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How To Make A To Do List

To do or not to do, that is the question. Find yourself constantly forgetting to get things done? Credit card bills are always paid late, not because you cannot afford the minimum, but just because you forget? Weeks and months go by and you still have not signed up for the gym?

A To Do List can do wonders!!

Above is a picture of an example of one of my list.. as you see not too fancy just on a post it note! I started having or making To Do list because I was just so dang forgetful! I would have so many thoughts and things I would be working on that I would completely forget to do things. My credit score used to be terrible because not only was I unable to afford the minimum payments, but once I was able to, I would still forget to pay it simply because I would forget.

For those of you who do not know me well, I am a big competitor. everything I do I treat it like a sport, so I call began calling my “To Do” list a “To Accomplish List”. Having “To Do” something was just so mentally draining like knowing I had to do it, made me NOT want to instantly. So I tricked my mind to make it seem more like a mission or a game to me. Will it work for you? Not sure, but you can do whatever you feel will help you. The point is to start with something and have some sort of a plan. I have always thought in the world there are two types of people:
1. To Do List People
2. No List People

Clearly if you do your own survey I am sure that you will see how the later, fall short of everything they do in their lives and are always guided by the “To Do” or as I like to refer to it as the “To Accomplish” People.
One of my favorite business philosophers, Jim Rohn (R.I.P) use to say the formula for success was “Could, Should, Do” while the formula for disaster was “Should, Could Don’t”. When people know they should do something and could do something, but they just don’t… that leads to failure and disaster. People “should all over themselves”.

So to become someone who accomplishes things, simply start with this and today there are a ton of neat products, websites and tools to help keep track of things for you. I have found some to be very helpful and others to be too complicated. Here are some of my favorite To Do efficiency tools that really help.

Google Calendars– Have somewhere to go, do or be at? Simply enter into your calendar and you can set alerts and reminders that can be emailed to you or sent as notifications directly to your phone.

Mobile Phone Alerts– Iphone, DROID, Blackberry I laugh every time people engage in the “cell Phone Wars” debating about which phone is best…. Ugh, ugh… Iphone baby! Hahaha. Whatever you use I know one thing, they all have fancy things you can set where you can type in your To Do List and set reminders for you to do them.
Good Ol’Paper and Pen – Really this is my favorite way. I just simply always have a list somewhere. It usually isn’t too fancy. Sometimes it is on a post it note, a scrap piece of paper or on a napkin… really.

Above is a picture of an example of one of my list.. as you see not too fancy just on a post it note!
Making Your List.

I keep it very simple. I either number things or just make little checkboxes. Always start with listing the action or thing that needs to be done the soonest. It may not be the most important, but it has a deadline. Write these down. Then write items that are important. A helpful way of writing it is to split your list in two segments. Personal things and work/business related. Or maybe Highly Important vs. Non important. Find whatever way works best for you.
Beware of the scroll looking To Do list; you know the one that runs on and on and on.

Most importantly here it is: It is OK if you DO NOT complete everything in a day or two days or three. It is ok, just keep it on the list, but do complete it at one point.

Have some To Do tips you would like to share?  


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