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Technology Free Time

Whether you are in a relationship or not. I felt that this tip of mine can be useful for ALL relationships, not just those full of sexual energy. We all have someone special in your lives, don’t we? One of the best things you can do is disconnect, to connect! Technology free time is what we all need!


In today’s world we are more connected than ever! Mobile phones and social networks have made our lives almost feel like the Truman Show, where many times we forget that the only person you are putting on a “show” for should be you! So many times we are not enjoying the present for fear of not being able to “connect” or have a need to “share” it with millions of others. In a relationship learn to be present when you are together- Disconnect Yourself and have technology free time.
technology free time

A very close friend of mine in a successful relationship shared this tip with me. “Designate certain “technology-free” times, when you just spend time with each other — no cell phones, computers, iPads, tv, etc. Use that time to cook and eat dinner together, play a game, go for a walk, or do something else “unplugged.”” During these times are when you and your significant other should communicate. Have conversations about what you are going through. Share with them your thoughts and feelings. When I was dating a lot, the worst thing a guy could do is text while on the date. That rule applies not only while dating, but I also think during the times you’re with your significant other you should hold the same level of respect. Not answering your phone for 30 minutes while enjoying dinner or a walk with the dogs is not going to kill your business. And if it is, then what type of unsuccessful business are you running?

But the person you are with may not be just the boyfriend of girlfriend. What about time with your friends? Or your mother? The lesson here is disconnecting will help you connect better with the people you are around physically on this world with. You do remember that we are human beings made of flesh and have emotions and can talk and are more than a Facebook status or a virtual game..right?? SO act like it! 🙂

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How To Use Astrology To Have Better Results In Your Life

Hello Friends! Its a new month. That means new opportunities, new ideas, new projects to begin and time to leave the past, in the past. I will share with you How To Use Astrology To Have Better Results In Your Life.
I can say i have always been a person who is open to “New Ideas” thank God i wasn’t raised by parents who forced their beliefs on me and allowed me to discover them on my own.

This way of looking at life allowed me to meet amazing people, discover new ideas and see the world and my life in a different perspective.
One of the things I have really taken in as a part of my life is Astrology and the power of it.
Now most people see Astrology or shall i say confuse astrology as the thing you read on Sunday newspaper and it says “you’ll have a great day today if you twirl your hair and jump up and down”

That is NOT what astrology stems from. In fact don’t let me educate you because frankly I don’t want to. You do it yourself. I am simply sharing with you something I myself “studied” and found for myself and my life to hold some truth, relevance and it became very helpful for me.
In fact, I am the kind of person who will NOT sign a contract on days that are not in my favor or start a new project unless its a new moon. I know you think I am a weirdo, and maybe I am. I am not denying it. But I will say I live my life quite happy and content and it has never proven to me to “hurt” me in fact, the reason I keep doing this is because I always get exactly what I want.

Bottom line is this, astrology is simply a science. An empirical study of our exisitance as human beings living on this cool thing called Earth. I believe their is a lot more too it and astrology has helped me find a deeper understanding of it.
I specifically enjoy this website and Susan Miller. For years I have been reading her monthly forecast and let’s just say there is a reason I have been viewing it. I hope that it helps you with insight as much as it has for me 🙂

Read yours by clicking on the link below and drop me a comment and let me know what you think if it has any relevance to your current life. If it does, share it with your friends as someone once shared it with me 🙂