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Veggie Juices …and Dating??

What do veggie juices and dating have in common? Apparently more than I thought! Sometimes attracting good men is just as simple as dangling a carrot in their face! Literally!

I’m a bit of a health nut and I guess living in NYC doesn’t hurt since it will soon be a “crime” to drink soda I often opt for my Holy Trinity (water, coffee, vino) when the summer hits I add veggie juices to the Holy Trinity.

As much as I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes this tip is for your love health.

Recently on a hot Friday afternoon I decided to get my 24oz favorite fruit juice. Its big, it’s bright orange and ladies it’s a male magnet!

While sippin and enjoying this delightful drink and walking in Manhattan a span of no more than 7 blocks, I was approach and engaged in 3 separate conversations with 3 different handsome men.

All three started their approach with something to do with my bright colorful orangy drink

“oh that looks like a powerful drink”
” is that your happy hour drink”
” let me guess carrot, oranges & mango?”

By the way to those men who approached me ” good job! Way to strike up a conversation about something that I was holding”
It works!
Ladies I’m just sharing this with you as a little mental note that because the majority of the male species is unconfident having something they could pin point and talk about makes you instantly more approachable

Not only was my carrot juice making men want to talk to me, it was almost as if my carrot juice sifted through the male pool and pulled out men who seemed to all be good looking, in good shape, into fitness & health.
Instant connection. Instant conversation starter.

Now if I was on the market looking I’d probably have to say I would have taken up a date offer from 2out of 3 men.

Lesson here: there is none.
Why I shared this: Because I thought it was so interesting that my little veggie delight helped me get attention For all you single ladies out there becoming the type of women that can attract men isn’t as easy as buying yourself a veggie drink, but it wont kill you if you do! So go on and get healthy and have fun meeting people!!

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Jack LaLanne Juicer Review

Juice! Juice! Juice! We all know Jack LaLanne here is a Jack LaLanne Juicer Review. I cannot help to think of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Jim Carey as the “Juice Man”. This week I am venturing to share with you all about my juicing experience including fist sharing with you a review on the Jack LaLanne juicer. I will also share with you juice recipes my favorite juice recipes and my least favorite. I have always been an advocate for health and fitness. I myself went through my own health & body transformation loosing a total of 65 pounds over 5 years ago and the existing thing is without buying expensive supplements full of ingredients that I can not pronounce and a laundry list of synthetic ingredients, I have maintained my figure and healthy lifestyle! I deeply understand the benefits of feeling good inside and also in a superficial world what feeling good abut yourself outwardly can do for yourself and your body.

In the world of great relationships in friendship, family and love you have to love YOU first! So this week I venture to do some juicing and share it with you. First important thing with juicing is making sure you have a great juicer. Some things I look for are; Easy to use; produces a lot of juice; and lastly easy to clean.

In this post I am reviewing the Jack LaLanne’s Juicer he has several, the one I bought is the one pictured below.

For a price point this juicer was reasonably priced at $99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. It comes in a nice white plastic finish, which makes any kitchen look cooler. As far as how this faired in making juices I would have to give it a 2.5 star rating. Some of the things I noticed I am sharing below:


Nice style
$99 price is reasonable
Large compartment for vegetable and fruit peels
Easy to clean


Did not produce as much juice as I have seen in other juicers
Stained after one use…. imagine what it will look like after 5!
To many compartments makes it complicated to clean.

Would I keep it or recommend to a friend?
No. I would have to say that I will be taking advantage of the return policy for this juicer and be purchasing another one. Many times you may not want to spend the extra $20-40, but in my opinion a juicer is something that will and should be a part of your everyday life and health so you might as well purchase the best you can afford.

Have you ever made your own juices? Done a juice cleanse before? Have you used this juicer? Do you have a better one you recommend?

SHARE with me below !!