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Lose The Belly Fat Without Starving

Is it possible to lose the belly fat without starving?? You betcha! With Spring only a few days away as weather heats up our clothes come right down! We start to show a lot more skin and have less big baggy clothes to cover up some of the not so in shape areas of our bodies. As a former “Tortilla Girl” I have struggled with weight for a large part of my life, but happy to say that as of age 25 and now more than 3 years I have mastered the art of staying healthy and in shape.

And no people I am not born with that crazy metabolism where I can eat junk and fattening foods and be skinny. I gain weight quite fast. And to my other snobby skeptical people who think “oh of course she is skinny because she doesn’t eat anything!” Then sorry to burst your bubble but there are better things to do with your life than be jealous of my shape and my lifestyle that brings me to wine and dine at some of the best places in the world, with the best people.

Losing weight and staying in shape is easy, unless of course you have a medical issue which you should get professional help, but for the other millions of men and women who have no excuse then just attempt to start one day and follow a healthy eating plan not just to be skinny, but be healthy. I too know tons of “skinny” people who well… just aren’t very healthy. They have mushy arms and legs, cant walk up stairs if you paid them and have cholesterol levels higher than most. So skinny does not mean healthy. So I have a lot to share, from my own transformation, but in this post I will simply share the fundamentals and in the next few weeks I will share some of my favorite low calorie, low fat and high in nutrition recipes that are simple to make and cheap!

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