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Tip To Repair Your Credit Score

Here is a quick tip to repair your credit score I want to share with you since my last post about How To Fix Your Credit Score was well received and some of you showed interest. I wanted to give you one more tip on how to repair your credit score. I enjoy hearing form you guys on how things have helped you or maybe what other ways you have repaired your credit score. Please share. And If you feel the article is worthy then share it with a friend! 🙂 Thanks!

Tip To Repair Your Credit Score




1. Find our which one of your cards has the highest APR.
2. Once you identify the cards with highest APR, rank them by which card you have had open the longest.
3. Now you have the cards with the highest APR and oldest card ranked as card #1 and then #2 and so on.
4. From now on pay the MINIMUM on all the cards #2 thru whatever and on card #1 pay the most you can pay on that card without leaving yourself with no money for rent! Hahaha.

Try this tip and you will see that you will end up paying off that card and bringing the balance down faster with this technique. Once it is within management, you can now do the exact same technique for card #2 and continue until you have managed to pay off and or lower the balance on all your cards.

Credit cards are fantastic if you have self control and not need to buy every single “cute outfit” or new video game that comes out. Each time I have moved, I have had that old tenant’s mail continue to come to the house. I always shake my head when the old tenant keeps getting loads of mailings and billing collection notices from every single department store and Credit Card Company you can think of. I mean come on do you really need an Old Navy credit card??



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