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The Dying Art Of Communication

I wasn’t alive nor did I experience those times when men used to serenate their women or where they formally asked the girl to be their girlfriend. Your thinking “Common Adriana, that’s some Brady Bunch sh*t! Were in 2010!” And yes I too also know how to check my calendar and know the date, thank you for the reminder.

What I want to point out and have realized about “2010” is the lack of verbal communication or shall I better state it as the transition from verbal communication to virtual communication.

It seems like the days when people would pick up the phone to talk to someone or invite them out to get to know them has been over shadowed by  an overwhelming need to use email, messaging or text messages instead of using your mouth to talk to people.

Now I’m not an anti-tech person, in fact I’m one of the biggest supporters of mass communication and technology.I am a self proclaimed geek. I welcome every bit of it and I am thankful for the people who invented these things to make are lives easier. God Bless Tech Geeeeekkkkkss!!!!

Question is does this ease bring breed misfortune?

Does it harm other areas of our lives without us even knowing??

I tweet in the morning, tweet in the evening, tweet, tweet, tweet and text, text, text. I think I can compete with the best of them when it comes to communicating via these channels, but more and more I have realized that the added convenience of communication has taken a huge hit on human to human contact and communication.

I have been guilty of texting or sending my roommate a private message asking them something when they are in the room next to me!! Hahaha you know you have done it also! Or maybe you wished someone a happy birthday via message and forgot to “call” them.

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt and the hat!

The all mighty question is up to when? Or how much of this can you do before you feel like your best friend is the keyboard and your cell phone?

Or before you lose the art of making someone smile?

Or knowing how to start a conversation?

Or what to say to someone you care about?

If you start speaking more in “LOLs” “BRBs” or “SMH” then read on.

I have a lot to say about this subject and don’t intend to say it all in this first write up, but I will start with as a society we have become terrible “people-persons”

I don’t know if that’s grammatically correct if you haven’t figured out by my past writing English is not my forte and I haven’t hired someone to “clean” up my writing because frankly I don’t want to and don’t care to, so deal with it. ok so back to people being lame and not knowing how to interact.

See the human touch is powerful!

Remember that old saying “People make the world go round”????????????????

Despite all our cool statuses and tweets and places you visit if you find yourself doing all this “stuff” by yourself or the number of “followers” isn’t quite the number of people that show up to your birthday party or whom you would be able to call if you had car trouble and they would actually help pick you up then the all important question is: Does It All Really Matter??

Are you really enjoying yourself? And are you finding fulfillment in your life?

So bottom line is in Adriana’s words: Who gives a flying f*@$ if you are by yourself.

Im not suggesting we go to our neighbors hold hands and sing kumbaya. I am urging us to reflect a little on how much time, energy and effort we put into solidifying the current relationships we have in your life and ask ourselves if we have taken any steps in increasing our network.

For those of you who think “man I don’t need to have more friends, I’m cool I got Bret, Mike, Ted, Logan from Phi Sigma Gamma Wanna Sleep WithYa, I don’t need more friends” then I would like to explore this question more with you next time, so stay tuned and in the mean time go change your status, go LIKE me on Facebook.

And Tweet and Text about what you just read … hahaha 🙂

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