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Social Media Bad Manners

This has to be one of the most annoying and worst things you can do for your own image… why use social networks to talk bad about YOUR significant other? Maybe you got in a fight and you are upset. Maybe you have issues with communication and not being able to express yourself you’re your half emo so you rather sit behind a computer and talk badly or express your frustrations with your other half to your online friends. Ok you are forgiven. However, if after reading this and you continue or you know a friend who does this and you let them continue then shame on you!

My question to you is, “why are you still with this person???” If they cause you so much anger, pain, annoyance and everything else, is the $ex really that good?? Maybe it is your sugar momma/daddy and your bills need to get paid somehow. Or is it that you are married? Whatever it is, in my opinion you have no excuse. I have said it again and again: I rather eat beans for the rest of my life than to be so dependent of someone financially that I have to put up with fights, rules and just a lot of unhappiness.
I know of several people in business with others where they put up with their business partners unrealistic expectations and just odd “rules”. They pretty much sell their freedom and soul to them to trade it for money. How sad. In relationships I hope that if there is true love buried somewhere that the two parties involve have enough patience and understanding where they can work it out. In the mean time watch what you put out to the public.

Don’t post cryptic status messages for all to see every time you get into a fight. Posts cryptic status messages that make it obvious you are pissed at whatever guy/girl you’re dating at the time is not cool. If you have mutual friends and all those same friends are seeing your negative post about the guy/girl all your friends know, you are only making your friends feel awkward and of course wonder what’s going on…here are some examples:

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you..”

Oh and “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status

“What’s good for tonight? Tryna find somethin to do since my boyfriend would rather go to a whack ass club..smfh”

Bottom line is, don’t air your dirty laundry out in public. If you have major issues keep reading my post, contact me so you can work on becoming a better communicator so you can address these and any issues. Have some funny annonymous relationship social network status you want to share?

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