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Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment Review

This post is my review and opinion on Boscia enlivening amino-AG eye treatment review. Whether you decide to use this or not or if you decide to use it and hate, don’t be mad at me! Do it at your own risk.

They say “Your eyes are the window to your soul” and what is there to say about the little area of skin that surrounds our eye?? Ever been called raccoon eyes? Or been told “you look very tired today” Well I have been guilty of both! And let me tell you I wanted to slap that person silly! In life no matter how you slice it you are judge on how you look. So caring for your body, your skin and what you wear in my opinion is very important.

As I entered the last years of my 20’s, yes people I am no ashamed to share my age! I am actually quite proud. If you check out my before and after below. The picture on the left I am 18 years old an you be the judge, but I think I look better at 29 than I did at 18. At age 29 you can tell I am not wearing a pound of make up or fake eye lashes… just my everyday make up.

So recently I have recently become a face product junkie. Trying out and using all types of lotions and potions. In this blog I will review what I have found to be a very good eye cream, Bosiacs enlivening amino-AG eye treatment.

For a little under $40 for .5oz you get a great eye cream free of Parabens,Sulfates,Synthetic Fragrances or dyes and a whole lot more! I suffer from under eye circles and although I have no crows feet I do use it to prevent them from popping up. The eye cream has no color or scent and goes on very smoothly. With past eye creams I have tried it is very gooey and you almost have to drag it across your eye. You do not have to worry about having to do that with this one! I recommend to apply eye cream every night before going to sleep and in the morning. The eye cream feels very refreshing and almost feels like a force field around your eyes. It seeps in well and does not sting your eyes.
In the end a well worth eye cream for anyone! Worth the expense and the time it takes to put it on!

Have you used it? Love it or hate it? Share and connect with me on FACEBOOK.

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