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Veggie Juices …and Dating??

What do veggie juices and dating have in common? Apparently more than I thought! Sometimes attracting good men is just as simple as dangling a carrot in their face! Literally!

I’m a bit of a health nut and I guess living in NYC doesn’t hurt since it will soon be a “crime” to drink soda I often opt for my Holy Trinity (water, coffee, vino) when the summer hits I add veggie juices to the Holy Trinity.

As much as I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes this tip is for your love health.

Recently on a hot Friday afternoon I decided to get my 24oz favorite fruit juice. Its big, it’s bright orange and ladies it’s a male magnet!

While sippin and enjoying this delightful drink and walking in Manhattan a span of no more than 7 blocks, I was approach and engaged in 3 separate conversations with 3 different handsome men.

All three started their approach with something to do with my bright colorful orangy drink

“oh that looks like a powerful drink”
” is that your happy hour drink”
” let me guess carrot, oranges & mango?”

By the way to those men who approached me ” good job! Way to strike up a conversation about something that I was holding”
It works!
Ladies I’m just sharing this with you as a little mental note that because the majority of the male species is unconfident having something they could pin point and talk about makes you instantly more approachable

Not only was my carrot juice making men want to talk to me, it was almost as if my carrot juice sifted through the male pool and pulled out men who seemed to all be good looking, in good shape, into fitness & health.
Instant connection. Instant conversation starter.

Now if I was on the market looking I’d probably have to say I would have taken up a date offer from 2out of 3 men.

Lesson here: there is none.
Why I shared this: Because I thought it was so interesting that my little veggie delight helped me get attention For all you single ladies out there becoming the type of women that can attract men isn’t as easy as buying yourself a veggie drink, but it wont kill you if you do! So go on and get healthy and have fun meeting people!!

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Manhattan Micro Apartments

Is it possible to live in a 300 square foot area?

Of course it is! If you haven’t already heard New York City Mayor Bloomberg is introducing a new concept of “micro living” with plans to develop a recently purchased building on Manhattans lower east side into units that are 300 square feet calling these micro apartments. 

Upon hearing this it can be quite alarming that such a space could exist, but as a New Yorker not only is it possible, it’s already happening!

A few years ago when I made the move to the big apple I considered living in a studio apartment and quickly changed mind to moving into a 1 bedroom.

I came across many studio apartments as small as 150-176 square feet! Hence why I decided to move into a 1 bedroom.

Seems like NYC is getting rid of not only the “Big Gulp”, but big apartments.

So what does this mean for you?

I see this quickly becoming a living trend for urban areas such as NYC.

We all remember that only a few years ago airline travel was more comfortable and airplanes gave passengers more space, but today several airline companies have scaled down legroom per passenger and there is now less seating space.

Airlines were forced to downsize there passengers seating area in exchange for squeezing more passengers on each flight. Its a crummy situation when your sitting in the middle of two “more to love” folks I’ll tell ya that!

Is not the same thing happening to our homes in urban areas?

If you believe history is cyclical, then I feel as if times are moving into living spaces that are smaller. Very much like you will find in 1920s homes where you can find very small individualized rooms. We may not have individualized rooms, but a trend back to small is definitely in the works.

Need more space? Look to suburbs near big cities where you can get more bang for your buck! Not only on rentals, but if you are formally deciding to live there then you should consider what you can get for your money. As a real estate agent for the NY/NJ area I can tell you there is a market for all taste buds! Manhattan is defiantly smaller and more expensive, but the lifestyle you get to have is so, so worth it! If you’re looking to slow your lifestyle pace and care to eventually own your own home (without having to make millions or have the luxury of being a trust fund baby) then I would suggest to look into suburban areas like New Jersey, Westchester, etc!

No matter where you live, if you’re looking for a change in rental location or potentially looking to buy it is important you seek professional help from a real estate agent you can trust and who knows the area you are considering very well.

Good luck! And Happy Living!  What do you think of this “Micro living”?? SHARE BELOW