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5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You are engaged! Every girl dreams of it. Every girl can’t stop thinking about it when it happens to them: The moment they get engaged. Here are 5 things to do after you get engaged.

I joined the club this last December when my boyfriend of 3 years grabbed a microphone (yes people homey proposed using a mic!) got down on one knee, popped the question and busted out a beautiful Tiffany round diamond engagement ring. My answer: “of course!” with snot running down my face not looking too cute! I am surprised he didn’t think twice because I had one of those ugly cries. Needless to say I was completely surprised and extremely happy.

When he proposed

When he proposed

For the married ones reading this maybe it will bring some nostalgia to you to remind you of that special day he asked the question and I hope that you are as in love with each other if not more than you were on that day. For my single ladies nothing wrong with being single. It is the predecessor of being engaged. And for the newly engaged ones here are 5 tips to share with you on what to do after you get engaged.

1. Make sure you tell your most loved people first, before publically airing the news on all social media profiles
So your mom and your best friend who live in a different state found out about your engagement through your Facebook status?? Yeah not a very good move. Such a special moment in your life needs to be shared with these people you hold dear to your heart first. They value and love you so showing them that they are important by giving them an “in” on what happened in your life before the 13 year old neighbor of yours finds out is pretty damn important.

2. Don’t talk about how “expensive” or big your ring is.

Can you say low class? I always feel that people who have to publically share how much they paid for something or how “expensive” something is just make themselves look that much cheaper. We can all see the size of your ring and the size of the diamond so you don’t have to inform anyone. Let the ring be shared and admired by others on its own.

3. Do share a nice photo of the ring.
The ring is like your mans trophy. Give him some public recognition on what awesome taste he has and what big b@lls he has to take this step into manhood. Personally, I was so proud of my man for selecting something so beautiful for me on his own without me knowing so excuse me if I praise it 🙂 I have NEVER been into jewerly until this…I guess I care about what it represents.. nothing wrong with that! 5 things to do after you get engaged

4. Get your ring insured.
I am not a diamond expert nor an insurance one, but I do know that insuring your ring is one of the first things you should do. Every ring should be appraised for its value by a certified appraisal company who specializes in diamonds. Next you should find out if your current homeowners insurance covers your ring if not look for an independent company. Take lots of pictures of the ring for documentation purposes.

5. Don’t rush into a wedding, but do set a date.
There is no rule or expiration date on when you should get married after becoming engaged so don’t rush into it, but in my opinion the days of being engaged for 6 years and still not making a commitment are over! Engagement is not a “screensaver” for your relationship. Men you really shouldn’t think that just because you popped the question means you have a guaranteed full time faithful girlfriend without all the “wife” responsibilities. Many women get stuck in these long term “girlfriend” roles and stay with a man another 3-5 even 10 years being “engaged” without them ever taking that real step into forming a marriage or taking a more formal step such as home ownership, babies, etc. Whatever your hear fancies! My point is don’t hang around as a girlfriend. There is something very important about having the “set the date” talk. Set a date. Set a budget. Set an objective and then start working towards realizing it.

6. BONUS: Remember that an engagement is just an initial step towards what really matters: Developing a long lasting loyal, respectful, faithful and loving marriage.

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