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Making The Most Of Your Morning

Mornings, you either love them or hate’em. Here is Making The Most Of Your Morning. I have always been a part of the team which loves mornings. I remember even as a kid growing up in the southern California coast, I enjoyed the cold, crips, dewing morning walks to school. Of course like many of you I too hit the snooze button…. Several times and I want to stay in bed and snuggle, rather than get up.

And on cold mornings I don’t even want to think about leaving the warm blankets, but it is not about not wanting to sleep it is about how you start your day. Today, I realize more and more how important it is to not only learn to enjoy mornings, but really devise a plan to make sure your mornings are enjoyable and start off on the right track.

I do not claim to be a ball of sunshine every morning, but I will say I am 99% more likely to have a kick butt start to my day vs. the rest of the world, so cannot hurt to see what I do to make sure my days start in the best possible way. Making the most of your morning starts here. Here are a few things I do to make sure I start my day out right and you should try them too!

Never Go To Sleep Upset or Unsettled
There is nothing worse you can do to your state of mind and wellbeing than to finish your day in a bad mood. I have done that before and it eats ya up! Maybe you had a fight with your significant other or got some bad news whatever it is the worse thing to do is “pretend” to “let it go” and “fall asleep”. I use quotations because we all know if you have done this before, your mind really does not shut down. You stay up restless in bed and cannot fall asleep.

So how do you get out of that mood? Try to solve the problem or talk about it to someone. Sometimes simply sharing what is bothering you with someone whom you respect and cares about you is extremely helpful since they can add a perspective you may not have seen and offer help or advice.

Always Plan Out Your Day The Night Prior
I learned this habit and tip years ago and have adopted it in my nightly routine ever since. If you find yourself waking up and not really knowing what to do with your day, lollygaging around the house or you are so stuck in your “Go to work routine” you hop in your car or on the metro and ask yourself “How the heck did I make it into work today?” Then you are running on auto pilot and have no plans to accomplish anything new.

So do this, hake a list of things you want to do or accomplish the next day or even add things for the week.

There is no right or wrong way to make this list, just start writing and make it. I will share more about How To Make A To Do List in future post, but for now write down anything even something like “Pluck my eyebrows” or “pay my cell phone bill” like I said anything and everything you need to get done.

Next, have somewhat of a plan of when to do some of the things listed. Not all will be able to be completed the following day, but maybe some you can knock out at your lunch break or in the evening. Do it and you will find you will be more restful when you sleep.

Sleep In Something Comfortable or…. Nothing at All.
Worst thing to do is go to sleep uncomfortable, so invest into some comfy jammies or if you prefer the Birthday Suit then by all means, sleep naked! Some people like to sleep with socks on others don’t. Some like sleeves others don’t. Wear what is comfortable to you.

Invest Into A Great Pillow or Someone To Snuggle With
A few weeks ago I was given this stuffed animal bulldog as a gift. It isn’t very big or the most elaborate fluffy animal, but man oh man it is very comfortable! I booted my pillow and when I sleep alone lay my head on his butt and that becomes my pillow! So maybe you need a fancy pillow or your own plush animal or my favorite a nice chest and someone to snuggle with. Where and how you rest your head is important in having a great night sleep, so go on and get yourself something or someone to lay on!

It Is Better To Sleep Alone Than In Bad Company
My mom taught me this at a very young age. She used to always say “it is better to be alone than in bad company” and this extends with who you share your bed with. If the person you fall asleep to nightly no longer is the one you want to snuggle up against and wrap your arms around them and instead you find yourself laying at the edge of your bed wondering how the heck you don’t fall off it, then there is more to consider. I have always said to myself, “the person I fall asleep with every night has to be someone who makes me want to jump their bones and want to wake up to see the next day with.”

Wee Hours Of The Morning Sex (If Applicable)
Ok, ok so whether it is early morning sex or night sex or quickie sex or all night long sex… my point is pretty clear… make sure you are having sex…. protected safe sex that is. And please people do not take this the wrong way I have to set out my warnings this does not mean I feel you should go around sleeping with everyone giving them a turn. I am talking about the humanistic, health and mental benefits of a good, happy, loving sex life. If you are blessed to have a partner then great for you, the challenge here is how to keep the sex great and enjoyable. If you do not, then listen we are all human beings and our animalistic urges cannot and will not be stopped suddenly so without getting to much into details figure something out, there are plenty of helpful “tools” to help satisfy that area of our basic human needs.

Pleasurable Morning Sights and Sounds
What you see and hear when you first wake up plays an important role in your morning so if you have one of these annoying or scary fire alarm sounding alarms… change it! Try something that is a little more pleasant, but yet loud enough to wake you up. Who do you talk to in the morning? Are they someone who makes you feel good or upsets you? Is your room bright? Do you have nice sights surrounding you? Maybe post up some pleasant pictures or landscapes.

Have some morning tips you would like to share with us!


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