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Why Being Alone For Christmas Rocks!

Why being alone for Christmas rocks!

In Spanish we have a saying that goes “Mas vale solo que mal acompanada (i cant spell excuse me)” basically ” Better to be alone than in bad company” I am sending warm thoughts and greetings and wishing everyone to be with good company and the best during this time of year. This is the month when people “let loose” we tend to party a little more, be a little more courageous in approaching women or men, we are more open with our feelings, finally say the things we have been meaning to say, and in general have a deeper appreciation for who and what we have.

This is also the time of year many of you who are used to big family gatherings or have been in a relationship for awhile and may find yourself sharing a Christmas by yourself, get a little emotional on me. Im going to talk about why being alone is one of the best and most amazing ways for self growth and new exciting experiences.

In past years my Christmas has always been spent with family or filled with a lot of people or in a relationship. This year is quite different. I am single, I just relocated to NYC so I am not traveling back to where my family is and I am spending it doing non traditional Christmas things. Doing it like the Jewish people do year after year after year, treating it like any other day.

Many of you get all cry baby on me and I am here to share with you that is the wrong approach! In fact this Christmas has been and is already set to be one to remember!

I can’t say that I have been completely alone, im very fortunate to have some very close intimate friends here to spend it with, but as the saying goes sometimes “less, does = to more”.

Started “Christmas” with a not so traditional greek lunch with a close friend then being new to Manhattan I spotted out a wine bar that was having a Christmas party so my friends and I decided to make that the place for the night. We started the night early 6pm to be exact! Hahaha the events and what I learned after really opened me up to sometimes that “untraditional” can be very rewarding.

Within a span of a few hours I met many locals, owners of bars in the neighborhood, was invited into people’s homes for their Christmas, and really got to spend time and appreciate the close friends I do have.
Many times in a world full of “mine, mine, mine” or “ I want,want,want” we tend to take our “acquiring” nature into the world of people and relationships. We think “friends” or your “BF or GF” is just another statistic and forget to appreciate and nurture that relationship. We get flooded or bombarded by the “routine” by thoughts of “it will always be this way” but its not. Things change, things happen and sometimes it is healthy to step out of your “routine” and experience something new.
If you work somewhere and your daily routine is the same. You take same transportation to work, take same roads, or streets, same times, you will realize you run into the exact same people.
Try this, next week leave 10minutes earlier, take a different road, walk on a different street, enter at a different door and wah-lah! New opportunities, new experiences, just like that!

The point is this, when you get yourself out of the mentality that your “alone” or that “this sucks” you quickly open yourself up to new experiences and realize that really, your life is filled with great people that you take for granted and that even more powerful there are many more great people you are yet to meet, if you just open yourself up.

So to all you Christmas singles not spending time with your family this year, see it as a blessing and instead of mopping around or getting all pansy on me, enjoy it! Be open to new things, new people and new connections.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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  • Dave December 25, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Indeed, being alone is not bad when you get a chance to meet new friends like you, as I did last night. Glad you guys were able to join us for the holiday festivities!

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