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The Three Online Dating Profile Pictures You Need

Online dating? Sure, why not! For a lot of you a new year means a new you! A new relationship. A new experience. A new online dating profile. Why the hell not!

The Three Online Dating Profile Pictures You Need

Well if you are going to venture to online dating (and yes people I did have a few profiles out there) you better do it right! Watch the video so you learn the three online dating profile pictures you need. The picture speaks loud and very, very loudly. So here are the three online dating profile pictures you need to have on your online dating profile. How to have a great online dating profile. It starts with pictures! Welcome to the new age. Yes although I prefer to meet people in person today there are many sites that can serve as great tools and resources to help you meet more singles. So watch the video below and take into action my tips.

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Veggie Juices …and Dating??

What do veggie juices and dating have in common? Apparently more than I thought! Sometimes attracting good men is just as simple as dangling a carrot in their face! Literally!

I’m a bit of a health nut and I guess living in NYC doesn’t hurt since it will soon be a “crime” to drink soda I often opt for my Holy Trinity (water, coffee, vino) when the summer hits I add veggie juices to the Holy Trinity.

As much as I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes this tip is for your love health.

Recently on a hot Friday afternoon I decided to get my 24oz favorite fruit juice. Its big, it’s bright orange and ladies it’s a male magnet!

While sippin and enjoying this delightful drink and walking in Manhattan a span of no more than 7 blocks, I was approach and engaged in 3 separate conversations with 3 different handsome men.

All three started their approach with something to do with my bright colorful orangy drink

“oh that looks like a powerful drink”
” is that your happy hour drink”
” let me guess carrot, oranges & mango?”

By the way to those men who approached me ” good job! Way to strike up a conversation about something that I was holding”
It works!
Ladies I’m just sharing this with you as a little mental note that because the majority of the male species is unconfident having something they could pin point and talk about makes you instantly more approachable

Not only was my carrot juice making men want to talk to me, it was almost as if my carrot juice sifted through the male pool and pulled out men who seemed to all be good looking, in good shape, into fitness & health.
Instant connection. Instant conversation starter.

Now if I was on the market looking I’d probably have to say I would have taken up a date offer from 2out of 3 men.

Lesson here: there is none.
Why I shared this: Because I thought it was so interesting that my little veggie delight helped me get attention For all you single ladies out there becoming the type of women that can attract men isn’t as easy as buying yourself a veggie drink, but it wont kill you if you do! So go on and get healthy and have fun meeting people!!

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Young Love

It is old news to most, Mark Zuckerberg married his long time girlfriend of 8 years this weekend in a small intimate ceremony accompanied by no more than 100 guest. The news brought a smile to my face as it is great to see two people whom love each other make a commitment in front of friends and family to share their love.

Another thing that brought a smile to my face in a kind of a “take that” type of attitude was the two ultra successful under 30 year old people dated for 8 years, yes people while they were working on their success, became successful and then got hitched!

Take that for young people not being able to date and be successful!

In my early immature days I had been exposed to the idea that young people could not date and become successful. One of the “successful” people I once looked at for mentorship used to always claim his secret for success was discipline and focus. He was young mid-twenties, male and had not dated for more than 8 years!! I always found this extremely rare (and strange)! I just didn’t see how it was humanly possible. I mean we are mammals that need love, attention, and sex how is it possible you can go that long without getting any of that? Gosh, can you imagine the amount of zits this person had from all the sexual frustration?!?!

And supposedly not dating and being focused would help you become more successful?

I’m thinking it would make me more stressed out and more irate.

The funny thing is I always noticed this “dedicated and focused mentor” be exactly that… stressed out and miserable!

It wasn’t until years later, once I put a few things together on how he never dated any women, but always seemed to have boy slumber parties and boy bed partners that I realized maybe he never dated or was intimate with any girls, but he seemed to always have boys sleepovers. Then i realized his sexual preference!  I am totally open to all sexual preferences, my closes friends would be the first to tell you how supportive I am of it. I just think its extremely low class to pretend to be someone you are not. So this “focused-non-dating” individual painted this image to the public as this purist hero and role model for “work now and become successful” and not to be side tracked by dating, but in reality he proved my point that 8 years without any love, attention and affection would be pretty darn miserable… so that is where the boy slumber parties feel into place, it fed his need to “be close” to another person.  Meanwhile, the other guys in those particular slumber parties were in awe of being so close to this purist hero, role model person, never suspected that they were only bait.

My point is… Be Open with Everyone! and Find Love! Now!

Today, I find it fitting to take a few minutes to share with everyone that despite what people may believe that it is impossible to be in a relationship and become successful, I don’t think there is a better example than Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg tying the knot. The two met 8 years ago, that means pre Facebook days people! Mrs. Zuckerberg was a medical student at Harvard and Zuckerberg an out of the box computer programmer developing what today can soon become the single most impactful invention in our lives…. Can you say they were busy?

Do you think that were pretty focused and ambitious?

I think so!

Making your love life wait and putting it on hold until you become successful is just a formula for disaster in my opinion. Should certain things take priorities? Of course! But to completely overlook love and finding a love partner is to me extremely immature and not very smart. You might as well just get a mail-order bride/groom if you end up successful and single. Most (wo)men … ugh 99% of them will want you for your worth and not for you. It is the stark truth people. I wish I could say that at that stage in your success you can find someone who loves you for who you are not for what you have…. But I am just not that confident to say that it is possible.

So lesson here is why make love wait. You can work hard in many areas of your life… except love! If your having trouble then seek professional help and check out my dating services

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How To Meet Singles At The Airport

This is one of my most liked videos and with SUMMER Vacation season here if you are single, you SHOULD be watching this. You never know who you can and will meet on your next vacation. In this video I share my tips on how you can meet singles at the airport during this busy travel season. Use these times to strike up a conversation with some hot singles.

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Dating Your Friend

In dating, sometimes what you are looking for can be right under your nose. In this post I expose the often ignored dating market that if considered can turn up surprising results. Dating your friend is one of the best things that can happen to you.

As many of you know I have been intrigued by business and capitalism since a young age. I began my first business venture at about the age of 7 when my older brother and I used to go around our neighborhood selling strawberries and tomatoes to all our neighbors, hey what can I say I was I’ve had the entrepreneur blood in me since birth! So “business philosophies” have always been present in my head.

Funny to even admit that it relates to my dating life and yes people, I do relate all my business strategies to dating.

So recently I “met” someone, I use quotations because I really didn’t “meet” them, I have known them for many years, but nonetheless the meeting this time was significantly different.

If you have ever been in any type of “sales” business or career, you know this quote all too well “Ratios, Ratios, Ratios” meaning, in order to be successful you have to keep on doing the same activity over and over again until you “strike” and succeed at whatever it is you are doing.

And in sales and business development, the same is true that you are more likely to find success from a “repeat” client or pitching someone you have at one point already “pitched” than a business or person that is encountering you for the first time.

Well recently that has proven to be the case in my dating life. The last few years I have spent living in both the East and West coast and meeting tons of men. I’ve enjoyed the casual meet ups, the dinners, the parties, the spontaneous dates, the conversations, etc… everything that is involved in dating! Everyone that I have dated however has been “new clients” meaning new people that I did not know from before.

Most recently that changed and I was open to date an old friend of mine. It was not planned; it just kind of happened and what I learned from the experience drew me to share an often ignored venue that most of you singles who are out dating completely neglect…. The venue is………….. YOUR FRIENDS or FRIENDS of FRIENDS!!!

I know… I know what you might be thinking “The people who have seen me all crusty eyed from last years ski trip? The People who know all my dirty lil secrets? The ones who you may have had a burping contest with or scream at the top of your lunges with? Them? Date my friends??

Some of you may argue the fact that you “don’t want to mess up the friendship” and I agree with that too. There should be careful strategic actions that must be in place, but from my observations I can state that the positives most definitely out weigh the negatives and here are reasons why.

1. They Already Know You.

Your argument maybe that they know you too much, but bottom line is they know you so if there is interest you have to know it is genuine because they know your good, bad and quirky side! Surprises about each others personality is limited… well of course, there ARE something’s only you would disclose with someone you are intimate with… so let that be the surprises!

2. You Share A Lot In Common

Last year, you went skiing together, same concert, and possibly practiced the same sport. You get along for a reason. Commonality is a very important trait in a successful relationship. Maybe you and this person went thru similar life experiences. Faced similar ups and downs in life. Having shared experiences means endless conversational pieces. And think about it, if you are there friend there is obviously similar interest in mind.

3. Skip The Awkwardness Phase

Thank God! Avoid the “What is your favorite color? Or Food questions” Get right to the good stuff! You may experience a different type awkward feeling. Like the kind you get when you first hold this “friends” hand or share a first kiss. You’d ask yourself “How the hell did this happen??” But this feeling can be exciting, if our mentality is towards it is positive rather than negative.

4. There Is Trust

I can’t really explain this, but the fact this individual might have crashed over one night at your house or a summer at your parents place and they didn’t steal anything or make a cheap move on you… I think that’s fair to say there is trust! Or that they do know some of your “shameful” stories and they didn’t blast your gossip. You share a certain level of comfort with this person, feeling safe around them.

5. His/Her Friends Already Like You.

Vacations, weekends, parties, hangouts are just that much more comfortable…. Well at least a bit until your friends realize the two of you actually hooked up! Hahaha, but this helps stir up some interesting conversations. Sometimes meeting the person you are dating friends can be nerve racking so save yourself the trouble!

I also want to add and put out a disclaimer that as “lovey dovey” as this may seem or “innocent” like “ahhh date your friend” don’t get me wrong if there isn’t any sexual chemistry of lust it is not going to be fun or successful, sexual chemistry is a must!

The point of this post is sometimes what you’re looking for can be just under your nose. Just as you would do when working on growing any business or professional venture you have, sometimes the people, businesses and connections you have done prior business with or have establish a relationship with are the ones whom will come thru when it most matters.

Cheers! To extraordinary friendships and endless relationships.
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