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Two Week Spain Itinerary with A Toddler

Located in the southwestern region of Europe, Spain offers more than just tapas and beautiful architecture to enjoy. Here I will detail our two week itinerary through Spain. Not only that, we traveled with a 16 month old baby and I was 5 months pregnant!

Day 1 Flight to MADRID- We booked direct night flights to do the cross Atlantic haul. If you are flying with an infant under the age of 2 ask the airline for a free of cost baby cot.  Check out my 10 Tips To Flying With A Baby for more details. Those seats where the cots are available provide extra leg room huge bonus!
We stayed at the Westin Palace Madrid. A beautiful historic hotel with all the modern luxuries!

Day 2- Madrid sightseeing & tour bus

Parque el Retiro, museo de Prado, Madrid Mercado San Miguel & shoe shopping at all the great leather shoe stores is my fave! Speaking of shoes. I wore a pair of ankle boots made by BORN. AMAZING! Comfortable and water proof so if we happen to have a little rain they would survive and I would not be worried about slipping. Again, I was 5 months pregnant at the time.

Day 3– Day trip to Toledo

Toledo is such a cool medieval city surrounded by water.

Day 4– Train to Sevilla from Madrid.

We were traveling with a toddler so I was not on any timed schedule… going where and when we could so I did not buy tickets in advance. When we showed up to the train station the next two departures were already sold out. If you do not mind waiting an hour, then just buy your tickets the day you are leaving if not then I suggest you pre buy them.

Day 5- Sevilla
Top places to visit Alcazar de Sevilla, Plaza de España, Cathedral de Sevilla. Sevilla is best viewed on foot and by bike. I would avoid the hop on and off busses here, but do rent a bike!  Our hotel in Seville was Petit Palace Santa Cruz.

Day 6- Day trip to Cordoba. Cordoba is less than one hour away via train. Once you arrive to the train terminal take a taxi to the main square where the famous mosque de Cordoba.

Later that evening we went to see a flamenco show at Casa De La Guitara.
Day 7- Bus to Granada
I researched a lot! On how to get to Granada from Sevilla and the best way we found was by bus. Prebuy your ticket so your seat is reserved and assigned.
Day 8– Granada
The Alhambra really requires a full day. Its gorgeous and they are super picky as far as the time you are allowed to visit the Nasrid Palace so book in advance and allow ample time to make it there on time. This is the direct link to purchase tickets

Day 9– Granada
Day 10– Flight to Barcelona
What felt like a hop and a skip away was our short flight to Barcelona. In Barcelona we stayed at the W Hotel right on the water! It is the hotel that looks like a giant sail! If you want to read more about the sights of Barcelona visit my last post from my first trip there here 3 Days in Barcelona
Day 11– Barcelona
Barcelona really feels like another country the culture there is very different than the restof Spain. No wonder so many wanted independance.  For Barcelona we did opt to do the city bus tours. I like doing this in big cities to get a good feek for the city and all there is to do. There are two companies that do these tours look at the stops each makes and select what best suits you.  Our first stop was La Sagrada Familia. Its my second time in Barcelona and to this awe dropping cathedral. Pre buy your ticket to go inside and view this magnificent work of art.
Day 12– Barcelona
We opted to head straight to Park Guëll. My daughter loved it here and so did we!

Day 13 – Barcelona
On this day we strolled through the famous Ramblas, toured the old Olympic park and did some shopping.. I mean this is Zara land!
Day 14– flight back to USA

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3 Day Itinerary Barcelona

I recently returned from a trip to Spain where I spent 3  wonderful days in Barcelona or should I say Barthelona. The Spaniards have me lisping everything I sthay….  🙂  It was my first time visiting Spain and starting in Barcelona was a pleasant surprise. I will share with you a few of the highlights ( in my opinion) of the city and a few must do things and places to visit while visiting. One of the first places we went to visit is the beach. Now being a California girl I am a bit jaded with beaches. I expect a lot. If it isn’t beautiful white soft sand, nice waves to ride a surf board or calm bath like waters you find in Mexico or the Caribbean….I think most beaches are so-so…so Barcelona isn’t the type of place you go to hangout at the beach. You go there to explore and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle! So after one too many bites of paella we headed back and walked along La Rambla. It is the most beautiful tree-lined pedestrian friendly street in the city. It is full of street vendors, stores and markets. I suggest a nice walk through this street and do make sure to stop at the central market and try some jamon or cheese selection.

One of the things I quickly picked up and understood was why the Spanish eat dinner so late? I have heard that they have dinner around 10pm and it only took one day to understand. The sun doesn’t even set until about 930pm so at 10pm you are catching the sunset. It is such a wonderful experience. We spent most of the first day there in Barcelona’s most eastern area. On day 2 we visited the northern city where you will find many of  famous architect Antoni Gaudí homes whose facades he designed. Here is one of my favorites.


IMG_5372 IMG_5370

If you are in the mood for top-notch shopping Avinguda Diagonal or The Portal de l’Àngel,just off Placa de Catalunya, is lined with an endless array of shops selling the most exclusive brands of clothing and accessories. I headed to Spanish companies like ZARA to take advantage of lower prices than in the states. Yes I saved my receipt and so should you if you spend a lot then before exiting Spain you can get reimbursed on your sales taxes. (hit-hint).
Our 3rd day there we dedicated to visiting la Sagrada Família basicilia. I recommend waking up super early to beat the crowds. At first sight this building is so impressive. The scale of it compared to the smaller buildings surrounding it make it look massive! And it is! I highly recommend getting a tour guide to teach you the history and explanations and hidden meanings this building has. Our tour guide was excellent! They are still doing construction to it and it is scheduled to be completed in 2026. I guess I will have to make a return trip there to admire the beauty.


Afterwards, we spent the later morning at Park Güell is a garden complex with architectural elements situated on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. The views are spectacular! Again, highly recommend a guide because the park has so much history and meaning behind all of Gaudís’ work. You have to sit at the worlds longest bench. Its agronomic design truly helps your back and feels incredibly comfortable! We finished this day with heading towards the International Expo and Olympic park area.

In general food in Spain is jamon, jamon, jamon, paella, fried foods and umm more fried foods. In my opinion not the best, but my oh my the wine! Loved EVERY wine I tried. I had high end expensive bottles and budget friendly ones and all were tasty and smooth.


If you are only there for a few ours as part of a cruise ships stop…good luck being able to experience and view all that Barcelona has to offer. It is impossible! Not even my 3 days there were enough, but better than no days. To live how the Spaniards live. To relax and enjoy lunch for 2 hours. To drink, eat and be marry! That is what Spaniards do best and that is what Barcelona showed me.