One thing I love to do is to travel and explore the world! I started traveling at the age of 12 when my parents took us on a family vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. Experiencing the aqua blue waters, hiking to waterfalls and swimming in them made me fall in love with the idea that there was so much more out there than my San Diego home. By the age of 22 I had already traveled and visited Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Venice, Florence, and the south coast of Italy; Costa Rica, Lima, Peru; Bogota, Colombia; and New York city where I eventually called home for many years.  Last year my fiance and I were blessed enough to visit 4 new countries and be on vacation for 40+ days!

My adventourous nature has often lead to people calling me a”gypsy” luckily for me my fiance can handle this and he himself is an adventurer himself.

– We travel…. usually with friends & family. We admit we are not too good of a loaner and do rather experience life not just pass thru it.

– We travel and visit somewhere new at least once a year and return to the places we love over and over.

– We do not speak many languages. We do however download google translator & point and gesture a lot to get people to understand us. 

– We do make a living to enjoy life, not make a life to earn a living… so it is seasonal. I work when I want to and at WHAT I want to.

– We travel often times with our dogs… yep both of them. They are more traveled than most people.

Check out our TRAVEL category to read more! I hope that it may inspire you to see and experience more! And to my many wonderful memories traveling and those yet to come!