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holiday party dos and donts

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Holiday Party Don’ts

Holiday season is here! If you haven’t already been to a party, I am sure you will be attending one in these next few days.How to make sure you know what the top holiday party don’ts are better keep reading!

I myself have made my rounds and many of my friends have also.
There is a “rule” or unspoken “guidelines” to follow at these things, but do people ever follow them??
Its inivetable when you bring Coworkers+Open Bar+ Food+Gossip= Memories to be made and actions to be regretted πŸ™‚

Here is my TOP 10 Holiday Party Don’ts

1. Dress for Success Not SEX

Dress classy. Leave the nightclub gear, fishnets, shiny dress shirts in your closet!

2. Get Sloppy Drunk

Ok, I will admit it. One of the first holiday parties I went to I was guilty of this. I drank a little too much as I was walking up to go use the restroom I wasn’t the smoothest walker and I slipped, but no worries I quickly got up, adjusted myself, and finished my “dismount” like an Olympic champion. πŸ™‚
If you start to slur your words, just stop.

3. Play Footsies With Your Coworker

Remember this is the person you will be seeing the morning after and for the next 365 mornings +. And if you played footsie with the wrong one, you deal with the office crush for days to come.

4. Spill Your Drama, Gossip, Annoyance, etc

Ok so maybe you aren’t very fawn of working there or you feel you should be getting paid more or the office is a total wreck. Don’t bring it up now!!?? Enjoy the party and the holiday season and bring it up in a formal matter at the start of the new year. Holiday party don’ts are a major no-no so again don’t use this time to do any of those holiday party don’ts.

5. Dance…
Chances are you will look like a jackass and women, we usually get a little to sexual so your better off not gettin jiggy wit it.

6. Wear Holiday Themed Outfits

Umm thats the other party the “Ugly Holiday Sweater Party” not tonight.

7. Don’t Bring a “Date”

If your broke I know times can be rough, but common this is NOT an event held for YOUR benefit and you being a cheap ass and bringing a date. Bring them somewhere else, not here.

8.Treat The Party Like A Singles Bar

The cute girl or guy you are interested in is probably someones babymomma or daddy. Check for rings before you start chatting it up and expecting you scored.

9. Eat To Much

This one is hard for me since I am such a foodie, but remember people observe you when you eat and you don’t want to look like a hoarder grabbing way to much of your share of the food.

10. Oh yeah remember its a WORK HOLIDAY PARTY….

Everything said or done WILL be used against you at the office….. in due time.. πŸ™‚

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to ALL!

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