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DIY Photo Monogram – My First PINTEREST DIY!

So excited to share with you my DIY Photo Monogram! Like many of you I am addicted to Pinterest and constantly find things I want to make, cook, have, buy,  and do on there! I finally got to work and (got my fiance to work) and was inspired by these photo collages to use it at my upcoming wedding. Not sure yet where it will be displayed, but who doesn’t love pictures! DIY Photo  Monogram

So here is my take on a very simple easy to follow and sure to please anyone Picture Monogram.

I scored these beautiful think hardwood letters at my local Marshalls. I had been scouting their home décor section for a while and finally came acorss an “M” and an “A” for $5.99 each! Once in hand all the other supplies were easy to get.


First thing you will want to do is spray paint the wood letters black. I chose black so that when you cover it up in black and white photos you will be less likely to see the little spaces in between each picture. I like to use Rust-Oleum spray paint. I have found this to work the best.



Second step – gather all of your material. Lay out all your pictures, your dry letters if you spray painted them and all other things you need.



Third step – you will want to plan out your picture layout. Treat it like a puzzle. Pick and chose which pictures you want to display and approximately where they will go once you are pretty content with the placement begin cutting using your X-Acto knife and scissors. Add a layer of Mod Podge adhesive to the back of the pictures.


Forth step – once you have all the pictures cut and glued down where needed you will seal it with the Mod Podge. I chose the gloss finish so that when dry you can have it reflect light better. Let it dry.20150101_182504

That is it! Wah-lah!

DIY Photo  Monogram


You have beautiful personalized monogram letters. Perfect for any display! I can see this being used in a home office, a babies room, at a party, you name it! You can also make numbers say for a babies first birthday! Enjoy. xoxo- Adriana


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