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Healthy Holiday Eating

Healthy holiday eatings, is it possible? The holidays are a great time to reconnect with old friends, see family and meet new people! All three are excellent if you are single and dating. If Aunt Martha sees you again, maybe she can introduce you to her friends cute grandson…maybe your coworkers from the neighboring office catch you eye and you two connect over cocktails. They can be great, but can also be a huge trap for gaining weight and in dating looking and feeling your best are very crucial. You may think it is impossible not to gain weight during this time, but I am here to tell you that eating healthy this holiday season IS possible. Here are a few Health Tips to help you maintain your weight and Survive thru the Holidays….     


  • Small Adjustments make a HUGE Difference.
  • Correct Choices Vs. a Strict Diet.
  • Portion Control is the key.


Eating Out….


  • Ask server not to bring Rolls and Chips to your table
  • Choose dishes that comprise of Lean Meats, Fish and Vegtables. Avoid Rice and other starches
  • Opt for Sauce and salad dressing on the side.
  • Share a dish with someone or ask for a take out box right away and save half for next days lunch.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions: Baked potato instead of fries, steamed vegetable instead of rice.
  • Avoid “Empty” Calories. cheese, sour cream, butter, and mayonnaise…add hot sauce and mustard to add flavor but not calories.


While at Work…..

  • Always have a water available at your desk.
  • Avoid mindless eating by having healthy snacks on hand like fruit or pretzles.
  • Pack your own lunch. This saves you belly rolls and money!


Company Holiday Party…. Open Bar…

  • Those “FREE” margaritas are going to cost you…. big time!
  • Opt for a glass of Red or White wine
  • Drink Light Beer…
  • Like mixed drinks?  DIET soda or club soda mixed drinks, avoid fruit juice based drinks.
  • Bloody Mary… tomato juice is a great antioxidant and the Tabasco sauce kicks up your metabolism.

Families Feast….

  • You don’t want to make aunt Cindy feel bad for not eating her food….so..
  • Fill your plate with WHITE meat, avoid Dark meat and vegetables & add a little scoop of mashed potato.
  • Or Get a smaller plate
  • Eat Pumpkin pie Vs. Pecan or Candied yams.
  • Lastly… just remember its only ONE Day.. so don’t beat yourself up and enjoy!



Busy Schedule…” I forgot to eat”

  • Never Skip Breakfast… take 3mins to make oatmeal, a fruit smoothie or eat a breakfast bar.
  • Always carry healthy snacks with you like: Fruits, Almonds, baby carrots.

Pre-plan your meals… have an idea of what your going to eat.



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Dating Is Like A Job Interview

Dating is like a job interview and we all have had one. A few years back a cousin of mine went thru this time period where she was dating a lot and God bless her for it! The girl was smart about it and met a lot of guys and well did what I think many people do not do: Date.

Dating to me is an interview process.

If you’ve ever worked for a large company you know that they don’t jump into bed with you after the first interview. If your only taste of the workforce is dead-end low paying jobs then yes I stand corrected they DO jump right in and hire you before testing you out, but again a legitimate company with a name to uphold, millions of dollars at stake and who produce great results or amazing products, those companies do not just jump right in and hire someone. They treat the culture of the company and employees as something sacred.

So for those of you who are trust fund babies, born entrepreneurs from age 10 and or never stepped it up to go after a job with a large company then let me share with you how the process works.
You have to have a stellar resume to land your first interview and if your first interview goes well, then they schedule a 2nd , 3rd and possibly 4th interview for the exact same job position.
At each stage of the interview process they introduce you to new people usually management and if that management likes you then they introduce you to the next.

It all happens as a process and little by little. Now people keep in mind this is for a job! Now in dating which to me is and should be treated like an interview process, what happens to us about that something so sacred and special called your family and friends? Why is it that so many of us who start dating fail to be as selective with who we date and who we introduce our friends and family to that we just bored around and allow some chic or dude your dating distort the harmony in your friends and family??

Companies take interviewing and adding someone new to their “family” seriously because they know how important it is to hire someone of value. Someone who will add great chemistry to the existing group and not be the cancer.
If companies are so protective of their culture why aren’t you with your culture of friends and family?

To me the guy I was going to be known to be “dating” was superrrrrr important that the following things happen:

1. I Have To Like Him and Be Totally Into Him—-> HE, has to like me and be totally into me!

2. My Family Has To Approve and Like Him—-> HE BETTER like my family & be on his best d*mn behavior

3. My Friends Have To Like and Get Along With Him—-> HE BETTER like my friends and respect them.


4. We have to have similar spiritual beliefs, morals, etc all that other stuff that is important in a relationship!


If those 4 things are good, then to me it is like “hiring” time which I then proceed to turn it into an exclusive relationship. I would suggest that your introduce the potential “BF/GF” little by little and I usually recommend them meeting your family last.

A huge dating FAIL is when people just override and skip what I consider the 4 essentials and just date someone who:

1. ISN’T Totally Into You —-> They can’t shut up about how OTHER guys/girls are hotter than you

2. Your Family Is Indifferent or Doesn’t Like Them—> Some people are not close to their family, i could see why this wouldn’t matter to them

3. The person you are dating DOES NOT like your friends and your friends DO NOT get along with them—-> I believe good friends want the best for you so if they openly tell you they don’t like the person you are dating there is a major reason why. I don’t think friends sit around and hope for their friends never to date.

4. Bad Chemistry… enough said.

Why is it that some people fail to realize that when you make someone exclusive and date them… They end up having to date your friends & family too!

If the culture of your friends has been spring break trips, weekly dinners and get-togethers with no drama, no awkwardness why the F would you not protect it or give a small shit about maybe considering how your BF/GF effects it??

There is truth in numbers. If 1-2 people don’t like who you have forced upon them to like then hey maybe those people are picky and illogical and not giving your bf/gf a chance. However, of this extends beyond that then why are you forcing upon what at one time was sacred someone who clearly is a cancer in your family and

It is sad to see when men really do chose “Hoes before bros” or women we can be just as guilty of being exclusive with someone who doesn’t add value to you and who doesn’t mesh with your friends.

Now the question is: Is the issue your friends or the person you are dating?

My fondest wish for you is to remember that when you date it’s an interview. You don’t have to introduce the chick or guy you just me to your family of friends right away in fact I’ve gone on several dates with tons of guys that never ever met any of my friends. They just didn’t cut it, I knew I didn’t want to be serious with them so I just didn’t bother bringing them around my friends or family. These guys were good enough for me to spend some time with, hang out with and entertain myself, but not good enough to make it to round two “interviews”.

Interview process is fun! Enjoy it and make sure you “hire” the right one! 🙂

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What Is An Ass Kisser

What is an ass kisser? When someone says to you “why are you kissing their ass?” What exactly does that mean? Take a few minutes and read with me as we explore what an ass kisser is and if you are one or not.

You may have been the kid who bullies used to say “Oh you’re an ass kisser” or maybe you were taunted with “why are you kissing their ass?” The “ass kisser” when I was growing up was the kid who was nice to his teacher. The “ass kisser” in grade school was the kid who would bring in little gifts (mostly home made by their mother) to the teacher.

As adults, many (negative & immature) adults continue to use that word. They call the coworker who always greets their boss in the mornings with a “good morning” or the one who speaks to the human resources manager in a very polite and friendly way, the “ass kisser”. The employee who always shares his opinion, who volunteers to do things and who acts courteous to his coworkers, that employee is usually called by fellow employees the “ass kisser”.

But what really is an “ass kisser”?

Is it really that being kind and having something called…. MANNERS makes you an ass kisser? I think not! I think this phrase has been misused for years and the true “ass kissers” are under the radar.

You see in life people liking you and being kind, generous and having manners and etiquette can really get you far. Just pick up a few autobiographies and I can guarantee you that they probably acted in what the negative, immature society calls “ass kisser” type of way.

Haven’t you noticed that most people who say “thank you” and give other people compliments and say “good morning” to others… end up far ahead of everyone else?

Haven’t you noticed these people usually are the ones who have more friends, end up getting better jobs or promotions at existing jobs and are well liked by others?

People make the world go round and if you lack the ability or understanding of how important it is for people to like you and win people over then I hate to break it to you, but you are just destined to a life of rough up hill battles.
Crappy dead end jobs, negative friends, live in a poor neighborhoods and continue to have less and less meaningful relationships in your life. Again, my thoughts are QUALITY over QUANTITY.

If you do not have many people you can count;
You have been stuck at a dead end job;
It is hard for you to get a promotion or a raise;
You tend to be the one NOT invited anywhere;
Or you just simply have a stinky attitude, then I suggest you learn to be a better “ass kisser”.

When I come across “non ass kissers” I can’t help but feel sorry for them. They have this attitude of “the world is against me and F people”. What a sad way to live.

Who are the non ass kissers??
You can usually identify them by:

– They do not acknowledge other people. Walk into a house without saying hi to anyone or walk into their office and slump into their desk;
– They are unfamiliar with the word “Thank You”
– They have little to no real friends
– They are unable to have a conversation with someone.
– Are usually single or have “sex” partners. Aka a sex only relationship.
– Do not have things go their way.
– Usually get screwed over and can not get favors done for them.

So why do I think “ass kissers” have been mislabeled?

Because to me a true “ass kisser” is: someone who continues to be nice and polite to someone AFTER the fact that person has lied to them, disrespected them, scammed them or intentionally try to hurt them in any way. If you are STILL nice and cordial to people like that, then YOU ARE AN ASS KISSER! But do not confuse someone who is smart with their networking ability or who simply is generous and polite as an ass kisser…. that is two separate worlds.

I know a few people who have had all of the above happen to them. They were scammed. Scammed so obviously like those old Nigerian chain letter scams and not out of $10 or $100, but thousands!

One guy I knew gave another so called “successful investor” $80,00! Yes people $80,000 for his so called “investments”. You know typical “gold mines”, “hotel deals” Nigerian scam type of things. The guy NEVER got any substantial documentation of the “investment” any follow up.. nothing. It was like puff the magic dragon his money had no trace other than the initial deposit made into the “successful investors” account.  A whole year later still no word or trace of this investment and all the hopeful investor is getting in return is a $200 a month “shut-up” fee and that of course the “successful investor” is still his friend. So the guy that gave him the money to invest is still corgidal with the guy he knowingly was scammed by. Others have been lied to and intentionally hurt. And they KNOW the person/people who did this and what do they do?? KISS THEIR ASS.

Continue to be nice, find and friendly. See the last health company I was a marketing representative for is full of people at the top who intentially lie, cheat and steal. Including the owner. This guy has a history and track record that spans years of people and multitudes of people he has purposely screwed over. Screwy things like: Lie, steal, cheat, take their business away, fire them from their job for no reason, etc. I can go on for days.  The minute I discovered these things my kindness subsided and well to say the least I wasn’t and have not been quiet about it. I am just not the “sweep it under the rug person” others the “ass kisser” not only sweep it under the rug, but act as if nothing has happened.  I do not understand how there can still be  people involved and supportive even after knowing these type of things have been done and are being done.

See my friends that to me is an “Ass Kisser”. Do you agree with me?

So again, this little fun phrase we throw around casually, I would hope that this post shared a little insight and further look at what an ass kisser really is. We are not in the 5th grade people! Life is about being kind to people and getting ahead. If you’re the type of loser who calls people who have manners and etiquette and are smart “ass kissers” it just shows you immaturity and well how far down the people chain you are. The world my friends is ruled by people who know how to and whose ass to kiss the best. It’s the truth whether you like it or not. All I ask is you kiss peoples ass who haven’t lied, stolen or cheated you. Stand up for something and start kissing the right peoples asses. 🙂

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Veggie Juices …and Dating??

What do veggie juices and dating have in common? Apparently more than I thought! Sometimes attracting good men is just as simple as dangling a carrot in their face! Literally!

I’m a bit of a health nut and I guess living in NYC doesn’t hurt since it will soon be a “crime” to drink soda I often opt for my Holy Trinity (water, coffee, vino) when the summer hits I add veggie juices to the Holy Trinity.

As much as I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes this tip is for your love health.

Recently on a hot Friday afternoon I decided to get my 24oz favorite fruit juice. Its big, it’s bright orange and ladies it’s a male magnet!

While sippin and enjoying this delightful drink and walking in Manhattan a span of no more than 7 blocks, I was approach and engaged in 3 separate conversations with 3 different handsome men.

All three started their approach with something to do with my bright colorful orangy drink

“oh that looks like a powerful drink”
” is that your happy hour drink”
” let me guess carrot, oranges & mango?”

By the way to those men who approached me ” good job! Way to strike up a conversation about something that I was holding”
It works!
Ladies I’m just sharing this with you as a little mental note that because the majority of the male species is unconfident having something they could pin point and talk about makes you instantly more approachable

Not only was my carrot juice making men want to talk to me, it was almost as if my carrot juice sifted through the male pool and pulled out men who seemed to all be good looking, in good shape, into fitness & health.
Instant connection. Instant conversation starter.

Now if I was on the market looking I’d probably have to say I would have taken up a date offer from 2out of 3 men.

Lesson here: there is none.
Why I shared this: Because I thought it was so interesting that my little veggie delight helped me get attention For all you single ladies out there becoming the type of women that can attract men isn’t as easy as buying yourself a veggie drink, but it wont kill you if you do! So go on and get healthy and have fun meeting people!!

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What Does It Mean To Be Dating

What does it mean to be dating? We hear this word all the time “Oh we are just dating” or “I am just dating” or “I need to go on more dates” So what does it mean to be dating??

In my opinion dating doesn’t mean to settle. I am a huge supporter of dating and of people finding and getting into relationships with amazing and great people. People who can bring out the best in you and who can make your life enjoyable, but often times I feel people rush into relationships just for the sake of not being alone. As much of propagator I am for relationships I am also a HUGE propagator that it is better to be single than to be stuck in a bad relationship or one with someone who is well to say the least just “ugh”.

Often I feel the need to explain what “dating” means. Dating in my opinion is like leasing a car. Drive it around a bit and see if you like it. You test out! You try out! And guess what?? There is a return policy when you are DATING.

Dating means meet more men and women.
Go out socially with them.
Get to know them.
Kiss and get a little freak nasty with them.
Then maybe call or never call them again.

Or if you find yourself liking them and they have grown on you and you feel you have found something you truly enjoy and love, then BUY it! Put a ring on it! Make it yours. If you’re not too sure… I suggest pick up another car and try that one out. That my friends in my opinion is “Dating”. No commitments. Just a bunch of test drives.

Now here are somethings you should avoid:

1. If you are not very into that guy or girl do not “date” for too long. You will be sending the wrong signal. Just move on go find you another one to test drive!

2. Don not expect for the guy or girl you are with to be loyal to you, if you are seeing more than one person…and if you are seeing someone else even as a love shack casual “walk of shame” then be open about it do not hide it. Karma is a B****

3. If you are dating someone and you REALLY DO like them.. then don’t be a chick sh*t and take the next step. Turn it into a serious mutual exclusive relationship. Worst thing is the guy or girl who wants the exclusivity, but is afraid to commit. It is like trying to get a free trial over and over again.

I often tell my clients if you have been what you would say “serious” with someone for over 3 years and you do not see the relationship going anywhere then why stay longer??? I was once in a long term relationship that just was not good. We were good as friends just not as a relationship. Worst mistake we both made was stay together and ride it till the wheels fell off! So If its been say 3 years and neither you nor them have taken a step then my thoughts are why wait around. Time is precious and so is your youth! so go find someone else who will appreciate you and will want to “buy now” and share a wonderful life with you.

How else do you think you will find the person whom you are best with and who you are completely in love with?

I do believe in high school sweethearts and that you do not have to date 100 people or even 5 to find someone you really fall in love with. My point is only you know if your truly happy with someone or if you are only with that person out of fear of being alone.

You see the whole thing about dating is searching for someone whom you have that “oh yeah” feeling and “click” with. Nothing can be more disappointing than a great person wasting away their time in a bad relationship or with someone who just isn’t that good to them. Youth and your prime dating age is ticking away so why waste it getting more and more entwined with someone that you really aren’t jumping up and down and swinging a terrible towel around for.

The world has so much more! Imagine if all you drove was a used tractor. Bumpy, dirty, slow as hell! And you never took a ride on a luxury sports car. Smooth, fast, young, vibrant and exhilarating! My wish for the ladies and the men out there is to not be afraid to be single. To be bold. To want to become better and more confident so you can go out there date more! If you feel you need a little guidance or some dating pin pointers check out my coaching services CLICK HERE


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Top 5 Things NOT To Say To Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Hello again! Are their certain things that are better left unsaid? Here are top 5 things NOT to say to your girlfriend or Boyfriend. Recently I had the chance to catch up with an old friend and as old friends do, of course we talked…. Boyfriends& relationships! The good,  bad,   awesomeness and the headaches. I was reminded through this casual catch up of some of the darnest things boyfriends (and girlfriends) can say to their other half.  So since I often  share with you guys the “what to says” and “how to say it” today I am venturing to share with you a few of the “What not to say”. If you know someone who is guilty of any of the these…. Maybe you can do them and me a favor and post it on their wall as a “suggested read”


Here are the top 5 things NOT to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend:

#5 Don’t Cut Your Hair or Cut Your Hair

Ok I agree most men do prefer long hair vs. short hair and every man is entitled to their opinion just like every woman is entitled to do what ever the heck she wants with her hair! So ladies, if ya feel like chopping it off do it! And men it doesn’t make you any more powerful or manly to tell your girlfriend what she can and cannot do with her hair. Same goes for men. Men can have out of control hair and a beard… the grizzly look, who cares. If that is what they want so be it.

Advice: Learn to share your opinion those are always welcomed, but neither men nor women like it when you give them instructions.

#4 I Will Dump You If You Get Fat.

Ok this has to be the most immature and insecure thing you can say to someone. This really reminds me of the high school relationships. If someone feels they need to say this to you, clearly they do not love you or are not into you as much as you would hope they would be and they are one super insecure individual that they care a lot about appearances and not about the emotional tie the relationship brings.

Advice: Reconsider this relationship.


#3    You’re Not As Good As My Ex

Ok so after you slap him… and if it was your girlfriend who said that then you giving her the silent treatment and “dump via text” is forgiven.The “Exes” are always interesting. If you are the one telling your current BF/GF that they are not as good, then you have an issue with decision making and confidence.  Soooo you’re are still thinking of your ex, but you are not with them? They dumped you I am sure! For certain reasons one of which i can venture to say is that you are pretty lame. So If your BF/GF ever says this to you, please see it as a wake up call that the lame-ass in them is shining through and you should notice it and run the other direction.

Advice: Reconsider this relationship.


#2   Oh She’s Hot!  Oh He’s Hot!

File this one under “A” for extremely freaking Annoying! Nothing can annoy me more than a guy or a girl saying the opposite sex is “Hot” right in front of their significant other. Why? I don’t get it. It’s natural to look, normal to admire, but just downright stupid to vocalize to your boyfriend or girlfriend that someone is hot. Are you trying to make him or her jealous? Ok so maybe you have a celebrity crush, hey that is fine who doesn’t, but saying every guy or girl you see, sniff out, or spot are “Oh soo hot” “Oh lo amp” come-on now! Give me a break. I am annoyed for your boyfriend and the girlfriend! In some relationships, there may be a mutual understand to point out to each other if other men or women are hot and hey I respect that … I guess… If you are the girl or guy allowing your significant other to continue this type of behavior than I guess you deserve a mediocre relationship with someone who is “kind of” into you for now until they find someone better than you.

Advice: I would be careful because what goes around, eventually if your the type of guy or girl who is guilty of this, then this behavior will come around to you. You are training your significant other to do exactly what you are doing, but maybe this time his/her version of “Oh they’re so hot” may be a reality and they just might dump ya for the “hot one”.

The #1  thing NOT to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend: “I Love You” When You Do Not Mean It.

Enough said.

Please add your comments below and share with me any other “What not to say to your boyfriend and girlfriend” .


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Young Love

It is old news to most, Mark Zuckerberg married his long time girlfriend of 8 years this weekend in a small intimate ceremony accompanied by no more than 100 guest. The news brought a smile to my face as it is great to see two people whom love each other make a commitment in front of friends and family to share their love.

Another thing that brought a smile to my face in a kind of a “take that” type of attitude was the two ultra successful under 30 year old people dated for 8 years, yes people while they were working on their success, became successful and then got hitched!

Take that for young people not being able to date and be successful!

In my early immature days I had been exposed to the idea that young people could not date and become successful. One of the “successful” people I once looked at for mentorship used to always claim his secret for success was discipline and focus. He was young mid-twenties, male and had not dated for more than 8 years!! I always found this extremely rare (and strange)! I just didn’t see how it was humanly possible. I mean we are mammals that need love, attention, and sex how is it possible you can go that long without getting any of that? Gosh, can you imagine the amount of zits this person had from all the sexual frustration?!?!

And supposedly not dating and being focused would help you become more successful?

I’m thinking it would make me more stressed out and more irate.

The funny thing is I always noticed this “dedicated and focused mentor” be exactly that… stressed out and miserable!

It wasn’t until years later, once I put a few things together on how he never dated any women, but always seemed to have boy slumber parties and boy bed partners that I realized maybe he never dated or was intimate with any girls, but he seemed to always have boys sleepovers. Then i realized his sexual preference!  I am totally open to all sexual preferences, my closes friends would be the first to tell you how supportive I am of it. I just think its extremely low class to pretend to be someone you are not. So this “focused-non-dating” individual painted this image to the public as this purist hero and role model for “work now and become successful” and not to be side tracked by dating, but in reality he proved my point that 8 years without any love, attention and affection would be pretty darn miserable… so that is where the boy slumber parties feel into place, it fed his need to “be close” to another person.  Meanwhile, the other guys in those particular slumber parties were in awe of being so close to this purist hero, role model person, never suspected that they were only bait.

My point is… Be Open with Everyone! and Find Love! Now!

Today, I find it fitting to take a few minutes to share with everyone that despite what people may believe that it is impossible to be in a relationship and become successful, I don’t think there is a better example than Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg tying the knot. The two met 8 years ago, that means pre Facebook days people! Mrs. Zuckerberg was a medical student at Harvard and Zuckerberg an out of the box computer programmer developing what today can soon become the single most impactful invention in our lives…. Can you say they were busy?

Do you think that were pretty focused and ambitious?

I think so!

Making your love life wait and putting it on hold until you become successful is just a formula for disaster in my opinion. Should certain things take priorities? Of course! But to completely overlook love and finding a love partner is to me extremely immature and not very smart. You might as well just get a mail-order bride/groom if you end up successful and single. Most (wo)men … ugh 99% of them will want you for your worth and not for you. It is the stark truth people. I wish I could say that at that stage in your success you can find someone who loves you for who you are not for what you have…. But I am just not that confident to say that it is possible.

So lesson here is why make love wait. You can work hard in many areas of your life… except love! If your having trouble then seek professional help and check out my dating services

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When Nobody Likes You

I hate to be a Debbie Downer with a topic, I actually had my doubts on whether I should write about this or not because I feel very strongly and I am against Bullies, people who are mean to others and those who feel are superior to others and like to belittle others. In fact this post is more in support to all those who have been bullied or have to put up with peoples uncalled for and nasty ways of dealing with people… hence, THEY are the ones nobody likes and those whom the rest of us can learn from their “relationship failures”.

I speak a lot about dating and developing good relationships…true most of the time it revolves around love …. That is because I can’t help, but to be a romantic! But what happens when you are the one who nobody likes. For example, recently I came across this:


Why is it that some people even on a social space like Facebook where people whored around the word “friends” some people just can’t get any?? And I know some are thinking “Well I never go on Facebook and I don’t care about interacting with people on their I rather interact in person”. I agree to the rather interact in person, but not so much with ignoring what today is pretty much a way of communication and living whether we like it or not… Virtual communication is here to stay people! So GET CONNECT PEOPLE!  Umm.. go ahead and LIKE my page and connect with me now while your at it : CONNECT WITH ME

Now the easy thinig to say is “well they rather have a small group of friends than be liked by everybody” and I agree some people do choose to have a small intimate group of friends, but I also feel that is an excuse for the “nobody likes them folks” to explain their lack of friends and being liked. You see in my opinion having few friends can be looked at in a two ways:

  1. You Have Few Friends Because YOU Choose It;
  2. You Have Few To NO Friends Because Nobody Likes You.


They way I strive to be build my life is with this philosophy:

Have Close Nit Circle of Friends And Be Well Liked And Respected By Many!

Why not! You can develop that if you choose too.

So from those folks that “nobody likes” there is something to learn from a failure of friends.

So I and you should  ask also :

What do these people do to repeal so many people?

How do they act?


Here are a few things I have noticed and will point out about these loners:

  1. They talk badly about someone to others, and then go hangout with that person as if they are their best friend.

“ Yeah so&so is such a B***! I cant stand know what she did…”

“Oh so&so of course! Lets hang out this weekend! I’m dying too see you!”


2. They are always devaluing your own accomplishments and speaking about how theirs are so much better.

“That’s cool about your companies bonus I guess…my company gave me a much bigger bonus…”


3. Talking way too much about themselves in a show off type of way

“So yeah like I have sooooo many friends and were just going to have like 3 weddings, 2 honeymoons and top notch all open bar”

“OMG like I cant walk down the street without a guy hollering at me. I have great legs, they just cant stop looking at me”


4.They do not acknowledge people

Scenario: Loner joins the rest of a dinner table full of people, by just sliding in and not saying hi to anyone and they leave without saying goodbye.

5. Are fair weather friends  – Friends only when it is convenient to them.

6. Have a critique about everything you do!

7. When in a relationship they seclude everyone except their significant other.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend in town or they just got one = You are forgotten about.

8. Have no loyalty or appreciation. Have my fair share of these folks!

9. They are the “obnoxious drunk” or the extreme “stiffy” friend.

So your at the bar and everyone is drinking or dancing or sharing their steamy s*x stories, but that one clearly-not-religious friend of yours is Mr./Mrs. Closed.- ANNOYING! Why even go hang out??!!

Or you go out and they are the ones drinking & talking so loudly you start wondering if you are out with a friend or a little kid.


Many of have known or know people like this. Some even continue to give these people the time and day ! Why? Not sure, maybe because they feel bad which is a very noble thing to think or feel you are “helping” them. But I believe what makes relationships strong and friendships valuable is when someone can knock some sense in you and not just allow you to keep making the same mistakes. Sometimes the most noble and helpful thing you can do for someone is to bluntly show them the effects of their actions.

Hey do me a favor, let us hear your opinions and comment below and if you LIKED IT , then help me


To building great friendships, sharing love and finding your soulmate!  


People Skills

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl or how do you start a conversation with a complete stranger and given you are a man and she is a woman.. one that you are interested in? Is it possible to learn the Art Of Conversation and have the courage and skills to go from eyeing a woman you are interested in to approaching her to then asking the right, again the RIGHT question that will have you engaged in a conversation with her and not leave you feeling like a complete loser??

Yes men! I believe so! In fact I KNOW SO!

I have taught countless men and women do just that! And some of the these men I taught, trust me were completely lost before I got my hands on them. I have taught ugly men, handsome men, men full of themselves, men who think they are superior, short men and even men who couldn’t speak english. You can do it too!

So here is the scenario. I was at the gym the other morning and if you don’t know already I enjoy running. I only go to the gym when the weather is bad otherwise you will never catch me in there. So I am on the treadmill, headphones on jamming and running my butt off for 30minutes. I unlike some women, go to gym and workout do the in and out. You never see me with mascara, the fake eyelashes the perfect hair. I have the “just woke up look” and of course my favorite baseball hat on. I had felt like someone was watching me the entire workout and sure enough the minute I got off the creepy guy who I caught staring at me during my run comes up to me and mutters:  “Are you a runner?”             

And that my friends, is where it ended for him.

1st I couldn’t gather myself to want to talk to him because all i thought was “What a stupid question. Yeah you idiot I am a runner, didn’t you just stare at me for 30minutes while I…. “RAN” “.

2nd Even though he wasn’t ugly in fact most women would have thought he was attractive again I couldn’t get out of the state of mind that this guy was well to put it nicely lame.

So if you are the man reading this and think “oh thats hard Adriana” then I have news for you. If you ever want to date and eventually be in a long term relationship with a woman of value then it will take more out of you. That type of pick up only works for very desperate girls who are astonished that they even got attention.

If I were a boy I would have done these 3 things differently… pay attention…

1. Do not stare at someone for their entire workout. You come across creepy and well it is annoying. One good eye contact and thats it! Move away, go away and do not go staring again… until its time to approach.

2. Never start a conversation with an obvious answer. I would have said “You have a nice running stride, what is your average running distance?”

See that my friends, is you acknowledge the obvious, but then asked a question that involves her having to answer….

I’m a woman, of course I know what turns us on!!

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