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Safari Boy Baby Shower

It’s a Boy! We celebrated the soon to be addition to our family with a safari theme baby shower.  From safari centerpieces, decorations and a fully safari-scaped dessert table. I am a huge DIY person so most of the decorations and things done here were all DIY. I will share where I bought materials from and how they were made. The safari theme is pretty cool because it can be used for lots of other type of events from birthday parties to baby showers. Enjoy and happy planning!


I made 3 different type of centerpieces. The first here is made using used formula containers and I bought fabric to cover them up. You can also buy pretty safari themed paper to do the trick. The animals glued on top were found at the Dollar Tree store. Score!! Here are some similar ones you can buy SAFARI ANIMALS

These centerpieces I made using Mason Jars that I have used for other parties in the past. You can find them at craft stores and even Target. I just keep changing out the ribbon and obviously whatever they are topped off with. I ordered the jumbo leaves from Ebay and the little animals were specially hand made… sorry! Can’t buy those


Dessert Table


Cupcake toppers were bought via Ebay or Amazon sells them too and you can get them faster .. super cheap and cute! You have to order them a good month in advance because they come from China, but hey, they are cute and super cheap.


I made the backdrop using dollar store crepe paper and the brown vines…. are made using painters paper… yup those roles of brown paper they layout to prior to painting. I just cut them into thin strips and rolled and crumbled them up to appear like branches. The hanging monkeys were another Dollar Tree $1 score!!  I had some jumbo leaves left over so added those as well.  I used old cardboard boxes to create the jumbo blocks and that wood crate that is an antique I am super lucky to have.

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How To Turn A World Tragedy, Into A Valuable Lesson

It took me a while to find the strength and the correct words to write this post. It was only a few weeks ago that the people of Japan experienced a tragic event unstoppable and unforeseen by no one. The tragic 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck on March 11th, 2011, leaving millions homeless and thousands with broken hearts with the lives of many of their loved ones lost.

I like many people have been keeping up to date and a watchful eye on the events that occurred in Japan. I am fortunate not to have been effected by this tragedy in a personal matter or have lost loved ones, but this event did strike a chord with me and it should with you as well.

Within seconds the world’s 3rd largest economy, after the US and China, Japan and its’ people were left with no running water and a very limited supply of food. And an even greater shift occurred within seconds Japan, the largest buyer of US Treasury debt after the Federal Reserve had to halt most of its purchases of US Treasuries, and as it rebuilds may likely begin selling what they currently own as they proceed with recovery process.

With the cash balance at the Treasury in the billions and an average spend rate equally just that, within hours we potentially faced a time when US government was less than 24 hours away from bankruptcy.
A few minutes. One unexpected event. One bad decision. One wrong word you regretfully say.

All examples of how quickly our lives and sustainability here on earth can be.

Now I have never been a fan of being “Miss Expect The Worst and Live Fearfully” , in fact I live by another motto “All Things Happen For A Reason” and in terms of fear of death and tragedy I have always felt “when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go” despite how well you take care of yourself or how “careful” you are.
My grandpa, R.I.P, lived to his mid 80s, stronger than ever never visiting a doctor and drinking Tecate beer like it was his water, that does not mean I condone not caring for your body or being healthy, in fact I am very watchful of what I eat and how I care for my body, but it is not for the thought of this will make me live longer, it is more for the purpose of however long I do live, let me live it well and in the best health and shape I can possibly be in.

So why do I bring this all up?

I admit I went thru a serious of emotions during this event. My initial feeling was wanting to pack my bags and be a gypsy and travel and experience the world, spend time with loved ones and ditch all my professional projects. I thought, “Why bother when you realize how quickly you can loose your life?” Then I went thru fear. I was fearful of the threat this economy has on the US and radiation fears set in. Then I was settled and inspired by the reaction of the people and the recovery.

There is a lot to learn from how the Japanese are rebounding from this tragedy as they have from WWII. It has been very touching and educational for me to view these reports and videos. Just think, the Japanese people were left with no communication for several days. We can only think of how immature it is when we find ourselves stressing out over forgetting our cellphones at home or the price of gas increasing 5cents. We rant and go on a mini rage when our local restaurant runs out of that days’ special soup.

Unlike other countries, cities or societies that have faced similar tragedies there has been very little reports of violence, looting or aggravation. Of course I may add that their government has responded fantastically and has given people very little reason to revolt and to get angry, unlike other “leaders” who will remain unnamed…whose name starts with a G ends with a B…

The road to recovery of the Japanese is made up of massive amounts of character, resilience and dignity all of which are qualities we should work on and embody ourselves. It also reminds us that although we cannot predict tragic events there are certain things we can do to prepare for such a natural disaster. Below I share some things I recommend purchasing or always having available to you.

1. Bottled water and canned food, enough for 5 days
2. Flashlight and extra batteries
3. Battery operated radio
4. Contact numbers of your loved ones, banks, and other investment accounts written.
5. Cash available. Dependant on your economic level however I recommend having at least $1,000.00 available immediately. (“but Adriana, I have been struggling to save $500! How am I supposed to save $1,000?” I will share experts tips on how to make more money and save it)
I am always shocked at how so many people have less than $200 extra available in cash. It is time to change that.
6. Feminine and baby supplies.
7. Extra set of prescription drugs if you currently are taking some.
8. A secondary home you own in a different part of the country. Hey you never know if you ever need to leave the region. you can always live somewhere else! Brings a new meaning to the term “vacation home”. You may ask, “but I am not rich?” Not to worry. There are many ways and techniques out there where I will share with you how you can own property on an average salary.

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Women and Lingerie

I know I am not the only woman who has spent a little too much money on lingerie put it on and then it is off 1 minute later… and your thinking “Why the heck did I just spend that money? I should have bought a new pair of shoes!” If you have had that thought before, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment or share this post, this one is for the ladies and their men who should learn to appreciate lingerie a little bit more. Women and lingerie are like a girl without shoes.

Women and Lingerie. Why Women Wear Lingerie?

Because of how it makes us feel!
We are all pretty familiar with foreplay and there are those who like long foreplay and those who like it kind of quick and then those who like to skip it all together! One thing you cannot deny is that to have a good romp session you have to BOTH be in the mood. I do not want to speak for all women, I am only acting as voice for women that I do know and well my own opinions and experiences of course. Lingerie is to women, what a cape is to a super hero. It makes us feel just as good as how a man feels when he puts on his favorite teams jersey. You walk a little taller, have a little jump in your step and no one can wipe that extra “Umph” off your face. To keep it simple, we just feel that much more sexy and get that much more turned on knowing and thinking of how turned on we can get our men. Wearing plain Jane undies is no match to a nice lace thong. It makes us stand taller, have a Colgate Smile, and have a little more sas in our step. I am not sure how many women still wear it, buy it and surprise their men with it, but it is a beautiful act that shouldn’t be killed.

What Men Can Do To Keep Lingerie Alive?

It is as simple as two things:
1. Say She Looks Hot
2. Keep It On!
… at least a little bit longer before you rip it off….

Yes, I know you may want to tear it off their body right away, but tearing it off right away I am telling you women think, “Dang it! He didn’t even notice or appreciate it”. Remember a girl feels sexy and powerful in a bustier or sexy lace. When you take it off way to fast, you kill that feeling. So, next time simply fight the urge and let her keep it on. Just think, the longer the lingerie stays on the better the foreplay will be. Why? Because when a woman has her lingerie on, she has that extra sexual energy going through her and she wants to give and get some good, good lovin.

Just think? Do you want her coming to bed in granny PJs??? Of course not!

So do not discourage the attempt or tradition, encourage it. Just like anything in life. Human beings do things for approval and validation. This is no exception. If you stop or do not give the validation or show your appreciation for it, then she is likely to just stop wearing it.

Not much more to say about this… it is a “Just Sayin” post

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How To Get What You Want

How to get what you want by suggesting things rather than by asking.

I was the baby in the family, so I had “baby” protection What does that mean? That everything you do is “ok” and you never get in trouble and more importantly …. I always got my way. Call it spoiled or whatever you want, but that’s just how it was and that type of childhood instilled in me a “Get what I want” attitude. Throughout my teenage years, college, entering good old corporate American and in pursuit of my own business that attitude remained, but it evolved from a snobby stubborn kid to a strategic and highly confident woman.
The “Get my way attitude” was applied on in many areas. I got accepted into my top choice university, always got the jobs I wanted, traveled where I wanted, dated the guys I wanted and well developed and founded the business projects I wanted… and still want.

This attitude though can be applied to things you want to accomplish, but what I am going to talk about here is how you apply it with dealing with those fun lil creatures who have major emotions and attitudes called… PEOPLE. How To Get What You Want

One way I learned was thru watching others who always seem to get what they wanted from people and also paid attention to how people I interacted with got me to do what they wanted! I was always floored by how some of my mentors always were able to get “yeses” or better yet just maneuver people to act and do what exactly what they wanted them to do.
I learned this skill in my businesses and in my dating life. I know it’s a funny comparison to say dating and my business taught me this, but the truth is it did.
You see, growing up with an ultra hard working-respect-my-mom-type of dad and an older brother who couldn’t be more disciplined and manly I looked for those traits in men. And in my dating extravaganza I met many more who were not vs. the ones who had a little more confidence and self assurance.
I paid attention to what I liked about certain men. What turned me on and what turned me off. Now I must admit many men were good on “paper” like all the facts about them were “perfect” almost like a baseball card! All their stats were great, but when it came up to bat they… Struck Out!
One of the most captivating actions a man could do and did to capture my attention was this method and skill I want to share with you. The interesting thing is that not only was it something I realized myself and many other women loved in a man, but it also helped me when I was a newbie sales person and entrepreneur.
Now let me share with you what I mean and h

ow this concept will not only completely change the amount of successful approaches you have with single women or even men ladies, but also can alter your status and your ability to add more value to yourself in this ever growing, changing and highly competitive market.
When I speak about successful approaches I am referring to all those attempts you have made at a bar, park, gym or grocery store picking up women that embarrassingly fail! You fail so bad you resort to lil penis syndrome where you are just scared to ever approach a woman. I don’t blame you, if I had that many rejecting experiences maybe I would be hesitant too. The great thing is it does not have to be that way.
It doesn’t have to be that way for your business either. If you own a business that relies on acquiring new clients, this concept I guarantee you will also revolutionize your success in your business.
Am I over confident?
Too good to be true?

Well all I have to say is this:
Adopt my “If it don’t kill ya, try it philosophy”.

And if it helps any, I’d like to share with you that almost 99% of the time if a man was clever and smart enough to try this he always got a yes from me in accepting a date.

And for my “Get R Done” entrepreneurs out there this concept almost always guaranteed a lead, referral, new client or opportunity to present my services.

Here it is….
Women do NOT like to be asked, instead they like to be influenced into a decision.

Now you can replace the word “women” to business owners, home buyers, people, patients, clients, etc. Basically whomever you are dealing with in a transaction.
Transaction of pleasure, dating, learning, selling… any exchange between one person and another.

Ok so in dating since we are all familiar with this here is an often too familiar scene of what I mean by the asking approach, failing.
It sounds like this:
“So hey umm do you maybe want to grab a bite to eat Thursday night? I know you work, but I was thinking we maybe if your not to tired we can meet up after work, do you want to meet up?

That’s very courteous of you to ask kindly, but you know what, it does not cut it!
Women do not respond to questions. People in general do not respond to questions. We do not know how to or what to answer.
We live in a society that from birth practically have things around us controlling are every thought. TV, video games, etc. and you expect for these people to make decisions for themselves?
It ain’t happening!
In seduction every women no matter how conservative or how big of a woman’s right advocate she is Looovvvessss to sometimes be tossed around and controlled and nudged into a decision she wants to make, but hates to admit it.

So to learn how to “nudge” people into an action try this:
Ok so now let us see how this influencing and nudging approach works for your business. When approaching a new client or looking to increase your business influence their decision by approaching them like this:

Hello Mr. Prospect. I would love to come over to share with you briefly ways where you can be more efficient, make more money, be better presented out there in the the marketplace. When would you have time for me to come by? Right now, I’m available Monday 3:00 Or Wednesday at 3:00.

Basically the key when approaching someone in a business setting is to figure out when they are free or have a little time for you without giving them the entire week or month as an option. I have learned that the less options you give people the more you get from them.

Have you ever asked someone “Are you free this week?” The normal response is “Oh I’m super busy, I am not sure” But if you ask “Hey are you free Tuesday evening or Friday evening?” They can usually tell you exactly if they are free or not and even give you specific times.
It’s funny but when people are given less to choose from or no choices at all…. They tend to go with what you present to them.

I hope that the examples I shared above help bring some insight or illustrate to you what this concept of getting your way by suggesting things rather than by asking.

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Why Men Who Work Hard Are Attractive To Women

Why Men Who Work Hard Are Attractive To Women. Who go to work. Who fix things and drill and kill bugs when we see them. It’s in our nature. I didn’t write the human code or our DNA or talk to Adam and Eve about their issues, I just know it’s a fact of life and it’s a fact of male and women tendencies.  I am so thankful that my husband is one of those men. I grew up around a laboror man.. my father is the hardest working man I know! This man cannot just sit around. He knows how to relax, but prefers to be doing something. He helps around the house without hesitation …always. Recently we had to have a tree removed from our yard… my dad and Mark came to the rescue. I tried telling them to just hire someone, but bought hesitated to accept and decided to just do it  themselves. 20150107_115427

Women are made to give. They are adaptable and they love to please others. Women are always asking “what can I do for my man?” Women are thinking about the little things to do for you. The little notes to plant in your pockets. The dinners and romantic evenings she planned for the two of you. Basically all the things you as a man probably overlook and never gave a shit about! Hahaha. Women need to feel safe and they love acknowledgement! The “thank you” the “that dinner was amazing!” Not to get too much into it, because this article is about how women love men who labor, but to narrow it down to two fundamental needs a women has is acknowledgement and the sense of feeling “safe”.

As a man, how do you make a woman feel safe? Is it that you parade around like a bodyguard when you’re out in public? NO! I mean don’t get me wrong no woman wants to date a pansy, someone who can’t stand up for themselves or someone that wouldn’t confront a rude man who is trying to cause problems.

What I’m talking about is this,
The most important “safety” a woman cares about and needs is that the man she is with will always assume the role of the “Hunter”. Back in the days it literally was that, the men hunted and they brought home the food and items that would be used for shelter and survival. Obviously the tables have turned and there is no need for you to walk in to your home grabbing the fish by its head, but the “hunter” in you must be present.















By hunting I mean, going out there and working. Producing. Cultivating. Improving your and your future partners life. Women despite the change in roles we have seen in this last century with many women hitting the work place and many times earning more income than their mates, still the inner desire and need to feel “safe” stems back to the man assuming the role as a “provider”.
Don’t buy into the hoop-la of “Independent woman” stuff. See a woman WILL and CAN be independent, but even if she is and needs nothing from you economically, KNOWING that you can be the provider if needed is exactly what every woman wants to know.

So men, get off your ass and step up your game.

On this LABOR day ask yourself what are you “LABORing” on. How are you creating value for yourself? Are you acquiring a new skill? Are you planning for the future? Are you increasing your network? All these are things that increase your value.

If you’re a conservative reading this article, you may ask “well what happened to the more important things like trust, love and understanding?” I never said those were not important, but keep in mind a woman can have that and find that with her best friend or some family member. The workings of a great relationship between male and female long term must also fulfill the female needs and prove that the man she is with can and will “take care” of her.

Then there are the men who think women are “gold diggers!” that is an insecure man’s way of thinking. He is thinking “oh she is going to use me” and if your dumb and don’t stand for yourself then a woman with bad intentions would use you, and who’s fault is that? Yours! Not the girls. You as a man also set your parameters and remember that ultimately you can never buy love. You can buy purses and vacations and jewelry, but never lust or love. If you turn her on you turn her on because of your energy with her not what you buy her. What you buy will only at best provide decent sex and a complain to hang out with you until she finds someone better. If that’s all your looking for then go ahead keep it up. If not, you must not rely on your finances alone.
Let me finish by telling you this. Men are like Cars. All have an engine, 4 tires, doors and if it’s a working car it turns on and drives. A woman shops around first by her emotion, what looks and smells good to her. Basically what turns her on sexually. After that, to keep her you must show you can be reliable and go the distance. The less you show her this the less she wants to “ride”. Your sex life diminishes your intimacy level decrease and next thing you know she will start telling you its ladies night every weekend!

So on LABOR day and all others Go To Work and like my favorite comedian Russell Peters says “Be-A-Man” these fundamental instincts we have are exactly that, fundamental despite the changes in society and our times women and men will continue to have basic fundamental needs.


Conquering Half Dome – Yosemite National Park

As spring is coming before us, I wanted to how I had the opportunity of conquering Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. I was able to check yet another item off my life bucket list… Conquering Half Dome at Yosemite National Park! What is even better? I got to do it with my fiance, my brother & his fiance!

It ain’t as fun when you do it alone. Half Dome is not for the light at heart. IMG_1179


Here are some quick facts:
It is a 14.2 miles (22.7 km) round trip via Mist Trail which is the trail we took.
Half Dome Elevation: 8,842 feet
Hiking Time: 10 – 14 hours

Why put yourself through such torture some may think?
Half Dome is the ultimate day hike you have to do before you die and you just may feel like its your last hours while doing it!

If you want to make it all the way up to Half Dome you’ll need a permit to access the cable section of the trail. This is what the cable part looks like

We went in June which is typically high season and found the trail fairly busy so plan ahead and get your permit.

Yosemite National Park has so much to offer! This was my second trip there and there is still so many things to do and yet to uncover!

Head over to for more information!

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Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Fast

Get Madonna arms in 5 easy moves. Yes that is right. Get Rid Of Flabby Arms Fast. I know this video is targeted to my female readers… I know you are out there reading on tips I give to the men or just my own experience. With a little over a month left for spring… Oh I can hear the birds chirping, smell the flowers, and feel the warmth already! I have recently received a few request from women to share how I maintain my arms in such great shape. I don’t have a lot going for my self in terms of looks, but I do admit I got some of the hottest arms in the industry! Thanks to my early years of swimming and volleyball, even after playing competitively I kept up with the workout routine.

And as superficial as it may sound, common we all know we ALL get judge on our looks first. So as the heat increases the layers of clothes decrease. Start with something small like working out on those arms! I have seen “skinny” girls with flabby, flabby like wave two times atCha arms… not cool. So mellow the Jell-O and the cottage cheese on those arms and ladies unless you watch this video and do the exercises I would think twice about wearing those tube tops and tank tops.

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What Makes A Relationship Last

What Makes A Relationship Last? If you have been a loyal reader and friend, you know me quite well that I LOVE to share my two cents about dating, relationships and just people in general. I truly enjoy the whole allure of love, seduction and attraction. My life has been full of meeting great people, dating them, working with them and establishing an amazing relationship with my now soulmate and husband Mar.. Although often times I teach people how to date and find that special someone, at no rush of course, but I would also like to share and teach others how to maintain and make the current relationship steamy and oh so good! I have gone on many dates so when it comes to meeting people and understanding attraction, I proudly share with you that I have found an amazing man and have just as an amazing relationship. My husband makes me feel like the most loved and important woman in the world! He makes me laugh, smile and still gives me goosebumps! I love him and wish for you all to cultivate the same feelings in yours!

Nguyen-eng019 Nguyen-eng086

Many times I feel people get stuck in just “OK” relationships believing this is as good as it can get. I too have been in relationships like that or dated men that were not the best, but often I thought “well he is cute” or “he is successful” all along I really was not attracted to them nor where they good for me.

So what makes a relationship tick? What do you do to keep that butterfly feeling in your stomach and the goose bumps coming?

What Makes A Relationship Last

I openly share that with my boyfriend now, I STILL get goose bumps when he hugs me or simply caresses me. So what is it that makes a relationship last? How do you keep that intensity of attraction, love and understanding? Well I don’t have a simple answer and it would be the world’s longest blog post, but I do plan to share with you a few observations of great relationships and what I feel they do to keep the love going. If you would like to get the full scoop on how to attract the man or woman you want in your life and KEEP them, check out my coaching program. For now, please look out for this upcoming series that I like to call Keeping Good Relationships and Making Them Great!

Having a successful relationship is truly something that must be worked on and of course it has to be with someone you have real chemistry and a connection with. You can not read this or take my advice and apply it to the next thing you walk by, it just will not work. Assuming you are in a great relationship now or have recently met someone you feel there is chemistry with below I share a few fundamentals of what I believe that make up a great relationship:

1. Keep God In Your Relationship. Praying Together Is Magical!
2. Never Lose Appreciation For Each Other
3. Be Present When You Are Together- Disconnect Yourself!
4. Find A Hobby You Both Enjoy and Do It Together
5. Know Your Partners Love Language
6. Be Each Others Number 1 Fan
7. The Sooner You Forget Each Others Real Name, The Better The Love Gets!
8. Root For The Home Team…. And Theirs!
9. Listen Intensely
10. Dates Are Not Just For New Couples
11. Do Not Use Social Networks To Talk Bad About Your Other Half
12. Keep Up With Your Looks
13. Stand Up For Each Other
14. Resolve Things ASAP and Do Not Carry Past With You.

In then next few days I will expand my thoughts and advice on each of the above mentioned things to help you find and keep that spark in your love life going. Because I do not claim to be the only one with a great relationship, I would love to invite you my friends in great relationships to comment and add below a one thing your partner does to show you that you are the world to them.

Are you in a great relationship and want to share what keeps it great? Connect with me on FACEBOOK.

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How To Keep Intimacy Fun And Exciting

How do you keep intimacy fun and exciting. Do you find yourself thinking “missionary… again!??” People may argue with me, but the number one sign a relationship is going bad or is already at the point of reconciliation is when your love life gets bad. However, even while it is good there are still many things you can do to make sure you keep it alive. This can be a very personal matter for couples most do not like to talk about it, but I feel it is something that should be addressed and not neglected. Often times we think it will “just be good”. There are many dynamics of course that determine the awesomeness of your love life with your partner and in this post I will only share the physical things we do have control over. I have complied a few tips from many couples that have successful loving and happy relationships and here are some things they do to keep their loved ones yearning for the next romp session!

1. Snap Out of the Routine
If you find yourself getting it on at the exact same time and the exact same part of the week or month for your sex starved readers… then snap out of it! This time initiate a romp session at a different time or day. If Friday nights are the once a week you get it on with your partner why not sneak them in the room on a Wednesday night. These types of actions will not only keep your loved one in suspense and guessing, but will be very healthy for your relationship. “One of my favorite things my husband does is the minute I walk into the house he comes over begins to kiss me all over my neck and little by little leads me into the hallway and next thing you know were engaged in a full on love making session….” – anonymous contributor.

2. Make Out Sessions
A great friend of mine shared with me this tip and little action that I believe is often overlooked and very much enjoyed especially by women. Foreplay!! Having your make out session last longer and then doing the dirty just makes it so much better! Too many times love making becomes a task for people. Like I seriously think some couples think “humm well its been about a week I guess we should be making love if were a good couple… ok take your clothes off…” come one!! The intensity make out sessions provoke is almost irresistible! So next time before rushing into things, take it a little slow, and appreciate each other and every part of them.

3. Props

What would a movie be without music? What would a house be without furniture? Now please pay attention to this one: You HAVE to know your partner. This is not a tip or suggestion that works for everyone. Some people just do not like flavored oils, toys or costume get ups. There is only one way to find out. Keep in mind to be open to the out of the box “props” you may be thinking of. Let your imagination and the creative side of you take over. Maybe you show up with his favorite team jersey on or one day you have silk gloves if you know your partner is ticklish… who knows! The point is don’t be stuck in a box and venture a little bit and have fun!

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How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

When April hits, exactly ¼ of the year has passed. That means exactly 3 months ago you and I and the rest of the world made those things called resolutions to complete by the end of the year. The “I’m going to lose 10lbs” or “I will get out of my bad relationship” “ I will stop smoking” etc, are all examples of some all too familiar and very popular resolutions we make to ourselves.How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

As one of my spring cleaning rituals that I have done for years and which was taught to me by a very close and successful friend is to look back at those “resolutions” and take inventory on how far you have come and make note of what you have been able to achieve sine the day you made them.

What I realize is that most of us do not accomplish them because well… we forget about them!

How and why do I state this? Because I myself am guilty of making a resolution and not accomplishing it and completely forgetting what my resolution was. I am not perfect, but what I have managed to do is accomplish and complete more resolutions that most people have year after year after.
By implementing and doing the following things. If you follow them, I am sure you will see the results as I have seen many times. Here is How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

1. Write It Down
Fastest way to forget something? Saying it and not writing it down. With our lives being so busy and filled with activities, responsibilities and for some baby momma drama who can even remember what you had last night for dinner! Let alone remember your goals and things you want to accomplish for the year. To state something you wish to accomplish in 12 months on day and expect to remember what it was you stated on day 60, let alone day 200 you would almost have to be incredibly gifted. So if you are like me and have short term memory or cannot remember to pay your cell phone bill on time, take this advice and write down the things you want to accomplish and make sure they are written somewhere visible to you on a daily basis so you can revert to it daily.

2. The Edison Method
Did you know Thomas Edison the inventor of that little cute bulb that brings you light and allows you to see better at your home, told people he had invented it before he even had attempted to?? If that doesn’t show confidence and swag then I don’t know what does! There is something to learn about this though. Studies have proven that when we share our goals and are vocal about what we want a little thing called our pride and ego kicks in and we are more likely to follow it through with the proper actions to accomplish it.
Oh for the fear of the embarrassment it may cause when we do not accomplish and complete what we told other people that we would accomplish. Be bold grow some how we my fellow Mexican’s say it “grow some huevos” and tell someone! You do not need to go and Facebook Status it, but share with someone preferably someone whom you respect and that cares enough about you to help you with little reminders that will help you to achieve your goals.

3. Take Weekly Inventory
Lastly, to help with accomplishing your resolutions why not try giving yourself a weekly “report card”. Waiting 3 months… after reading this blog post to ask or review how you are doing on your resolution is too long. Rather than the getting stuck in the “should have” mentality and “shoulding all over ourselves” why not make the adjustment and change NOW!

In Steven Covey’s book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, he shares about the power of the week. A day is too short. A month is too long. A week he says is “perfect” to give proper time to make progress, but not long enough to forget to check your progress. So let us not wait until July to see how we are doing in terms of accomplishing these goals and instead learn from Steven Covey and other successful individuals and use the one week method. With today’s modern fancy cell phones and gadgets none of us have any excuses as to “forget” what we need to do. Set alarms, bells and whistles to help remind you of what you need to do.