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Women and Lingerie

I know I am not the only woman who has spent a little too much money on lingerie put it on and then it is off 1 minute later… and your thinking “Why the heck did I just spend that money? I should have bought a new pair of shoes!” If you have had that thought before, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment or share this post, this one is for the ladies and their men who should learn to appreciate lingerie a little bit more. Women and lingerie are like a girl without shoes.

Women and Lingerie. Why Women Wear Lingerie?

Because of how it makes us feel!
We are all pretty familiar with foreplay and there are those who like long foreplay and those who like it kind of quick and then those who like to skip it all together! One thing you cannot deny is that to have a good romp session you have to BOTH be in the mood. I do not want to speak for all women, I am only acting as voice for women that I do know and well my own opinions and experiences of course. Lingerie is to women, what a cape is to a super hero. It makes us feel just as good as how a man feels when he puts on his favorite teams jersey. You walk a little taller, have a little jump in your step and no one can wipe that extra “Umph” off your face. To keep it simple, we just feel that much more sexy and get that much more turned on knowing and thinking of how turned on we can get our men. Wearing plain Jane undies is no match to a nice lace thong. It makes us stand taller, have a Colgate Smile, and have a little more sas in our step. I am not sure how many women still wear it, buy it and surprise their men with it, but it is a beautiful act that shouldn’t be killed.

What Men Can Do To Keep Lingerie Alive?

It is as simple as two things:
1. Say She Looks Hot
2. Keep It On!
… at least a little bit longer before you rip it off….

Yes, I know you may want to tear it off their body right away, but tearing it off right away I am telling you women think, “Dang it! He didn’t even notice or appreciate it”. Remember a girl feels sexy and powerful in a bustier or sexy lace. When you take it off way to fast, you kill that feeling. So, next time simply fight the urge and let her keep it on. Just think, the longer the lingerie stays on the better the foreplay will be. Why? Because when a woman has her lingerie on, she has that extra sexual energy going through her and she wants to give and get some good, good lovin.

Just think? Do you want her coming to bed in granny PJs??? Of course not!

So do not discourage the attempt or tradition, encourage it. Just like anything in life. Human beings do things for approval and validation. This is no exception. If you stop or do not give the validation or show your appreciation for it, then she is likely to just stop wearing it.

Not much more to say about this… it is a “Just Sayin” post

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