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Italy High Speed Train Treni Italo

Hello and welcome fellow travler! If you haven’t already checked out our other travel post on Ital check out Two Weeks In Italy and Rome 3 Day Itinerary Italy High Speed Train Treni Italo Read about it. Italy has a new high speed “bullet train” called Treni Italo. Try it!

Attention European travelers, there is a new kid on the block!
On my recent visit to Italy I discovered by accident a new train company that I was very pleased with. It is called ITALO.  

I discovered this train by accident on one of my trips returning from Naples trying to get to Florence. I was stopped and greeted by a charming smiling young well spoken lady. Her English was superb and she immediately got my attention fixated on this huge 6 foot touch screen. She informed me that the company had just opened and was offering rail service via “express trains” to Rome, Florence and most major Italian cities. When comparing the trip from Naples to Florence I found this:

TrenItalia anywhere from 3 to 4hour trips for as low as 49Euro ( the kind that stop at EVERY SINGLE station) to 78Euro


ITALO 2 hour trip for as low as 70 Euro.

We chose, ITALO.

We were very happy with the brand spanking new trains. Super clean, modern and the service was excellent! They offer 3 levels of service Basic, Business and Premier class.
We chose the basic class, but then got upgraded to business where they offer a full service drink and snack service.
The travel was half the time and again I cannot not speak well enough about this train company. It is a sign of relief when you are traveling overseas and come across companies that offer a great service, great price and whose employees speak English.

Next time you are traveling to Italy, I invite you to take a look at this new company


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