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Girls Night Out NYC

Girls night out NYC. Yes we have all done it and if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?? Girls night out NYC can be one of the best places to hangout and have fun with your girlfriends. In this post I share one option for you that can take you for a swing from the norm wine bar (which I love).

I believe every woman should have a group of girlfriends that she can hang out with, act a fool with, and have some good’ol girl talk with! Ladies, if you don’t have that…lets chat. You may need my personal coaching to help you. It isn’t just about meeting more men, it is filling your life with meaningful relationships.

Recently a great friend of mine suggested we hit up Lucky Chengs in NYC. As always, I am always up for amusement and a good time. So no hesitation I went. If you do not know what it is, it is a restaurant that offers a drag queen show while you feast on food. Here is the lowdown.

The original location used to be in the village and they have now made the theater district their new home. The venue is huge and they have a nice size bar and dinning area. I heard they are opening up their 3rd floor to be an all out karaoke bar perfect for the next “American Idol”. For this night, we went to the drag queen show and dinner. The queens were awesome!! Extremely funny, hospitable, scanky and entertaining! The whole atmosphere of the place is a very positive “anything goes” type of vibe. The food low down is there are 3 menu options to choose from starting at $40 per person up to $50. All the food is served family style. The only disappointment of the entire night was the 1st and 2nd round of food. The food was served Luke warm and many of the dishes lacked flavor and presentation. For the entrée portion, things got a lot better and the food tasted much better. But then again, who goes to Lucky Chengs for good food anyway?? This is the kind of places where girlfriends can be silly and wild and no one will care of judge you. How awesome is that!?? So if you are visiting NYC or plan or live nearby Lucky Chengs is defiantly an experience. One not to miss!