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My Thoughts On 2011 Year of the Rabbit

For my westernized, skeptical, too serious about life friends… live a little!! This post is strictly for entertainment and perspective purposes.

But anyway I will continue….

I was first introduced to Chinese Astrology after A. Attending UCLA where I got my first case of culture shock. Prior to this I was surrounded only by Mexicans, Beach bums, Black Folks, and Samoans. At UCLA I met the Easterners…. Then B. A close friend and mentor introduced me to this about 7 years ago and have found it interesting ever since.

Why interesting??

I had someone once tell me “Adriana, did you know astrology is the only thing that all civilizations, that NEVER Co-existed have in common?”
That was avery powerful and impactful question and statement that until this day is the reason why I continue to be intrigued by this subject. I mean you figure nowadays as human beings we are smarter, supposedly, but we argue and cannot agree on a God or rules,laws,who has a bigger booty Kim Kardashian or Beyonce, country border lines… so I figure if many civilizations that have long lived and passed did agree to an extent on astrology then clearly there must be some truth to it.
And hence there begins my interest and curiosity on this very and always entertaining topic.

Anyway here are 12 signs in the Chinese Zodiac and for you Gen X babies the years most of you may have been born in…
Rat – 1984
Ox – 1985
Tiger – 1986
Rabbit – 1987
Dragon – 1988
Snake – 1976
Horse – 1978
Goat – 1979
Monkey – 1980
Rooster – 1981
Dog – 1982
Pig – 1983

NOTE: Check your lunar new year as to what “year” you were born” to double check what animal you are.
Here is a helpful link http://www.chinesezodiac.com/calculator.php

According to Chinese legend, the twelve animals quarreled one day as to who was to head the cycle of years. The gods were asked to decide and they held a contest: whoever was to reach the opposite bank of the river would be first, and the rest of the animals would receive their years according to their finish.

All the twelve animals gathered at the river bank and jumped in.

Ok well this isn’t intended to teach you about it, go do your own research, but bottom line is this were into a NEW YEAR and NEW ENERGIES!!!

We just finished the TIGER year and from the looks of it and the talks I have had with friends and family man oh man was it a year full of “ruckus” to say the least! Phew! Glad it is over.

For myself personally, I underwent some major life changes, experiences and emotional ups and downs… at times I may have felt like a rag doll being tossed around everywhere.
But looking back and something I recommend you always do is appreciate all that you went threw and learn from it because this little Dog here overcame all that and future looks brighter than everrrr! 🙂

The Rabbit year is expected to be a tranquil year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger. We should all go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous year.

By nature Rabbits like to ummmm do the horizontal poka, the boom boom pow, the nitty griddy, make babies, so as of supporter of birth control, safe sex and IQ test for future parents this worries me. SO if you are single out there doing your thing you may find yourself extra horny, but please please just be smart about your actions.

Other than that this will be a time to watch out that we do not become too indulgent. The influence of the Rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort and thus impair your sense of duty. This does not mean we have permission to be lazy asses! Beware of wanting to stay in your little bunny whole. To combat this align yourself with people that are more disciplined and hard working than you. You know your bills still need to be paid.

Rabbits run wild and loose in the free fields so we will have a tendency to be lighter on rules and regulations and find that they will not be rigidly enforced. No one seems very inclined to bother with these unpleasant realities. We can be busy enjoying themselves, entertaining others or simply taking it easy. We will all have a tendency to put off tasks as long as possible, so again set up a plan be clear on your goals and what you want to accomplish. Procrastinator as is?? Set reminders. Tell others about what you want to accomplish to combat this “ahhh I will do it tomorrow mode” we may get into.

This year our life style will be tranquil and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always craved for.
What have you been craving to want to do or experience?
For me personally, I made a decision to get back into traveling. I have always loved to travel. Luckily I had amazing parents and at a very young age had already traveled thru much of Europe and South America. Then I went dormant for too many years. So this year I am committed to work as hard and also escape for some travel adventures.

Seems like if anything this year for once, may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.
Cheers to that!

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