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How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

When April hits, exactly ¼ of the year has passed. That means exactly 3 months ago you and I and the rest of the world made those things called resolutions to complete by the end of the year. The “I’m going to lose 10lbs” or “I will get out of my bad relationship” “ I will stop smoking” etc, are all examples of some all too familiar and very popular resolutions we make to ourselves.How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

As one of my spring cleaning rituals that I have done for years and which was taught to me by a very close and successful friend is to look back at those “resolutions” and take inventory on how far you have come and make note of what you have been able to achieve sine the day you made them.

What I realize is that most of us do not accomplish them because well… we forget about them!

How and why do I state this? Because I myself am guilty of making a resolution and not accomplishing it and completely forgetting what my resolution was. I am not perfect, but what I have managed to do is accomplish and complete more resolutions that most people have year after year after.
By implementing and doing the following things. If you follow them, I am sure you will see the results as I have seen many times. Here is How to Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions

1. Write It Down
Fastest way to forget something? Saying it and not writing it down. With our lives being so busy and filled with activities, responsibilities and for some baby momma drama who can even remember what you had last night for dinner! Let alone remember your goals and things you want to accomplish for the year. To state something you wish to accomplish in 12 months on day and expect to remember what it was you stated on day 60, let alone day 200 you would almost have to be incredibly gifted. So if you are like me and have short term memory or cannot remember to pay your cell phone bill on time, take this advice and write down the things you want to accomplish and make sure they are written somewhere visible to you on a daily basis so you can revert to it daily.

2. The Edison Method
Did you know Thomas Edison the inventor of that little cute bulb that brings you light and allows you to see better at your home, told people he had invented it before he even had attempted to?? If that doesn’t show confidence and swag then I don’t know what does! There is something to learn about this though. Studies have proven that when we share our goals and are vocal about what we want a little thing called our pride and ego kicks in and we are more likely to follow it through with the proper actions to accomplish it.
Oh for the fear of the embarrassment it may cause when we do not accomplish and complete what we told other people that we would accomplish. Be bold grow some how we my fellow Mexican’s say it “grow some huevos” and tell someone! You do not need to go and Facebook Status it, but share with someone preferably someone whom you respect and that cares enough about you to help you with little reminders that will help you to achieve your goals.

3. Take Weekly Inventory
Lastly, to help with accomplishing your resolutions why not try giving yourself a weekly “report card”. Waiting 3 months… after reading this blog post to ask or review how you are doing on your resolution is too long. Rather than the getting stuck in the “should have” mentality and “shoulding all over ourselves” why not make the adjustment and change NOW!

In Steven Covey’s book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, he shares about the power of the week. A day is too short. A month is too long. A week he says is “perfect” to give proper time to make progress, but not long enough to forget to check your progress. So let us not wait until July to see how we are doing in terms of accomplishing these goals and instead learn from Steven Covey and other successful individuals and use the one week method. With today’s modern fancy cell phones and gadgets none of us have any excuses as to “forget” what we need to do. Set alarms, bells and whistles to help remind you of what you need to do.


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