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Low Class Splurger

Are you guilty of being a low class splurger? Is it wrong to splurge on yourself and buy yourself luxury goods, toys or delicious dinners?? I believe we ALL have the right to buy whatever we desire and want. What is money if you cannot buy yourself what you want. So what do I mean by a “Low Class Splurger” ?

Cars, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc bought and boasted about publically across social networks and smacked in your face. Some of you think it is annoying. Others get jealous and others loath and love it.

Is it so wrong to buy yourself something most people could never afford or would be too cheap to buy for themselves?

I don’t think so!

In my opinion everyone has the right to do whatever the heck they want to do with their money. You worked for it. You earned it. So now do what you want with it. However, I can’t be so sure most of us have proper what I call boasting etiquette when we do make these purchases and fail to use even the slightest bit of logic when we buy and boast. I have a few annoying, make you want to slap some people silly examples you may have also witnesses. Here are some of my faves:

The Hypocrite Buyer This is the guy who talks loudly about saving the environment, but drives a big fancy gas guzzler and drinks out of Styrofoam cups. Or the women who claims to be an animal lover and activist, t has an extensive collection of fur hats, coast and boots! I once knew a lady who was just that! She would constantly share about how much she loved her dog and other animals as she sat there telling me  decked out in fur from head to toe. Why? And no I never had the guts to say what I was thinking directly to her… well I guess until now if she reads this. Come’ lady its 60degrees outside who are you showing off all the fur too?

Credit Card Debit Princess

Oh these girls, they are really funny! Ok it is super cute to wear the newest shoes or carry around the latest signature bag, but it is not very princess like when you rack up your own credit cards, have creditors calling and mailing you constantly and all your super luxurious things get hung and stored in your not so big closet in an apartment you share with 3 other people… Ghetto Fab?? I feel some people get caught up in this overspending like a drug habit. They have this desire to NEED to have the name brand things as if the name brand gave them some sort of hierarchical boast.

Truth is: if you have a shallow personality the cute shoes or purse or the nicest car won’t make you more liked. I believe clothes; accessories and things you own should be the complement & highlight the beautiful well liked person you are not what are responsible for making you appear better than you really are. If you are single and think this helps, it doesn’t. Guys see it as starving for attention… not very sexy. And if you are the man doing it, you are only going to get the type of women who want to use you for your money. No excuses though! You SHOULD care about how you look and present yourself so get rid of the raggedy shoes and buy some….NOW!

Fake It Till You Make It

In my young and naive days, I was associated with a company that taught this. They would have and from what I know, still do have their “Top Dogs” buy fancy cars thru parents or their friends credit, knowing they cant afford them(late payments, etc) and buy all the name brand items to “show” people they were making money. Again, I admit I was a fan and still am of name brand things

A.) because I like them and B.) The quality many times is much better.

So these “Top Dogs” were like little cartoon characters by day they drive  around in fancy cars with all their bling on and at night reside in a furniture less apartment with 5 other people eating instant noodles and slaving away 7 days a week calling that “successful or retirement”. Again a big no-no in my books about splurging etiquette.

Ghetto Fabulous

Ok so you just cashed your $500 check and you want to post pictures of all the $20 bills you have…..    

and the background of the picture shows your old as cheese messy with cracks on the wall house… but your rolling right??

In conclusion buy, spend, experience, celebrate and splurge! I sure will.

My wish is that you simply learn to be a little more classy about what you have, what you get and how you decide to share it with your friends and family. Not only may you come across as low class and annoying it can also be a matter of safety when you use these open online networks you never know who is watching and reading about what you have. I leave with sharing with you one of my favorite quotes is: The Empty Wagon Makes A Lot Of Noise.