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Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich Recipe (Banh Mi Xiu Mai)

Tired of regular boring sandwiches? I will share with you this Vietnamese meatball sandwich recipe (Banh Mi Xiu Mai). Once you learn how to make it and try it you will soon want to make it again! Here is my super easy to follow and make recipe.

Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich Recipe (Banh Mi Xiu Mai)

Vietnamese Meatball
Sandwich Recipe (Banh Mi Xiu Mai)


What you will need to make the Meatballs:
1 pound ground pork  or ground turkey

1 large egg

3 cloves garlic, minced

½ cup minced green onion

½ tablespoon fish sauce

½ tablespoon soy sauce (This is your salt)

½ tablespoon sugar

1/4 teaspoon whole black pepper

My favorite fish sauce to use…




½ cup water

½ tablespoon sugar

½ tablespoon soy sauce

1 can of diced tomatoes. (Or tomato sauce & dice up 1 large tomato)

1 tablespoons canola or olive oil

1 cloves garlic, minced

1 scallion, chopped

½ teaspoon black pepper

Light sprinkling of garlic powder

Light sprinkling of chicken bouillon


1. Combine all the meatball ingredients in a large bowl and mix well with

your hands. Yes I said it, your hands!


You can not get good meatballs

without some manual labor. Next, use your hands to form meatballs and

set aside on a plate or baking sheet.


2. Heat up a pan with light oil and begin dropping each meatball and

cook each side until brown.



3. In a small saucepan over high heat, heat the oil and add 1

tablespoon of finely diced onions and garlic. Cook until browned then;

4. Add the water and diced tomato, and 1 can of tomato sauce . Stir and bring to boil then

add your meatballs to the sauce and let it cook for 5-8 minutes until

sauce thickens.


5. To make a sandwich, cut your French baguette length wise to create

an opening place in an oven and heat until slightly toasted. Optional for

some is to add mayonnaise to the bread I do not put any on mine, but

you can if it thrills ya! Place the meatballs into your bread and spoon

some tomato sauce atop the meatballs to make it nice and juicy! That

is the way I like it! Finish with some pickled carrots and a few sprigs of


Enjoy! It is super messy so grab like 20 napkins!!




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Just Like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl Recipe

I remember the first time I stepped inside a Chipotle I nearly walked in with my head down dragging my feet in shame. How can a California girl who grew up on home made Mexican food, who is surrounded by numerous taco shops & delicious Mexican food come to such an establishment…and actually enjoy it!?? Well I had to eventually love it since I moved from San Diego and called the NYC my home. No authentic Mexican around here, so I settled for Chipotle. It isn’t as bad as you may think in fact I really do truly enjoy it. I like it so much that I have created a Chipotle burrito bowl night at my home for dinner. In this post I will share with you my Just Like Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl Recipe…(minus the bacon in the beans and minus the extra 500 calories your butt will thank you for)

Brown or White Rice (Brown is healthier) IMG_20130516_185506
Black Beans
Chicken Breast
Yellow Onions
Purple Onions

Step One

Clean black beans and let them soak in water for 30minutes.
For every cup of black beans you make, add 2 cups of water fill pot with water
Add 1 tablespoon of salt (not a mountain full just a little)
Bring to boil and then cover with lid and turn heat to low. let it cook for 2 hours.
** I usually make these ahead of time or on a day you have errands to do at home just let them cook.

Step Two
Make yourself some rice or use leftover rice.

Step Three
Make the Pico de Gallo
Click HERE to check out my step-by-step recipe on how to make Pico de Gallo

Step Four
Make the famous Corn Salsa from Chipotle. Click Here for a step by step guide.

Step Five
Dice your chicken breast and add a little salt and pepper and place in a non stick pan to grill. Check chicken and make sure it is cooked thoroughly.

Step Six
The fun begins! Start with add rice ( I serve myself very little since I kinda like my fit body right now…no need for extra carbs for me ) and add black beans on top. These beans are very healthy and are packed with fiber & iron.

Add your grilled chicken.

Add your Corn Salsa
Add Pico de Gallo
Dice up some lettuce just like at Chipotle and wah-lah! Done!