Welcome to Casa de Winn!


We are the newly engaged soon to be Nguyen (pronounced “win”) family. We are as American of what today’s American family is made up of. Mark was born and raised in New Orleans, LA to Vietnamese parents who immigrated to America in 1975 and I was born and raised to Mexican immigrants and raised in San Diego California. We hold our culture and traditions strongly and intend to raise a family strong in traditions. With that we also value a lot of new traditions and beliefs we have acquired and have the intention to build a family and raise them to our best ability in our home. They say home is where the heart and foundation of a family is built so when we recently acquired our first home that will undergo a major renovation we decided to created this blog so we can share with you the transformation of this home and everything that goes along with it!

CasaDeWinn blog is a collaboration of home DIY, decorating, entertaining, cooking, traveling, family life including our four legged loved ones, and everything else that comes along with being a family. Our blog is a great way for us to share, inspire, and learn from all of lives little turning points and new attempts at tackling projects on our very long list of “things to do”.

We have a hard task at hand with a goal of creating a multifaceted home. Our goal is to create a home that we can feel energized in to work from home, create a level of comfort where we and our friends and family can relax and enjoy themselves rather than be afraid of touching things, but still look chic! A home where all members of our family a.k.a our beloved Boston Terriers and future children have all the comforts they deserve, a home that is environmentally conscious and promotes high use ability, a home that doesn’t break our bank because we understand a personal home is a liability not an asset and most importantly where family is built and love is shared.

We hope you enjoy and find our trials, experiments and triumphs helpful!