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New Years Resolution NOT To Bother Making

To Finally Find A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

New years is not a symbolic time for you to reflect on how long you have been single and how this year you will find “the one” Get over it! As much as I speak about dating and how to date more people, I never, speak about rushing into things or in that you need to be in a relationship. In Spanish we have a saying “Mas vale sola que mal acompanada” means “it is better to be alone that to be in bad company” and through my time as a single, when I was actively dating I always kept that little phrase in mind. In fact, too often the issue with my most troubled clients is that they are Mr. and Miss Desperate. They want to so badly make the next person that looks at them their boyfriend or girlfriend that they scare that person away. So instead of resolving to get into a relationship, why not improve your own personal self confidence and become a better networker and conversationalist so you can meet more people naturally and the right one for you will show up this year or next or…

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