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Celebrate Valentines Day Everyday

Over priced flowers, heart shape box of chocolates, restaurants jam packed with people sardine style, over paying for a not so excellent food or service, guy rushing to nearest drug store to pick up a card that reads some generic phrase about who much this person loves you and the biggest day for a single man to score with the single ladies who are oh so desperate hitting up the local bar drinking 1 tequila shot to much and although they claim to be so “Anti- Valentines Day” wish up on a star that they had one… Welcome to Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day can be quite exhausting and yes I know that was the longest run on sentence, but then again I don’t put this blog up to teach you how to write perfect English, It is simply to express some of my ideas and concepts and share so that you may be open enough to share yours. Wouldn’t it be best to celebrate valentines day everyday?

As much as I have dated I can confess that I have never celebrated Valentines Day. Now don’t get me wrong I am no loser who has never received flowers, chocolates, cards, gone on dinners, etc all the traditional stuff people do on this day, I am simply stating that I have never done any of the above on this day. Apparently, this day is intended for you to show your loved ones how much you care and love them. Now I understand why such a holiday would be created because
#1. Gives companies and businesses a reason to make more money.

#2. People are naturally crazy… meaning we get too caught up in our daily routine of work and drama that many of us loose sight of what is truly important in our lives including the people who make it worth while. So we need reminders….

If you are single it can be a pretty intimidating day when your co-workers of friends boast about the things their boyfriends of husbands did for them on Vday while you are sitting back daydreaming about what your ideal Valentine would do for you. I have even heard of women who go as far as to send themselves flowers!! If that is you…. its Ok we all have things we have done that we regret.

But chill out because the single most important thing I have learned about this day is how long does that feeling last? Do not be too impressed by how your friends boyfriends treat them at least do not judge them based on this one day. Ask or observe what is that “BF” or “Husband” like the day, week, or months AFTER Valentines Day.

I have observed way to many “cute” Valentines Day couples succumb to routines and end up loosing appreciation for each other literally hours after this day. I have seen how the fights start up again or how this “loving” boyfriend eyes wander at the sight of another woman the minute his is out of sight or how the neglect starts up again.

I guess this is why I am not the biggest fan of this day. Its as if some of you in relationships believe that this one day, that one card or dinner will make up for all the bulls*&^ you have put your significant other threw. It’s like “cramming” the night before a big exam, knowing you didn’t do what you were supposed to and hope that this 24 hour period somehow erases all that you have neglected the other 364 days of the year or that it can buy you enough credit to last you a few months before you care to show and express your love and appreciation.
And that ladies and gentlemen is why when so much “acting” is going on, it pushes me away from participating in it.

Don’t get me wrong… I accept Valentine day greetings, gifts, and goodies and I appreciate them. What I am asking you to think about is beyond this day. What will you do next Monday to show the people you love, that you love them? That you appreciate them? That you enjoy spending time with them?

When you are in a great relationship I believe it is Valentines Day everyday. That the nice dinners, time spent together, pointless “just because” gifts are truly special and their significance last so much longer. That the person and people you love remain in your thoughts and motivations long after this holiday is over. That their presence remains with you long term.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by loving friends, family and recently an amazing man who fill my life with love 365 days. their energy, love and thoughts about them remain with me 24hours a day. They motivate me to become more, to accomplish more, to appreciate and to love more. If you find yourself single on a day like to day first take inventory on the loving relationships that you do have and secondly do not seek the plush teddy bears, flowers to boast about, but spend time establishing and nurturing the relationships that exist in your life.

Happy Valentines Day To ALL!

To more long lasting beautiful and loving relationships.

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