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Homemade Organic Dog Food Recipes

If you are a dog owner learning how to make dog food will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever give your beloved dogs. I will share with you one of my favorite organic dog food recipes homemade here, but first let me tell you how it all began. A few years ago my boyfriend and I bought our first dog together a cute Boston Terrier. We fell in love with him so much that we ended up getting our second Boston Terrier a few weeks later. Organic Dog Food Recipe

Our lives have never been the same and I mean that in a positive way. So when our puppies started having digestive issues and refused to eat their store bought food, like any parent we rushed them to veterinarian office and had them checked up. The only thing our vet could recommend is buying this expensive “vet recommended” dry kibble that was like $80 a bag and lasted only 3 weeks. This new “special” food only worked for a few days. We soon noticed our dogs having the same issues of diarrhea and not wanting to eat their food. My boyfriend and I were pretty stuck and worried. We were not sure what to do and what could help them. I have always been an advocate of healthy eating and have spent more than 10 years without touching any fast food and inspecting the ingredient list on virtually everything I eat…so why not treat my dogs the same way? My boyfriend and I started to look into what dog food was made of and comprised of and we were both pretty disgusted! 2 of the 100 ingredients were actually things I would want to feed my puppies so my boyfriend got the idea of making our own dog food so we did and since then all is history! Our puppies LOVE eating their organic dog food, we save money and they are very healthy, active and may I add very cute! So to all my dog owner friends out there I am sharing with you my very own organic dog food recipe you can easily make at home. Your dog will love you for it!

2-3 Whole Organic Chickens

1 Bag or 10 Loose Organic Carrots

5 Medium Size Sweet Potatoes

1 Bag of Frozen Organic Peas or green beans

3 Cups of Organic Brown Rice

Necessary equipment: A real good chopper! I love the Ninja. You can pick one up at Wal-Mart for $20

Step One
In a large pot fill with water and add your whole chickens. Bring water to boil and cover with a lid. Let it cook for 2 to 3 hours until chicken is very tender and disenagrates to the touch.

Step Two

Take your chickens out and place in a colander. While in the colander using two forks or any type of utensil continue to shredded the chicken and remove all bones. ( I recommend you wait an hour to let the chicken cool before doing this step)

Organic Dog Food Recipes Homemade

Step Three

While your chicken is being cooked or cooled wash your veggies and chop up your carrots and sweet potatoes. Cook your brown rice and begin to boil your peas and or green beans.



Organic Dog Food Recipes Homemade

Organic Dog Food Recipes Homemade


Step Four

Mixing! Grab two large containers of your choice and begin proportioning your ingredients. I like to make each batch with a 60/30/10 ratio. I like to put 60% chicken, 30% vegetables and 10% brown rice. The brown rice acts as a filler so make sure not to add too much of it.


They are both ready to eat! That is the before….
This is the after….


Clean plate! Nothing at all left & healthy puppies!

I keep one batch to feed both my puppies and the other batch I freeze and then bring it out when I need it.

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