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Cheap Low Calorie Snacks

Whether you are currently dieting, thinking about it or eating everything in sight, this cheap low calorie snack is for you! It is fast, quick, and easy to make and oh yeah D-Lish-ous! It is one of my favorite cheap and low calorie snacks out there.

If you are watching your weight looking to “get it tight, get it right” for the summer this snack is perfect for you! The key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is to eat about 5 “mini meals” of 200-400 calories each a day and not the old fashion what your momma taught you of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your metabolism is like a computer; if you do not feed it for several hours it goes on “screen saver” so it is resting and NOT burning calories. Many of you might say “oh but I have no time to make food” or ” I have no money” then lucky you because I will share with you my top full proof $2 meals.

For the “Apple Pie A la Mode” you will need the following:

1 Apple of Your Choice ( I prefer to buy organic because apples have the highest amount of pesticide residue on their skin) — .50-.75cents

2 Tablespoon Scoops of Greek Yogurt – I buy the 17-20oz for about $6 about .30 cents an ounce…. 3oz used — .90cents

2 Tablespoon Scoops of Raw Oats – Oatmeal is the best and cheapest thing to buy — a few cents used here…

Dust With Cinnamon – Cinnamon has NO calories and high in antioxidants. Use as much as you want! – The $1 you bought last year is still in your kitchen.

Totally qualifies as one of my most made cheap low calorie snacks!
Chop the apples in bite size pieces and place in a bowl. Then take a table spoon and scoop two nicely rounded and full scoops on top of the apples. Scoop two table spoons of raw oats and then dust with as much cinnamon as you would like.

Thats it. Under 200 calories. No more than $2 for this serving and did I mention Delicious???

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