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How Hobbies Help Your Relationship

How Can Hobbies Help? Can they help you personally? At work? In a relationship? I think all of the above. Here I discuss how hobbies can really help you have a successful and happy relationship. Wether it is cooking, a sport, pastime, something anything can really help keep you and your significant other keep that relationship love steaming.

When my fiance wanted to get a dog, I supported the idea. I had not had a dog since I was a little kid and even then I was not the one taking care of it, so I really did not know what to expect. Well let me tell ya, I love that dog! And we even got a second dog! I am sharing this story because our dogs have become in a way a hobby or a pastime for us. We enjoy doing activities for our pups together. Many times we may think hobbies mean spending money, but that does not have to be the case. Meet Buzz and Bella… our awesome Boston Terriers!



One great thing we enjoy doing together and it has become another hobby of ours is cooking. What better thing than to prepare a meal together to then be able to enjoy it together. I am not a natural at cooking. I admit being pretty terrible. The last couple of months of cooking together has really made me a better cook and has opened me up to a new hobby.


We LOVE riding bikes, snowboarding, adventure stuff of all types together too!


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What if you do not live together? Not a problem! None of what I have mentioned needs to be done with someone you live. If you only see each other on weekends that is great and very doable.
So stop making excuses ad find something you both enjoy and make a point to do it together and become better at it.