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The 5 Love Languages

If you have ever wondered why your girlfriend never seems to be content or happy when you by her gifts? Or maybe that he never seems to care that you do errands around the house? We all have our own little way of showing how we love others and how we like to be loved. If you believe that we are all created equal and can be treated the exact same way then you must also believe in the tooth fairy and should not ignore this post. Several years ago I came across this book and I learned about this theory of the The 5 love languages it really changed my life and I give it credit for helping me create and maintain a loving, respectful & abundant relationship with my fiance, but I would be naive to think what to me feels like a fairytale relationship, would stay this way on it’s own without some bumps in the road. So the 5 love languages are an important to understand. Here is a quick video to help you visually see and understand the 5 love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch.

Relationships and people are ever growing beings! We are like plants. We will have our times of full bloom and our times when our flowers die and a time when the soil we are planted in needs time to replenish its nutrients in the soil…to bloom again. During this metamorphosis, we as the girlfriends, wives, husbands, etc . of someone can be ugly, irrational, unappreciative people. So are ALL relationships that go through these withering times bound to fail? How then do you explain those that rebound from these times and grow stronger together?
In my opinion bad relationships boil down to two people not chemically connected (which means they wouldn’t be dating too long) and for those in a long relationship turning sour it is most likely two people speaking the incorrect love language to one another and a lot of misunderstanding. If you have ever felt unappreciative, not loved, respected and not wanted it may not always be that your partner really doesn’t love you he or she is simply speaking to you in the wrong love language.

I cannot stress to you enough if you are in a relationship to familarize yourself with this theory and understand the 5 languages of love. So what is your love language? Stop hesitating and click here to take the test and learn more!

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