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What Does The Year Of The Dragon Hold For You?

Every year I like to give my little two cents on my personal opinion and take on how the new zodiac year will affect us. Some may think I have completely lost my mind with this “Hokus-Pocus” stuff, but to them I say “You are entitled to your own beliefs” and to those who like me always keep a little ear perked up and eye open to ideas and perspectives, then I hope you enjoy this.

Before I begin I must clarify that this IS NOT a “you will have a great year” type of post nor do I believe in that, to me Astrology is no more than a study of our universe and the scientific compilation of many non co-existing civilizations history and beliefs. If you travel outside your little side, boro or town, you will notice that the world is marked and painted with remains of astrology. From buildings in Europe, Pyramids in Peru to Grand Central station in New York City… they all have some sort of astrological meaning or touch. So to me there is something often unspoken and very often ignored truths and ties to Astrology and here are my two cents on The Year of The Dragon!

Last year was the Year of The Rabbit and if you read my post you know I was right on target with the love in the air. I am sure this year more than ever it felt like EVERYONE was having babies or getting married… Was I not right?? Click Here to read my post from last year.

Dragons are seen as very lucky creatures. They are innovative and fearless and this year has the potential to wreck havoc and boast individual and social economics. The last year of the Dragon was 2000 we all remember the Y2K bug, don’t we? Well with December 2012 looming with the “end of the world” you can see that certain energies and “ideas” replicate themselves… No end of the worlds here!
But then again, the good old saying goes “Whatever you think, you become” so if you find yourself reading, writing, talking about economic doom, world collapse and hardships, it is very likely your life will be plagued by that. On the bright side, I like to stay prepared, but focus on positive things.

This year the Dragon promises to get us all out of our conformity states. Dragons naturally like to be the bosses, not have rules and conform to routines and authority. Now we can see this as both good and bad. The good is that we may feel more willing to venture to try new things we had always put behind. Maybe you have always wanted to take flying lessons or learn to dance better, this just may be the year you go and do it. You may also find yourself making more decisions. It could be that your family or work place in the past confined things. They had a say or restricted you from who to date, where to go and what to do. My friend, I think this is the year you wake up and grow up! FREEDOM is what you crave.

The 2012 Dragon is a water dragon, making him better equipped to take a step back to re-evaluate a situation because they understand the art of patience. An art I myself have not yet mastered!

Now lets talk about how it may effect you in LOVE. The dragon’s energy is passionate, giving and totally partial when it comes to love. So if you happen to have recently found someone you have chemistry with you may find that this connection intensifies and if you were already in a great relationship, this year may be the year things become more solid and serious with the one you are with as long as you can FEED each others needs. You may find that this year you want more attention, sex and affection. If your current partner is not giving it to you more than ever, you will find yourself wanting it and if not happily content, you could easily see one or the other spit their ways.

I hate to say it, but this can be a year full of divorce, breakups and…. Cheating! Yup! When the Dragon energies of lust and attention are not met, the animalistic side of us, can and will find a way to get that area in their love life fed. So ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to your partner. Remember that a great relationship truly is like watering a plant. If you treat it well, it will treat you well.

Nonetheless, the 2012 Water Dragon is most likely to bestow the Chinese Five Blessings of harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity, adding even more weight to the growing belief that 2012 will be about breakthroughs, not disasters.

Happy New Year!