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Staging Your Home To Sell Fast

Staging your home to sell fast does not mean you roll our the red carpet or need a Broadway stage. Today I will share with you home staging in the real estate market and how it can help sell your home faster. What is it and why do you need to consider it if you are a real estate professional helping a client sell their home or a homeowner looking to get the most for your home I will answer that next.

  • • Staging – preparing a residence for sale in real estate. Allocating proper materials and furniture in proper areas to display functional use of space.

Deciding to have your home stages may be one of the most important consideration as you begin the process of selling your home. It is always tempting to just sell and list it “as is”. However I will share with you some personal experience as well as statistics that show staged homes fare better in the marketplace.


What Is Home Staging?

Staging is simply taking an empty or cluttered home and strategically placing the right amount of furniture in each room that displays the use of each room. For example, if you have an open concept home where one large area is supposed to be the living and dining room, you may want to stage it! Bring in a dining room table and chairs and a living room set and place it accordingly in that open undefined space. Staging allows your prospective buyers to visualize themselves living there.

You do not know how many times I have taken clients to non stage homes and their remarks are always well “what would I use this room for” or many times the house is so messy it looks cramped and dated and well down right dirty! No one wants to feel that way when they are on the verge of making what could be their single most expensive purchase.

There are many professional home staging companies that provide full service for you! They bring in furniture, accessories pretty much all the bells and whistles! Call around and ask and more importantly read referrals and check out their portfolio to see if there work is something you like.

What if you really do not have the money to stage your home?

Do it yourself!

If you or your clients are currently still living in the home you are selling or really do not have the upfront budget to stage a home, be like Nike and “Just Do It!

House With Furniture: LESS = MORE.

I understand that many times we may be living in the actual home that we are trying to sell and it can be difficult to accommodated the moving boxes and your everyday life around strangers visiting your home. But I will share with you how a little organization and de cluttering can really do wonders for the way your home shows and presents it self to potential buyers.

Check out the picture below:


Brighting up the room and clearing away the mess is where to start and it as complicated as it needs to get. I love how people like to complicate what staging is, but it is simple: Make the Rooms In Your House Look Like And Be Used For The Intended Purpose.

Yeah so storing your clothes in the kitchen cabinets may not be the best idea! Get rid of them!

Try to store or (throw) away clutter! Try keeping the number of things in each room to a minimal. This helps create the idea of space and everyone can appreciate a clean and neat room. So maybe a garage sell this weekend??

Here are some simple things you can immediately do that are low cost and can help create a better selling environment for your home.

1. You may have a table in your dining room, but how about setting it with nice plates and silverware?             Something as simple as that can really boost the visualization of your potential buyers.

2. Add scented candles and new fluffy towels to your bathroom.   

3. Store away all but a few of your children’s toys.

4. Cleans all your windows of your home. Outside and In.

5. If It is a warm season, plant some color flowers out in your front entry. It makes your home inviting and catches the eye of a potential buyer.









Try those few simple steps and you will see an improvement!  You can see up to an 800% return on investment in doing the things I just shared. Stay tuned for my next article where I share with you how I staged a medium sized single family home, for under $500! Thats right, under $500 and I did it myself.

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