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What Not To Say To Your Boyfriend

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Top 5 Things NOT To Say To Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Hello again! Are their certain things that are better left unsaid? Here are top 5 things NOT to say to your girlfriend or Boyfriend. Recently I had the chance to catch up with an old friend and as old friends do, of course we talked…. Boyfriends& relationships! The good,  bad,   awesomeness and the headaches. I was reminded through this casual catch up of some of the darnest things boyfriends (and girlfriends) can say to their other half.  So since I often  share with you guys the “what to says” and “how to say it” today I am venturing to share with you a few of the “What not to say”. If you know someone who is guilty of any of the these…. Maybe you can do them and me a favor and post it on their wall as a “suggested read”


Here are the top 5 things NOT to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend:

#5 Don’t Cut Your Hair or Cut Your Hair

Ok I agree most men do prefer long hair vs. short hair and every man is entitled to their opinion just like every woman is entitled to do what ever the heck she wants with her hair! So ladies, if ya feel like chopping it off do it! And men it doesn’t make you any more powerful or manly to tell your girlfriend what she can and cannot do with her hair. Same goes for men. Men can have out of control hair and a beard… the grizzly look, who cares. If that is what they want so be it.

Advice: Learn to share your opinion those are always welcomed, but neither men nor women like it when you give them instructions.

#4 I Will Dump You If You Get Fat.

Ok this has to be the most immature and insecure thing you can say to someone. This really reminds me of the high school relationships. If someone feels they need to say this to you, clearly they do not love you or are not into you as much as you would hope they would be and they are one super insecure individual that they care a lot about appearances and not about the emotional tie the relationship brings.

Advice: Reconsider this relationship.


#3    You’re Not As Good As My Ex

Ok so after you slap him… and if it was your girlfriend who said that then you giving her the silent treatment and “dump via text” is forgiven.The “Exes” are always interesting. If you are the one telling your current BF/GF that they are not as good, then you have an issue with decision making and confidence.  Soooo you’re are still thinking of your ex, but you are not with them? They dumped you I am sure! For certain reasons one of which i can venture to say is that you are pretty lame. So If your BF/GF ever says this to you, please see it as a wake up call that the lame-ass in them is shining through and you should notice it and run the other direction.

Advice: Reconsider this relationship.


#2   Oh She’s Hot!  Oh He’s Hot!

File this one under “A” for extremely freaking Annoying! Nothing can annoy me more than a guy or a girl saying the opposite sex is “Hot” right in front of their significant other. Why? I don’t get it. It’s natural to look, normal to admire, but just downright stupid to vocalize to your boyfriend or girlfriend that someone is hot. Are you trying to make him or her jealous? Ok so maybe you have a celebrity crush, hey that is fine who doesn’t, but saying every guy or girl you see, sniff out, or spot are “Oh soo hot” “Oh lo amp” come-on now! Give me a break. I am annoyed for your boyfriend and the girlfriend! In some relationships, there may be a mutual understand to point out to each other if other men or women are hot and hey I respect that … I guess… If you are the girl or guy allowing your significant other to continue this type of behavior than I guess you deserve a mediocre relationship with someone who is “kind of” into you for now until they find someone better than you.

Advice: I would be careful because what goes around, eventually if your the type of guy or girl who is guilty of this, then this behavior will come around to you. You are training your significant other to do exactly what you are doing, but maybe this time his/her version of “Oh they’re so hot” may be a reality and they just might dump ya for the “hot one”.

The #1  thing NOT to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend: “I Love You” When You Do Not Mean It.

Enough said.

Please add your comments below and share with me any other “What not to say to your boyfriend and girlfriend” .


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