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Food Rules for Guaranteed Weight Loss

My 6 food commandments for guaranteed weight loss are not very hard to follow and may not be that surprising, but then again maybe they can help you and that is what I hope for. Here are my Food Rules for Guaranteed Weight Loss.

Are you eating too much of this  


The biggest excuse for eating junk food is “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money”. My last name is not Hilton and I do not sit at home all day, so I feel you. One thing I do is to cook a lot of my own food and here are some things to keep in mind when you’re tired of eating chicken breast and broccoli or tuna on your diet. So one thing you may want to do this weekend is what I call a Fridge Makeover.


You cannot make yourself over without first getting rid of and adding things to eat that are better for you.  Spend sometime this weekend making over your fridge. You cant leave candy in front of a kid and expect him not to eat it, so do not think you can do the same. I call these the 6 Food Commandments. Keep them always stocked in your kitchen and make meals using them.

Spices &Herbs

Have these at home and add them to just about anything for flavor. Thyme, bay leaves, cayenne pepper, garlic, cilantro are some of my favorites to cook with. Notice they are all natural and do not come from a bottle. Sorry BBQ sauce, ketchup, teriyaki sauce are not consider a spice or herb.


I try to not eat red meat often and limit myself to special occasional juicy steak. Red meat takes a long time to digest and it is recommended by many health professionals to not eat it often. Other forms of protein are egg whites, tofu and shakes.

Fish & Poultry

My personal favorites are salmon and chicken breast. I liked this dry white meat before I knew it was healthy. The secrete is to per marinate your chicken breast to make it juicy and tasty.


I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I am like a chubby kid at weight loss camp, because I keep a stash of chocolates or cookies always. I have learned that if I do not eat it when I crave it, I will just end up eating more. So I have a small piece to satisfy that craving. We all have different taste buds, maybe yours is salty. Find a healthier substitute for some of your favorites.


The more the merrier! The greener the better! Keep those in mind. Spinach, broccoli, bok choy, carrots, peppers, etc keep vegetables in stock at your house always. They make an excellent additional to any meat or fish.

Whole Grains & Brown Rice

I am a cheap date! When I go out to eat sometimes the thing I love best is the breadbasket! I love carbs! I have learned not all carbs are created equal. To be a lot more health conscious I have opted for making brown rice just as often as I make white rice. Also I try to opt in having whole grain breads…magic word is TRY because I sure do love my Pan Dulce!

What are some of your favorite health recipes? Connect with me or leave a comment share yours with us!

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