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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl or how do you start a conversation with a complete stranger and given you are a man and she is a woman.. one that you are interested in? Is it possible to learn the Art Of Conversation and have the courage and skills to go from eyeing a woman you are interested in to approaching her to then asking the right, again the RIGHT question that will have you engaged in a conversation with her and not leave you feeling like a complete loser??

Yes men! I believe so! In fact I KNOW SO!

I have taught countless men and women do just that! And some of the these men I taught, trust me were completely lost before I got my hands on them. I have taught ugly men, handsome men, men full of themselves, men who think they are superior, short men and even men who couldn’t speak english. You can do it too!

So here is the scenario. I was at the gym the other morning and if you don’t know already I enjoy running. I only go to the gym when the weather is bad otherwise you will never catch me in there. So I am on the treadmill, headphones on jamming and running my butt off for 30minutes. I unlike some women, go to gym and workout do the in and out. You never see me with mascara, the fake eyelashes the perfect hair. I have the “just woke up look” and of course my favorite baseball hat on. I had felt like someone was watching me the entire workout and sure enough the minute I got off the creepy guy who I caught staring at me during my run comes up to me and mutters:  “Are you a runner?”             

And that my friends, is where it ended for him.

1st I couldn’t gather myself to want to talk to him because all i thought was “What a stupid question. Yeah you idiot I am a runner, didn’t you just stare at me for 30minutes while I…. “RAN” “.

2nd Even though he wasn’t ugly in fact most women would have thought he was attractive again I couldn’t get out of the state of mind that this guy was well to put it nicely lame.

So if you are the man reading this and think “oh thats hard Adriana” then I have news for you. If you ever want to date and eventually be in a long term relationship with a woman of value then it will take more out of you. That type of pick up only works for very desperate girls who are astonished that they even got attention.

If I were a boy I would have done these 3 things differently… pay attention…

1. Do not stare at someone for their entire workout. You come across creepy and well it is annoying. One good eye contact and thats it! Move away, go away and do not go staring again… until its time to approach.

2. Never start a conversation with an obvious answer. I would have said “You have a nice running stride, what is your average running distance?”

See that my friends, is you acknowledge the obvious, but then asked a question that involves her having to answer….

I’m a woman, of course I know what turns us on!!

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