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You Can’t Photoshop Your Personality

Money can buy nearly everything except for true love, meaningful relationships, and that something we all are in search of… Happiness.
Some people or companies try hard…real hard to sell you that they can make you happy, but deep down inside it is a lot more complex and unique than it coming in a box. Truth is you can’t Photoshop your personality.
Today’s post isn’t too deep and esoteric of a topic as happiness, but it is an important one. It is one that I believe makes life more enjoyable and one that helps you create a better life. It is about something you take with you everywhere. It gives people a reason to create a judgement about you and decide whether or not they like you, want to date you, hire you or marry you!
It’s your personality! And it cannot be photoshopped! But it can be fixed and if you need professional help, Well I take it back…money can help you to learn how to develop yours into something worth hanging out with just hang out and be coached by me!

If you don’t like your boobs you can buy new ones!
If you look fat, you can take away inches!
If your not very worldly you can learn and educate yourself more
I can go on and on about things we can quickly change cosmetically and women and men do it all the time.
But did you know the one thing you can’t physically change is the one that can get you the most results in life?
More friends, more dates, better relationships and more success?

That is true, you can’t photoshop that ugly personality. Ahh the little thing called a personality!
Ugh have I met some stanky ones, stale ones, desperate ones and just plain boooooring!
Signs you may need a personality make over

1. You still only have the same 4 friends from the neighborhood or college
2. Your at a dead end job
3. You find it hard to carry a conversation with someone and actually prefer that people don’t talk to you.
4. You give one word answers when someone tries to ask you a question
5. Around a group of people you tend to not talk to anyone and cling on to the one friend you do know or the arm of your boy/girlfriend.

If you are guilty of any of the above then I suggest you take into consideration how to be friendlier, funner, and just simply to learn the skill of conversation and rapport.
This skill alone can transform your life!

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