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Things to do in New Orleans

There are many things to do in New Orleans from fantastic food, music, and partying with the locals that’s what you will find in New Orleans! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many cities and few have left a lasting impression like New Orleans. If you are looking for inexpensive place where you do not need more than 3 days to explore and can party the night away on a restricted recession proof budget…New Orleans is for you!
I have visited this little charming city 4 times now and have complied a list of places for you to must visit, do and eat at. If you have some other favorites I may have missed and you would like to share, please do!

New Orleans streets are lined with delicious restaurants! The first time I visited my boyfriend would say “the food just taste different over here” (NOLA). It didn’t take long for me to agree. A big mistake for new visitors is overloading yourself on food. Trust me I did it. I nearly passed out! I got sick from over eating on my first visit so the following is a list is based on a 3 day itinerary in the city for you to eat like a normal person because when I travel there fitting in all the meals is a major part of my itinerary. Here are some things to do in New Orleans

Lunch spots

1. Raising Canes– Fast food spot that only sales chicken fingers served with delicious Texas toast and their secret sauce.
2. Po’boys at Mahony’s or Domilise (The Manning brothers fave pick) – These are Sandwiches you find only in New Orleans. Made with French bread and loaded with your choice of fried fish, shrimp and now even chicken and filet mignonette, but the ones with shellfish are the original ones. I personally love the fried shrimp one. Try one.
3. Acme Oyster House– great restaurant for you guessed it…oysters!

Where to go for Dinner

1. Zea rotisserie and grill – reasonably priced local restaurant. Great rotisserie meats and you must have the corn grits. Things to do in New Orleans
2. Cochon- Great fancy restaurant with more importantly…great food!
3. Cafe Amelie- Found right in the French quarter set in a beautiful courtyard it is a great place to enjoy a quiet romantic meal. Call ahead for reservations.
4. Copelands’s- . Not the place to take a girl you are trying to impress, but d*** the food is great! Must try the seafood platter. Good luck trying to finish it …with 4 adults eating it!
5. Drago’s Seafood- . All the fried seafood your little heart can desire! If you are feeling a little healthy then opt for the grilled (known as Charbroiled down there) Oysters.
6. Port of Call- . Go here for the steak! Any steak will be sure to please you.
7. Jacques-Imo – . If you feel the urge to take a plunge to the wild side then go here for Alligator dishes! This place is full of classic cajun dishes.

Snacks & Famous Drinks
Eat a Lucky dog from one of the many street vendors. $5.75 buys you an extra large dog loaded with onions and chili on a soft bun.

You can drink your liver away in New Orleans, drinks are super cheap and available everywhere! And did I mention its one of two cities in the US you can drink in public?
Head to Pat O’Briens and order a Hurricane. Rum & passion fruit juice make this a concoction that’s easy to go down and hits ya with a buzz!

Cafe du Monde– Coffee lovers start forming lines that wrap around this famous history coffee shop. With only 3 things on the menu Coffee, Coffee with steamed milk ( cafe au lait ) and Beniets these fluffy fried flat donut pieces loaded and topped with powered sugar. There is no neat way to eat them.

Binets EatingBeniteCDM

Places to go and things to see

1. French Quarter – this is New Orleans at heart. The places is filled with street vendors artist, bars, eateries, jazz bands and if you go during Mardi Gras season (typically starting up 3 weeks before) you may even bump into a street parade! Like I did on my last trip!








2. Magazine Street – if you are into antiques and awesome vintage finds, this is a place for you!
3. The Aquarium- – Great if your into animals if not just go back to a bar and meet some locals 🙂





Outside of New Orleans
1. Go on a Swamp Tour – there are a ton so you can’t be disappointed.
2. Visit a Plantation- there are a few in the area, but the most famous is Oak Alley.

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That is New Orleans. I am from San Diego/Southern California and I Live in NYC….if you are visiting the BIG APPLE or SoCal leave a comment or connect with me on FACEBOOK. I have tons of recommendations!

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