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What I Learned As an Undercover Guest At A Singles Event

…..That 99.9% of the men in attendance are dooshbags and every woman there is so un confident and desperate.
That is all for this post.

Ok you all know me too well that I usually have more to say. So I headed to a local lounge where I was throwing a Jersey Shore preimer viewing party (DISCLAIMER: I watch the Jersey Shore because I get a kick out of how funny real life can be and I am amazed and like to learn to see how this show attracts so many viewers making it a highly grossing TV show)
So upon my arrival of the venue to my surprise there was a singles night event going on. I thought “how interesting”. I took myself to the side found a seat and completely batted one after the other lame pick up line from guys who were there attending the event. Clearly I did not have a name tag and well my outfit choice for the night of black long sleeve tee and jeans clearly wasn’t in “prowling mode” wearing sexy clothing.
Anyway so I just sat at the bar and listened. I listened some more. And I listened again.
I listened to all the guys in their give their “play by play” on what they would have done if their girl gave them their number.
If the girl went home with them that night.
If the girl had been interested.
It was disgusting and it was quite sad how these men thought they had so much game, but they were… alone.

lesson learned is:

1. Be more picky as to how and where you go to meet singles. When you throw 100 people in a room it starts feeling like black Friday. Like everything is limited and on sale and you have to rush to just grab and pick up something.

I am not discouraging attending singles events or meeting other singles, but I would suggest find another mode where you can StrikeUp a conversation with someone more in a one-on-one setting.

#2. Ladies you can do better. Have a better strategy than just submit yourself to an event where the guy to girl ratio is 10:2

#3. When you settle for anything, you get nothing.

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