrees.

My “Detox” Plan

I am doing a HYBRID of the Master Cleanse+ Raw Vegetables+ Puree soups. To me this is my favorite detox diet that works. I find that the morning routinue suggested in master cleanse helps get my digestion a kickstart and the drinking of lemon water but I add raw veggies and pure nothing added organic vegtable puree soups to keep my intake low. These are great




I avoid meats, anything processed and no sugars… that includes fruits….they have tons of hidden sugars. I also recommend you take probiotics during any of these cleanses is also highly recommended. My personal favorite is one made by YOR HEALTH it is highly potent and excellent for the digestive system.







And lastly I want to leave you with this.
One week of cleansing your body from hot cheetos, coke, big macs,cookies, fried chicken, etc will not change things for you. To see ultimate benefits you must adopt this healthier way of eating as a lifestyle. Today there are many options for organic and healthy food. Many times the cost difference isn’t much. Without complicating it to much I do and follow a Mediterranean Diet “Lots of fruits, veggies, fish, and whole grains”.



Have some successful detox stories or tips you would like to share?  Connect with me on FACEBOOK.