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7 Habits of Unsuccessful People

Is there such a thing as habits of unsuccessful people? Well recently during a conversation I was reminded about the importance of time management. It feels like a century ago, that I used to be the type of person who needed to be reminded that I should have goals and things I want to accomplish for the week. At one point in my life, I had to learn how to prioritize things and be able to multitask. Today, being organized, having goals and successfully running several business & careers is hate to sound conceded but almost like second nature. But again, it was NOT always like that. One of the books I read that helped me become the person I am today was Steven Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Successful People well here are 7 Habits of Unsuccessful People…

I can say it is almost foreign to come across and hangout with or even talk to people who have nothing going for themselves or what I deem to be “unsuccessful”. Most everyone I know has their sh*** together either working at a company that they enjoy, excelling at their career or education and or growing a business. And mind you what I mean by this is that these people are actively working on all this. They are not millionaires or bazillionaires, to me that’s awesome, but even working towards what you like in my opinion is a success! So what do I label as unsuccessful?   Well here are some common characteristics I believe unsuccessful people share I like to call it the 7 Habits of Unsuccessful People:


  1. 1. They have a bad attitude.

Its as simple as “whatever your mind believes, it achieves” So if your mind is constantly negative or thinking the world is against you, then it is clear to see why things just never seem to work out for you.


  1. 2. They think “poor me”

This is an attitude of pitty. These people are usually ones to think “why does all the bad stuff happen to me” or often times these people feel no one likes them or no one wants to help them. They remind me of a helpless frail dog. Often these are the same folks talking about how because they grew up in certain place or because of their sex or race they aren’t successful.


  1. 3. Have no purpose or goals

Did you ever as a kid play with big leafs and pretend they were boats? You ever see how they drift and have no real direction? That is what these people act and are like. They kind of just “go with the flow”. If you were to ask them what they are doing tomorrow or this weekend or anything they probably do not have a solid answer. It is always “I don’t know”. If you ask them what they like to do or their thoughts on things; they “don’t know” or have no opinion.

  1. 4. Always do just enough, never more.


Simple enough. Successful people stretch to do more and be more. Unsuccessful people just do enough. Whether it is as simple as cleaning their room to getting their life together. It is all the same. Their attitude of “just enough” keeps them unsuccessful


  1. 5. They are usually very messy

I once learned that people who are messy in their homes and who have messy cars, usually always have messy businesses, lives and relationships. So far, so true. I don’t believe I have ever met a messy successful person.



  1. 6. They think they know everything

These are the people who rarely listen and are not open to learn anything knew. You tell them or offer a suggestion and they respond with “oh I know” and do not listen fully to what you were attempting to share with them.


  1. 7. Always wake up late and have no plans for their days


Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE to sleep in…but to do it everyday?! Come’on now! Grow up and get with it. Having no plan for the day…everyday is just the biggest warning flag for disaster. When you are excited about life have goals and things you want to achieve you usually find yourself eager to get up and start working on those things. So if you find yourself not being in the mood to wake up, it probably has more to do with your ambition than the fact that you feel “tired”


If you find yourself just loligagging around, “oh hem hum let it slide” then I suggest you pick up some books, courses or sometimes even a friend. A friend who has a lifestyle or a way of looking at life that you can learn from and is willing to teach you (because most people could care less about you) then snatch them up and appreciate them for caring enough to share with you or tell you when your screwing up and how you can become better.

Have anymore habits to add? Let me know Here!