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Art of Conversation With Women

Is there an Art to speaking to women? The Art of conversation with women..sure is! I didn’t have a typical “20 something” growing up experience. I didn’t go to college, I wasn’t in a sorority, I was never the chick that did keg stands and slept with guys whose names I didn’t know. In my early 20s I was traveling, living in different countries, running a business and oh yeah I wasn’t single, so I didn’t “date”. So much of my dating experience has come in the last years and well I now found a fun way for myself to share what I experience and what I learn because the “science” between men and women or men&men or women on women if that floats your boat, has always intrigued me and I find it fun & interesting.

Anyway a few days ago I shared my views on The Dying Art Of Communication .Today I want to share how this misfortune has also changed the dating game.

When I was single and dating I would meet many men in NYC. In fact, I do have to give it up to the city boys I tend to have much more human interaction. What I mean is that a man in the city is more likely to say “hey meet me in a few for a drink” basically they are more inclined to want to meet you for some face to face time. Now I don’t know if it’s because the ease of being surrounded by blocks and blocks of neat places to sit and grab a drink or the fact that cell phone service is crappy all over this island, either way they are more likely to suggest face to face time. But, let it be clear that they are not exempt from this annoyance and sad reality of the dying art of communication in dating.

At one point I used to be bombarded by men I meet, good looking, seem competent, have their shit together but man oh man all they want to do is TEXT!


It’s so annoying! I’m thinking can you just pick up the damn phone and talk to me if you care to chat or stop being cheap and unconfident and just ask me out for coffee! I’m not asking for a 5 star dinner, coffee or water bottles and a picnic table by the beach will do! Here is how “Text Massaging”  is defined on…


Webster Dictionary


Urban Dictionary

A way for teens to breakup with each other.

Most often performed by teenage girls, these messages often include such front page news as: “OMG did U C her @ss? Itz HGE”

I would like to point out the word “short” and “teenage girls”

I welcome text messages, in fact I send out a ton! However when the messages sent out turn into a tennis match or question and answers that last a long time, that’s when I just have to stop it and say “ok I’m done texting, just call me”

Ladies and gents, did we forget how to use that little thing we call a mouth??

There are tons of ways to use it and alllllll are very important.

We use it to eat delicious foods, drink, kiss, munch, nibble, suck and well…TALK.

And what is it with guys asking to send them a picture?? Did you forget how I look already? Or do you want it to show off to your friends? I swear the next guy who ask me to send him a pictures is gonna get a funny surprise! Hahahaha

But seriously if you want it so bad, then shit take one of me when we see eachother. I don’t get it, I really don’t.

Then something else I find quite fascinating is when men and women “text date”  or known on the streets as Text Fishing. Yup Gone fishin!

This is when a guy/girl sends out a casual text message to a list of people they would like to hook up with and see who “bites”. To start up a possible chance to hook up. Ahh technology has really made dating interesting, entertaining and creative. And you know you have done this!! Don’t deny it! Caught! Hahaha.

Here are a few of my fave text messages that are fun to send out or receive.

  1. 1. Sextmessage- the sms version of phone/cyber sex. This is very mind stimulating and fun. Helps ya get out of a quick rut you may be having. Ideal for the 9to5 time slot.


  1. 2. Drunxter –texting equivalent of habitual drunk dialing. Rather than calling everyone in their contact list when drunk, a drunxter sends numerous text messages. Twitter has made this one really fun to watch!


  1. 3. Text Mess provides you with too much information, but always welcomed to know and find out!

Will I continue to text? Absolutely! Should you? Absolutely!

All I’m suggesting is to ask; “How did we stray so far away from what makes human beings, human “Be-ings”?”

Maybe I’m a helpless romantic, but how did we lose our human touch? We have emotions. We have feelings. We like to laugh, be touched, and be acknowledged.

Make an attempt to use your gift of communication to talk and connect with another human being, don’t allow yourself to rely so much on text to do the connecting for you, it will never be as good.

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