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We’re getting married- Setting your wedding date

We’re getting Married!!

Last December 6th 2013 my friend of 8+ years, boyfriend of 3 years proposed to me in front of a few dozen friends after serenading me with the Back Street Boys song “My Love Is All I Have To Give”… I know cheesy song, but hey we were at a karaoke bar with limited choices!


What was supposed to be a farewell party turned into much more than that! We had decided months before to make a move from our East coast single life to move out west to be closer to family and start a family of our own. Still, I wasn’t expecting the proposal that night and in that sort of a way, but knowing how Mark is a romantic and strives to always top what one would think is already great…of course he would propose to me in that manner! This proposal took us through a whirlwind the next 12 months. Including setting a date and planning a wedding!

I had plenty of time to set a date and plan. Here are some things we considered when setting a date and planning a wedding.

  1. Get married when your are ready.

There is no rule as to when you should set a formal date to have a wedding. Many couples feel there is a certain expiration date as to when to set their wedding date and end of rushing into it and others well… still haven’t set one. Set a date when it is right for you. Many of us have a lot of financial responsibilities to pay for and do not have the luxury of having the bride’s family pay for everything. Maybe you just got a new job and planning a wedding is the least important thing for you at the moment. Or you may want to wait to have your celebration when your kids can be a part of the big day. At the end of the day there are no rules and a wedding date should be set when both of you feel comfortable with it.


  1. Wedding is for you AND your family

Often times we hear that future brides and grooms shouldn’t care too much about everyone else and should make decision that are in their best interest…true I agree, but with that said we believe it was in our best interest to have our wedding during a time where those people we love could attend. What would a wedding be without loved ones surrounding us anyway? party

So knowing we had many friends and family who would need to travel from afar to attend and bring their children we decided on a summer wedding when San Diego weather is at its best and when those attending could take advantage of summer vacation time to come and stay for a few days. Can’t have a wedding dance floor empty!

So our wedding date? August 8th 2015 … 08/08/2015. (2+0+1+5=8)

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