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Women and Lingerie

I know I am not the only woman who has spent a little too much money on lingerie put it on and then it is off 1 minute later… and your thinking “Why the heck did I just spend that money? I should have bought a new pair of shoes!” If you have had that thought before, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment or share this post, this one is for the ladies and their men who should learn to appreciate lingerie a little bit more. Women and lingerie are like a girl without shoes.

Women and Lingerie. Why Women Wear Lingerie?

Because of how it makes us feel!
We are all pretty familiar with foreplay and there are those who like long foreplay and those who like it kind of quick and then those who like to skip it all together! One thing you cannot deny is that to have a good romp session you have to BOTH be in the mood. I do not want to speak for all women, I am only acting as voice for women that I do know and well my own opinions and experiences of course. Lingerie is to women, what a cape is to a super hero. It makes us feel just as good as how a man feels when he puts on his favorite teams jersey. You walk a little taller, have a little jump in your step and no one can wipe that extra “Umph” off your face. To keep it simple, we just feel that much more sexy and get that much more turned on knowing and thinking of how turned on we can get our men. Wearing plain Jane undies is no match to a nice lace thong. It makes us stand taller, have a Colgate Smile, and have a little more sas in our step. I am not sure how many women still wear it, buy it and surprise their men with it, but it is a beautiful act that shouldn’t be killed.

What Men Can Do To Keep Lingerie Alive?

It is as simple as two things:
1. Say She Looks Hot
2. Keep It On!
… at least a little bit longer before you rip it off….

Yes, I know you may want to tear it off their body right away, but tearing it off right away I am telling you women think, “Dang it! He didn’t even notice or appreciate it”. Remember a girl feels sexy and powerful in a bustier or sexy lace. When you take it off way to fast, you kill that feeling. So, next time simply fight the urge and let her keep it on. Just think, the longer the lingerie stays on the better the foreplay will be. Why? Because when a woman has her lingerie on, she has that extra sexual energy going through her and she wants to give and get some good, good lovin.

Just think? Do you want her coming to bed in granny PJs??? Of course not!

So do not discourage the attempt or tradition, encourage it. Just like anything in life. Human beings do things for approval and validation. This is no exception. If you stop or do not give the validation or show your appreciation for it, then she is likely to just stop wearing it.

Not much more to say about this… it is a “Just Sayin” post

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What Makes A Relationship Last

What Makes A Relationship Last? If you have been a loyal reader and friend, you know me quite well that I LOVE to share my two cents about dating, relationships and just people in general. I truly enjoy the whole allure of love, seduction and attraction. My life has been full of meeting great people, dating them, working with them and establishing an amazing relationship with my now soulmate and husband Mar.. Although often times I teach people how to date and find that special someone, at no rush of course, but I would also like to share and teach others how to maintain and make the current relationship steamy and oh so good! I have gone on many dates so when it comes to meeting people and understanding attraction, I proudly share with you that I have found an amazing man and have just as an amazing relationship. My husband makes me feel like the most loved and important woman in the world! He makes me laugh, smile and still gives me goosebumps! I love him and wish for you all to cultivate the same feelings in yours!

Nguyen-eng019 Nguyen-eng086

Many times I feel people get stuck in just “OK” relationships believing this is as good as it can get. I too have been in relationships like that or dated men that were not the best, but often I thought “well he is cute” or “he is successful” all along I really was not attracted to them nor where they good for me.

So what makes a relationship tick? What do you do to keep that butterfly feeling in your stomach and the goose bumps coming?

What Makes A Relationship Last

I openly share that with my boyfriend now, I STILL get goose bumps when he hugs me or simply caresses me. So what is it that makes a relationship last? How do you keep that intensity of attraction, love and understanding? Well I don’t have a simple answer and it would be the world’s longest blog post, but I do plan to share with you a few observations of great relationships and what I feel they do to keep the love going. If you would like to get the full scoop on how to attract the man or woman you want in your life and KEEP them, check out my coaching program. For now, please look out for this upcoming series that I like to call Keeping Good Relationships and Making Them Great!

Having a successful relationship is truly something that must be worked on and of course it has to be with someone you have real chemistry and a connection with. You can not read this or take my advice and apply it to the next thing you walk by, it just will not work. Assuming you are in a great relationship now or have recently met someone you feel there is chemistry with below I share a few fundamentals of what I believe that make up a great relationship:

1. Keep God In Your Relationship. Praying Together Is Magical!
2. Never Lose Appreciation For Each Other
3. Be Present When You Are Together- Disconnect Yourself!
4. Find A Hobby You Both Enjoy and Do It Together
5. Know Your Partners Love Language
6. Be Each Others Number 1 Fan
7. The Sooner You Forget Each Others Real Name, The Better The Love Gets!
8. Root For The Home Team…. And Theirs!
9. Listen Intensely
10. Dates Are Not Just For New Couples
11. Do Not Use Social Networks To Talk Bad About Your Other Half
12. Keep Up With Your Looks
13. Stand Up For Each Other
14. Resolve Things ASAP and Do Not Carry Past With You.

In then next few days I will expand my thoughts and advice on each of the above mentioned things to help you find and keep that spark in your love life going. Because I do not claim to be the only one with a great relationship, I would love to invite you my friends in great relationships to comment and add below a one thing your partner does to show you that you are the world to them.

Are you in a great relationship and want to share what keeps it great? Connect with me on FACEBOOK.

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How To Keep Intimacy Fun And Exciting

How do you keep intimacy fun and exciting. Do you find yourself thinking “missionary… again!??” People may argue with me, but the number one sign a relationship is going bad or is already at the point of reconciliation is when your love life gets bad. However, even while it is good there are still many things you can do to make sure you keep it alive. This can be a very personal matter for couples most do not like to talk about it, but I feel it is something that should be addressed and not neglected. Often times we think it will “just be good”. There are many dynamics of course that determine the awesomeness of your love life with your partner and in this post I will only share the physical things we do have control over. I have complied a few tips from many couples that have successful loving and happy relationships and here are some things they do to keep their loved ones yearning for the next romp session!

1. Snap Out of the Routine
If you find yourself getting it on at the exact same time and the exact same part of the week or month for your sex starved readers… then snap out of it! This time initiate a romp session at a different time or day. If Friday nights are the once a week you get it on with your partner why not sneak them in the room on a Wednesday night. These types of actions will not only keep your loved one in suspense and guessing, but will be very healthy for your relationship. “One of my favorite things my husband does is the minute I walk into the house he comes over begins to kiss me all over my neck and little by little leads me into the hallway and next thing you know were engaged in a full on love making session….” – anonymous contributor.

2. Make Out Sessions
A great friend of mine shared with me this tip and little action that I believe is often overlooked and very much enjoyed especially by women. Foreplay!! Having your make out session last longer and then doing the dirty just makes it so much better! Too many times love making becomes a task for people. Like I seriously think some couples think “humm well its been about a week I guess we should be making love if were a good couple… ok take your clothes off…” come one!! The intensity make out sessions provoke is almost irresistible! So next time before rushing into things, take it a little slow, and appreciate each other and every part of them.

3. Props

What would a movie be without music? What would a house be without furniture? Now please pay attention to this one: You HAVE to know your partner. This is not a tip or suggestion that works for everyone. Some people just do not like flavored oils, toys or costume get ups. There is only one way to find out. Keep in mind to be open to the out of the box “props” you may be thinking of. Let your imagination and the creative side of you take over. Maybe you show up with his favorite team jersey on or one day you have silk gloves if you know your partner is ticklish… who knows! The point is don’t be stuck in a box and venture a little bit and have fun!

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Technology Free Time

Whether you are in a relationship or not. I felt that this tip of mine can be useful for ALL relationships, not just those full of sexual energy. We all have someone special in your lives, don’t we? One of the best things you can do is disconnect, to connect! Technology free time is what we all need!


In today’s world we are more connected than ever! Mobile phones and social networks have made our lives almost feel like the Truman Show, where many times we forget that the only person you are putting on a “show” for should be you! So many times we are not enjoying the present for fear of not being able to “connect” or have a need to “share” it with millions of others. In a relationship learn to be present when you are together- Disconnect Yourself and have technology free time.
technology free time

A very close friend of mine in a successful relationship shared this tip with me. “Designate certain “technology-free” times, when you just spend time with each other — no cell phones, computers, iPads, tv, etc. Use that time to cook and eat dinner together, play a game, go for a walk, or do something else “unplugged.”” During these times are when you and your significant other should communicate. Have conversations about what you are going through. Share with them your thoughts and feelings. When I was dating a lot, the worst thing a guy could do is text while on the date. That rule applies not only while dating, but I also think during the times you’re with your significant other you should hold the same level of respect. Not answering your phone for 30 minutes while enjoying dinner or a walk with the dogs is not going to kill your business. And if it is, then what type of unsuccessful business are you running?

But the person you are with may not be just the boyfriend of girlfriend. What about time with your friends? Or your mother? The lesson here is disconnecting will help you connect better with the people you are around physically on this world with. You do remember that we are human beings made of flesh and have emotions and can talk and are more than a Facebook status or a virtual game..right?? SO act like it! 🙂

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Celebrate Valentines Day Everyday

Over priced flowers, heart shape box of chocolates, restaurants jam packed with people sardine style, over paying for a not so excellent food or service, guy rushing to nearest drug store to pick up a card that reads some generic phrase about who much this person loves you and the biggest day for a single man to score with the single ladies who are oh so desperate hitting up the local bar drinking 1 tequila shot to much and although they claim to be so “Anti- Valentines Day” wish up on a star that they had one… Welcome to Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day can be quite exhausting and yes I know that was the longest run on sentence, but then again I don’t put this blog up to teach you how to write perfect English, It is simply to express some of my ideas and concepts and share so that you may be open enough to share yours. Wouldn’t it be best to celebrate valentines day everyday?

As much as I have dated I can confess that I have never celebrated Valentines Day. Now don’t get me wrong I am no loser who has never received flowers, chocolates, cards, gone on dinners, etc all the traditional stuff people do on this day, I am simply stating that I have never done any of the above on this day. Apparently, this day is intended for you to show your loved ones how much you care and love them. Now I understand why such a holiday would be created because
#1. Gives companies and businesses a reason to make more money.

#2. People are naturally crazy… meaning we get too caught up in our daily routine of work and drama that many of us loose sight of what is truly important in our lives including the people who make it worth while. So we need reminders….

If you are single it can be a pretty intimidating day when your co-workers of friends boast about the things their boyfriends of husbands did for them on Vday while you are sitting back daydreaming about what your ideal Valentine would do for you. I have even heard of women who go as far as to send themselves flowers!! If that is you…. its Ok we all have things we have done that we regret.

But chill out because the single most important thing I have learned about this day is how long does that feeling last? Do not be too impressed by how your friends boyfriends treat them at least do not judge them based on this one day. Ask or observe what is that “BF” or “Husband” like the day, week, or months AFTER Valentines Day.

I have observed way to many “cute” Valentines Day couples succumb to routines and end up loosing appreciation for each other literally hours after this day. I have seen how the fights start up again or how this “loving” boyfriend eyes wander at the sight of another woman the minute his is out of sight or how the neglect starts up again.

I guess this is why I am not the biggest fan of this day. Its as if some of you in relationships believe that this one day, that one card or dinner will make up for all the bulls*&^ you have put your significant other threw. It’s like “cramming” the night before a big exam, knowing you didn’t do what you were supposed to and hope that this 24 hour period somehow erases all that you have neglected the other 364 days of the year or that it can buy you enough credit to last you a few months before you care to show and express your love and appreciation.
And that ladies and gentlemen is why when so much “acting” is going on, it pushes me away from participating in it.

Don’t get me wrong… I accept Valentine day greetings, gifts, and goodies and I appreciate them. What I am asking you to think about is beyond this day. What will you do next Monday to show the people you love, that you love them? That you appreciate them? That you enjoy spending time with them?

When you are in a great relationship I believe it is Valentines Day everyday. That the nice dinners, time spent together, pointless “just because” gifts are truly special and their significance last so much longer. That the person and people you love remain in your thoughts and motivations long after this holiday is over. That their presence remains with you long term.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by loving friends, family and recently an amazing man who fill my life with love 365 days. their energy, love and thoughts about them remain with me 24hours a day. They motivate me to become more, to accomplish more, to appreciate and to love more. If you find yourself single on a day like to day first take inventory on the loving relationships that you do have and secondly do not seek the plush teddy bears, flowers to boast about, but spend time establishing and nurturing the relationships that exist in your life.

Happy Valentines Day To ALL!

To more long lasting beautiful and loving relationships.

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Words Of Appreciation

We all know that there are words of appreciation, but are there certain actions to show appreciation?

If I could single handedly blame one reason why relationships that at one point were great, completely turn negative it would be exactly this, a loss of appreciation from both parties.

I have witnessed many relationships both intimate, friendships and business relationships go completely sour when one party fails to maintain respect and appreciation for the other. I remember learning a few years back “people do not have to do things for you”. Here is one example we can all relate to; a birthday party. No one has to go. So why throw one and why attend? People go because they choose to. Why? You appreciate that person and want to make sure you show them. Well on the flip side, if you choose not to attend and you make this a habit of never attending your friends parties or things that they throw then soon enough you will find yourself alone because people will have seen that you really do not care to make time for them and neither will they.

In my relationship, I always make a conscious effort to thank my fiance verbally when he does things for me and I also make an effort to show him through actions I appreciate him. So what can you do today, to show the person you are with that you love them and appreciate them? Here are a few of the things I like to do and that he does to make me feel like a queen!

Cuddle Time
There isn’t anything I enjoy more it is the cuddle time I get to spend and get from my fiance. Regardless of how busy or stressful your day may have been, cuddling is like asprin, it can cure everything! Make time to enjoy each other.

Cook For Them
So maybe you are not the best cook! Who cares! Nothing shows I care more than preparing something for your loved one. It can be a smoothie for gosh sakes! Throw a bunch of fruit, juice and ice and blend that baby! Or simply pouring a glass of wine. Preparing something and “serving” your other half sends major “I care about you” signals.

Your Partner Is NOT A Mind Reader

This may be the hardest for people to achieve because most people were raised not to be expressive and openly share their thoughts and feelings. I come from a very touchy feely family and my personality is very expressive, so I admit it is the hardest for me to see why people cannot be expressive. Nonetheless, your partner needs to know and be reminded that you like, love, care or think about them. Whether you say it verbally or write it in a note, just do it and genuinely mean it. I tell my partner almost every morning when I wake up and my head is laying on his shoulder that I love him. Often times I find myself receiving a peck on the forehead and him saying the same to me…. I tell you that makes me melt!! Men, forehead kisses is where it is at!

Friendships are simple. Business partnerships are simple. Love is a simple thing too. If you appreciate what is in your life and what people do for you, you will always find yourself surrounded by people who show you the same.
What are some things you, your significant other or a friend does to you that shows you appreciation? Please share with us!

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Make Time For Dinner

When was the last time you sat and enjoyed a dinner amongst friends? Was it last Thanksgiving? Or maybe your birthday? Well on my recent trip to Spain I learned to enjoy 2 hour dinners and NOT feel anxious… I know as a workaholic that I am I was surprised myself! I discovered and experienced life at a halt. I mean that in a good way. Not a halt like you are not progessing, but more of a halt that sometimes you do need to stop and smell the roses. Or in this case enjoy a lavish dinner, lots of wine and great conversation for a 4 hour period…and they call that “normal”. Americans may only do that a few times a year. Possibly during a birthday dinner, Christmas dinner and Thanksgiving and even then I doubt you really sit there and enjoy the conversations with the people next and in front of you for 3 hours. Or do you?
IMG_5899 IMG_5374
Can you really have a 2 hour dinner with Spanish friends without getting anxious?? I was tested on my last trip. I passed! I actually really enjoyed it.
CNN recently had an article about 8 reason to make time for family dinner. Here were their 8 reasons:
1.Supper can be a stress reliever
2. Kids might learn to love their veggies
3. It’s the perfect setting for new foods
4. You control the portions
5. Healthy meals mean healthy kids
6. Family dinners help kids “just say no” to smoking, drugs, and drunk driving
7. Better food, better report card
8. Put a little cash in your pocket
more here:
That was CNNS reasons to make time for dinner. What are yours?
Well I can tell you that I learned a lot from this behavior of having and enjoying a meal. I learned to focus on one task and enjoy my meals and the company of good friends. I like many of you on Monday thru Friday have a quick dinner. My boyfriend and I either sit around the living room catching up on all the celebrity gossip shows or we are eating while we are catching up on emails or internet browsing. Weekends is when we induldge in good enjoyable dinners, but never to the extent of the Spaniards. So I learned to enjoy more. To focus on dinner when it is dinner. To enjoy my meals and the company  I am with. I should have figured this out years ago! As an ex fat tortilla girl one key factor in maintaining good healthy weight is chewing! yes chewing! lol Thinking about what you are eating and enjoying your food to fulfill your craving. But I didnt learn. It wasnt untill I traveled to Spain that I learned to enjoy dinners daily.
So just a quick tip that I am sure will only enrich your life and your experience. Take time to have a dinner not just feed yourself. Slow down. Put the email away. Try to even turn off your TV. Sit. Eat. Talk. Enjoy!
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What Is An Ass Kisser

What is an ass kisser? When someone says to you “why are you kissing their ass?” What exactly does that mean? Take a few minutes and read with me as we explore what an ass kisser is and if you are one or not.

You may have been the kid who bullies used to say “Oh you’re an ass kisser” or maybe you were taunted with “why are you kissing their ass?” The “ass kisser” when I was growing up was the kid who was nice to his teacher. The “ass kisser” in grade school was the kid who would bring in little gifts (mostly home made by their mother) to the teacher.

As adults, many (negative & immature) adults continue to use that word. They call the coworker who always greets their boss in the mornings with a “good morning” or the one who speaks to the human resources manager in a very polite and friendly way, the “ass kisser”. The employee who always shares his opinion, who volunteers to do things and who acts courteous to his coworkers, that employee is usually called by fellow employees the “ass kisser”.

But what really is an “ass kisser”?

Is it really that being kind and having something called…. MANNERS makes you an ass kisser? I think not! I think this phrase has been misused for years and the true “ass kissers” are under the radar.

You see in life people liking you and being kind, generous and having manners and etiquette can really get you far. Just pick up a few autobiographies and I can guarantee you that they probably acted in what the negative, immature society calls “ass kisser” type of way.

Haven’t you noticed that most people who say “thank you” and give other people compliments and say “good morning” to others… end up far ahead of everyone else?

Haven’t you noticed these people usually are the ones who have more friends, end up getting better jobs or promotions at existing jobs and are well liked by others?

People make the world go round and if you lack the ability or understanding of how important it is for people to like you and win people over then I hate to break it to you, but you are just destined to a life of rough up hill battles.
Crappy dead end jobs, negative friends, live in a poor neighborhoods and continue to have less and less meaningful relationships in your life. Again, my thoughts are QUALITY over QUANTITY.

If you do not have many people you can count;
You have been stuck at a dead end job;
It is hard for you to get a promotion or a raise;
You tend to be the one NOT invited anywhere;
Or you just simply have a stinky attitude, then I suggest you learn to be a better “ass kisser”.

When I come across “non ass kissers” I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They have this attitude of “the world is against me and F people”. What a sad way to live.

Who are the non ass kissers??
You can usually identify them by:

– They do not acknowledge other people. Walk into a house without saying hi to anyone or walk into their office and slump into their desk;
– They are unfamiliar with the word “Thank You”
– They have little to no real friends
– They are unable to have a conversation with someone.
– Are usually single or have “sex” partners. Aka a sex only relationship.
– Do not have things go their way.
– Usually get screwed over and can not get favors done for them.

So why do I think “ass kissers” have been mislabeled?

Because to me a true “ass kisser” is: someone who continues to be nice and polite to someone AFTER the fact that person has lied to them, disrespected them, scammed them or intentionally try to hurt them in any way. If you are STILL nice and cordial to people like that, then YOU ARE AN ASS KISSER! But do not confuse someone who is smart with their networking ability or who simply is generous and polite as an ass kisser…. that is two separate worlds.

I know a few people who have had all of the above happen to them. They were scammed. Scammed so obviously like those old Nigerian chain letter scams and not out of $10 or $100, but thousands!

One guy I knew gave another so called “successful investor” $80,00! Yes people $80,000 for his so called “investments”. You know typical “gold mines”, “hotel deals” Nigerian scam type of things. The guy NEVER got any substantial documentation of the “investment” any follow up.. nothing. It was like puff the magic dragon his money had no trace other than the initial deposit made into the “successful investors” account.  A whole year later still no word or trace of this investment and all the hopeful investor is getting in return is a $200 a month “shut-up” fee and that of course the “successful investor” is still his friend. So the guy that gave him the money to invest is still corgidal with the guy he knowingly was scammed by. Others have been lied to and intentionally hurt. And they KNOW the person/people who did this and what do they do?? KISS THEIR ASS.

Continue to be nice, find and friendly. See the last health company I was a marketing representative for is full of people at the top who intentially lie, cheat and steal. Including the owner. This guy has a history and track record that spans years of people and multitudes of people he has purposely screwed over. Screwy things like: Lie, steal, cheat, take their business away, fire them from their job for no reason, etc. I can go on for days.  The minute I discovered these things my kindness subsided and well to say the least I wasn’t and have not been quiet about it. I am just not the “sweep it under the rug person” others the “ass kisser” not only sweep it under the rug, but act as if nothing has happened.  I do not understand how there can still be  people involved and supportive even after knowing these type of things have been done and are being done.

See my friends that to me is an “Ass Kisser”. Do you agree with me?

So again, this little fun phrase we throw around casually, I would hope that this post shared a little insight and further look at what an ass kisser really is. We are not in the 5th grade people! Life is about being kind to people and getting ahead. If you’re the type of loser who calls people who have manners and etiquette and are smart “ass kissers” it just shows you immaturity and well how far down the people chain you are. The world my friends is ruled by people who know how to and whose ass to kiss the best. It’s the truth whether you like it or not. All I ask is you kiss peoples ass who haven’t lied, stolen or cheated you. Stand up for something and start kissing the right peoples asses. 🙂

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Major Dating Mistake

You all know I enjoy talking about love, relationships, business and traveling, but I will share with you one of my SMH moments when I see people do this.When I see this major dating mistake I think “what a tragedy” You see to me dating is about meeting people, getting to know them… possibly over something called “A date”, testing them out by spending time with them to see if there is any chemistry and commonality.

Too often I witness major dating mistakes men and women make. What is it? NOT dating enough! It is settling for the first thing with eyes and a “P”. I call this the “One and Done”

The “one and doners” are the type of folks who do not even venture to date. They miss the whole concept of what dating is. They find that one guy or girl who is “just ok” and stop looking and then what is worse…they commit a major love disaster they make themselves exclusive to them killing all chances of them ever meeting someone else and also forcing their friends to have to deal with the mediocre dude or chic. The one and done daters will say things like ” oh this person doesn’t bother me and hasn’t done anything to me so I’m staying with them…” Know anyone like that?

But why?

I have concluded 2 reasons:
1. They are too lazy to look for someone else
2. They are afraid they won’t find someone who is “as good” or “better”

I can not tell you enough not to ignore your dating and love life and guess what people… Time DOES Matter! I have seen good people stuck in bad relationships with bad people or end up single and longing for someone. There is nothing wrong with being single if you actually WANT to be, but being horny, negative and longing to be with someone is a no-no.

Yep it happens. Usually the symptoms are it wasn’t “that bad” in the beginning, but guess what it can get real bad and you get stuck in an intertwined relationship where it can feel like there is no escape.

I have said it before and will say it again: It is better to be alone than stuck in a relationship with a bad person.

Major Dating Mistake

Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person:

1. Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy – This doesn’t always only mean sex although that would be #2, it means do the two of you spend time cuddling? Can you sit next to each other and have an intimate conversation?

2. Lack Of Sex – Yup enough said. I used to think it may be something like some people just don’t have sex drive while others don’t. But now I am convinced when you are totally into that person… you just want it all the time!

3. Texting- If you and your “honey” text more than talk… you got issues. If this is a familiar site: You sit together and he/she is texting and you are just “there”.

4. Your Friends Do Not Like Them – One thing I have always respected in my close friends opinions. Sometimes when we are “in love” it is hard to see the other side. It is always easier to look in than it is to see out. If you respect your friends opinions there is a reason they do not like the person you are with. And wouldn’t you want them to like him or her? To me, it is very important that whom I date is well liked.

There comes a moment in your “relationship” with this person who is just ok because your the “1 and done type of person” where you have to ask yourself this:

“Am I completely done looking and not interested in ever getting to know or meet another man or woman?”

If a good friend or family member of yours were to one day offer to set you up with someone they think would be good for you would you turn them down and say “nope, good I’m in love with the current person I’m with”??

If the answer is YES, then congratulations somehow you manage to be forced under a spell by this lame person.
If the answer is NO, then don’t drag on your 1 and done mediocre relationship.

Get a moving soon and start doing little things that will let your friends and family know your are open to meet more people and go out there yourself and say hello to the world!

Stop thinking in scarcity
Think abundance! There are plenty of amazing people to share your life with!


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What Does It Mean To Be Dating

What does it mean to be dating? We hear this word all the time “Oh we are just dating” or “I am just dating” or “I need to go on more dates” So what does it mean to be dating??

In my opinion dating doesn’t mean to settle. I am a huge supporter of dating and of people finding and getting into relationships with amazing and great people. People who can bring out the best in you and who can make your life enjoyable, but often times I feel people rush into relationships just for the sake of not being alone. As much of propagator I am for relationships I am also a HUGE propagator that it is better to be single than to be stuck in a bad relationship or one with someone who is well to say the least just “ugh”.

Often I feel the need to explain what “dating” means. Dating in my opinion is like leasing a car. Drive it around a bit and see if you like it. You test out! You try out! And guess what?? There is a return policy when you are DATING.

Dating means meet more men and women.
Go out socially with them.
Get to know them.
Kiss and get a little freak nasty with them.
Then maybe call or never call them again.

Or if you find yourself liking them and they have grown on you and you feel you have found something you truly enjoy and love, then BUY it! Put a ring on it! Make it yours. If you’re not too sure… I suggest pick up another car and try that one out. That my friends in my opinion is “Dating”. No commitments. Just a bunch of test drives.

Now here are somethings you should avoid:

1. If you are not very into that guy or girl do not “date” for too long. You will be sending the wrong signal. Just move on go find you another one to test drive!

2. Don not expect for the guy or girl you are with to be loyal to you, if you are seeing more than one person…and if you are seeing someone else even as a love shack casual “walk of shame” then be open about it do not hide it. Karma is a B****

3. If you are dating someone and you REALLY DO like them.. then don’t be a chick sh*t and take the next step. Turn it into a serious mutual exclusive relationship. Worst thing is the guy or girl who wants the exclusivity, but is afraid to commit. It is like trying to get a free trial over and over again.

I often tell my clients if you have been what you would say “serious” with someone for over 3 years and you do not see the relationship going anywhere then why stay longer??? I was once in a long term relationship that just was not good. We were good as friends just not as a relationship. Worst mistake we both made was stay together and ride it till the wheels fell off! So If its been say 3 years and neither you nor them have taken a step then my thoughts are why wait around. Time is precious and so is your youth! so go find someone else who will appreciate you and will want to “buy now” and share a wonderful life with you.

How else do you think you will find the person whom you are best with and who you are completely in love with?

I do believe in high school sweethearts and that you do not have to date 100 people or even 5 to find someone you really fall in love with. My point is only you know if your truly happy with someone or if you are only with that person out of fear of being alone.

You see the whole thing about dating is searching for someone whom you have that “oh yeah” feeling and “click” with. Nothing can be more disappointing than a great person wasting away their time in a bad relationship or with someone who just isn’t that good to them. Youth and your prime dating age is ticking away so why waste it getting more and more entwined with someone that you really aren’t jumping up and down and swinging a terrible towel around for.

The world has so much more! Imagine if all you drove was a used tractor. Bumpy, dirty, slow as hell! And you never took a ride on a luxury sports car. Smooth, fast, young, vibrant and exhilarating! My wish for the ladies and the men out there is to not be afraid to be single. To be bold. To want to become better and more confident so you can go out there date more! If you feel you need a little guidance or some dating pin pointers check out my coaching services CLICK HERE